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									Aerodynamic study of Jeff Gordon’s NASCAR 2000
Christina Koehly Michael Schneider
Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

Internship Students from Germany

Berufsakademie (University of Cooperative Education) Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Germany

Faculty Advisor: Professor H. U. Akay Department of Mechanical Engineering, IUPUI March 2001

Jeff Gordon’s NASCAR

(BRICKYARD 400, AUGUST 5th 2000)

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Home of Brickyard 400

Project Objective
• Use Finite Element code ANSYS/FLOTRAN and Finite Volume code StarCD
– Examination of aerodynamic behavior – Comparison of Velocity Magnitude and Static Pressure

• Decision of which program give better results


Theory: Assumptions
• Steady State • Newtonian Fluid • Turbulent Model
Density Dynamic Viscosity Car Length 1.205 1.81E-5 5.195843

• Incompressible Fluid • Adiabatic Conditions
Value Units
kg/m3 Ns/m2 m

Reynolds Number

1. Free Stream Velocity
2. Free Stream Velocity 3. Free Stream Velocity

70 100

m/s m/s

24.21E+06 34.59E+06

ANSYS/FLOTRAN and StarCD Procedure
• • • • • • • Define the problem Define Keypoints Make Areas from Keypoints Create the Finite Element Mesh Set Boundary Conditions Set Solver Parameters Get the results



Boundary Conditions
• All Boundary Conditions were applied to lines • Velocity applied to surface of the car • Velocity of 35 m/s, 70 m/s and 100 m/s applied in x-direction to “inlet” and lower free stream surface • Relative Pressure of 0 Pa applied to “outlet”

• Steady-state with turbulent solver • Fluid properties set to air in standard SI • Solver set to perform more than 500 iterations


Velocity Magnitude 35 m/s

StarCD: Velocity by 35 m/s

ANSYS: Velocity by 35 m/s

Velocity Magnitude 70 m/s

StarCD: Velocity by 70 m/s

ANSYS: Velocity by 70 m/s

Velocity Magnitude 100 m/s

StarCD: Velocity by 100 m/s

ANSYS: Velocity by 100 m/s

Static Pressure 35 m/s

StarCD: Pressure by 35 m/s

ANSYS: Pressure by 35 m/s

Static Pressure 70 m/s

StarCD: Pressure by 70 m/s

ANSYS: Pressure by 70 m/s

Static Pressure 100 m/s

StarCD: Pressure by 100 m/s ANSYS: Pressure by 100 m/s

• Both programs are good to solve these problems • For easy geometries ANSYS/FLOTRAN should be used to get fast results • For complex geometries StarCD gives more reasonable results, but it takes more time to define the boundary conditions


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