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									STAMFORD business out look
April 3, 2007

Southern Connecticut Newspapers, Inc.

Arts & Entertainment
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• New Vision for SCA • The Stamford Symphony: A Musical Adventure • 14th Annual Taste Winners

• Curtain Call: Stamford’s Best Kept Secret • Calling All Classic Cars • And Much More!

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Stamford Center for the Arts New Vision to Drive Economic Activity More on Regional Legislative Issues: The 2007 Session Stamford Museum & Nature Center: A Place Where Families Explore, Learn, and Connect with Nature Curtain Call: Stamford’s Best Kept Secret Welcome New Members From Ready-To-Eat Indian Meals to Indian Frozen Pizza Model Ts to Mustangs—Call for Entries The 14th Annual Taste of Stamford: A Culinary Success Stamford Theatre Works Avon Theatre Film Center Company Recognition The Stamford Symphony: A Musical Adventure Community Corner Members Making News

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The Stamford Business Outlook is a monthly publication of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce. It is published in conjunction with the The Advocate Newspapers. This publication does not represent the views of The Advocate Editorial department. To advertise, please call 964-2448.

John Condlin, President, Stamford Chamber of Commerce Barbara Seiter, Vice President, Stamford Chamber of Commerce John Dunster, Vice President Marketing, The Advocate Marcia Groglio, Special Sections Supervisor, The Advocate Eileen Zaccagnino, Advertising Director, The Advocate Jim Reid, Retail Sales Manager, The Advocate Karin Steiner, Custom Publishing Designer, The Advocate Geri Fortunato, Director of Membership, Stamford Chamber of Commerce Cover photography: Photographic Memories, 203-321-8300


Stamford’s a Mecca for Arts, Culture and Entertainment
It is a known fact that Stamford stands tall when it comes to being recognized as a major business center. And when it comes to arts, culture and entertainment, Stamford ranks high in its league of size and population. As businesses and residents prepare for the warmer months, it is easy to see why Stamford is the hub of Fairfield County. It’s a major spot for shopping, dining, entertainment and just plain having fun. Over the next few months, our retail centers and shops, live performing arts centers, movie theaters and fine dining establishments will attract thousands upon thousands of people into our great city. The arts, culture and entertainment industries are the backbone that helps bring our community to life. This isn’t only in the downtown, but in the Ridges, Springdale, West Side, East Side… virtually all over the city. Stamford offers some of the best live entertainment second only to New York City. For a live performance, you can choose from the Rich Forum, Palace Theater, Stamford Theater Work or Curtain Call. Stamford attracts and nurtures many cultural entities like the symphony, the ballet, musicals and nationally recognized comedians, just to name a few. Want to catch a recently released Hollywood film or take in an independent film or Hollywood classic? You can choose from high-tech, surround-sound at the Landmark, Majestic and State theaters, or the newly reborn Avon Theater on Bedford Street. There is also a jewel of a family entertainment at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Stamford is also known for its many fine restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and bars. People come from all over Fairfield and Westchester Counties to experience Stamford’s array of international foods, beverages and entertainment that all come alive in this great community we call Stamford. Stamford, it really does have it all!


John P. Condlin President and CEO Stamford Chamber of Commerce


Stamford Center for the Arts Defines New Vision
K E N W E S L E R, C EO The Stamford Center for the Arts


It is generally understood that restaurants, hotels, retail stores and many other businesses must periodically step back, and take a long hard look at their product, the way they do business, and of course, their “brand.”
Performing Arts Centers are no different. One year ago, after a search conducted by Korn/ Ferry International, The Board of Directors of The Stamford Center for the Arts chose a new direction for the center, by choosing a new Executive Director, Ken Wesler. In addition, the Board went through a strategic planning process, and developed a new Vision and Mission for the company. So what does this mean for the City of Stamford? First of all, The Stamford Center for the Arts is becoming a true home for the Arts. The Stamford Theatre Works has agreed to relocate into the soon to be completed Amy Rich Theatre in the lower level of the Palace Theatre, and The Stamford School of Ballet is relocating its entire program to The Rich Forum. In addition, Stamford Theatre Works and The School of Ballet join The Connecticut Grand Opera, and Quill Entertainment, a children’s theatre company, in the administrative offices at The Rich Forum. That means that there are now five companies sharing their office space, and two additional companies, Connecticut Ballet and Stamford Symphony Orchestra, both perform at The Stamford Center for the Arts, bringing the total number of organizations who call SCA home to seven. Other companies have been invited to join this effort, and you will certainly see more and more of this kind of activity; performing arts groups leveraging their resources by sharing infrastructure. The next major change for SCA is the programming on stage. This year, SCA presented forty performances. Next year, SCA is dramatically expanding its offerings, and plans to present over one hundred performances, in addition to producing theatre again. A wide variety of entertainment will be offered, to make everyone in our community welcome. Arts Education and Outreach is receiving new emphasis. This summer, over 19,000 children will have the opportunity to see theatre for free. SCA is presenting twelve performances of first class children’s theatre, and no admission will be charged. SCA has formed a partnership with CTE, Inc, for the new 4 AWE (Arts Workplace Education) project, which has created paid internships in the SCA administrative offices. Of course, DanceFest remains one of SCA’s most successful Arts in Education projects, serving over 400 young dancers. Students from five Stamford middle schools, Cloonan, Dolan, Scofield, Rippowam and Turn of River, will take part in the experience of learning what it takes to be a “triple threat” performer. They will have the opportunity to participate in forty-five minute classes taught by professional teaching artists in Theatre Games/Improvisation, Hip-Hop and “The Sounds of the Streets” Drum Circle at Rich Forum. This program is the “Saturday Arts Program” and it took place just this past March. SCA has created The Community Support Fund, which underwrites all or part of the rent of any of the theatres, to allow performing arts groups which cannot afford the full cost of the theatres the chance to perform on a world class stage. Customer service is being overhauled. Ticketing services, previously outsourced, are now being handled by SCA, and the Box Office hours have been expanded from 25 to 50 hours per week, and from one location (The Palace) to two (both theatres). The SCA web site, www.stamfordcenterforthearts. org, now allows Customers to choose their own seats in a graphic map of the theatre. Flexible buying packages are also now offered, with discounts and other benefits. All of this activity will bring hundreds of thousands of people to downtown Stamford, to eat, and shop as well as attend the theatre. That fulfills The Stamford Center for the Arts’ Mission to serve as an engine for economic activity in our City. The National Endowment for the Arts, among many other research groups, has determined Ken Wesler that for every $1 spent on a ticket, $5$15 are returned to the local economy. Since SCA sells about $3 million per year, that results in $15-$45 million in economic impact. The Stamford Center for the Arts must raise $3 million each year from individuals, corporations, foundations and government sources. After the economic impact of SCA is considered, the investment is returning 500%-1,500%. THAT is a sound investment! Look for the new programming to be announced this spring, and come see what the new Stamford Center for the Arts is all about!
Photographic Memories Photographic Memories

Photographic Memories


Photographic Memories


More on Regional Legislative Issues: The 2007 Session
C A R L O L E O N E , State Representative
The 2007 Capitol Session is in full swing and there are a plethora of issues we are facing and must address. There is the wish list, and then there is reality. The wish list has resulted in more proposed bills than ever. The reality is many will be sorted, combined, and flushed out for lack of support. The larger issues such as healthcare, energy costs, transportation, education, property tax, and many others will always be with us. This year we are in a position to address many of these, and of course, there are many that are similarly important that deserves our attention, but both this article and our Session are too short to adequately address each one in its entirety. For us in Southwestern CT, Transportation is a top three priority. What we must do is provide oversight and demand accountability of the DOT for the 3.5 billion we have provided in the last biennium and devote even more going forward to build on the momentum that we do have. You can expect to see legislative proposals that will continue the investment momentum, a correction on the $1 rail surcharge, increasing weigh station hours of operation and scope, and ideas to improve roadways. Healthcare is at the top of the priority list and many proposals are currently in the works. The range of ideas covers from all-inclusive, accessible, and affordable to smaller solutions that expand current successful programs such as Husky for children and building on the successes year over year. The big question will be whether to tackle the system in its entirety or break it down into workable blocks that will need session over session improvements. This mostly will be determined as to how to produce a funding source to address the issue. Energy rounds out the top three and a long awaited bill will pass this year to take back some measure of control in this sector. It will be a matter of combining multiple proposals, but if it doesn’t combine alternative fuels, biodiesel and other sources other than oil and gas, then we will only be selling ourselves short and exacerbating the pain each year. Conservation by the people will truly work if we as a state also look at these and other alternatives for combined effort towards relief. I am lucky to be working on several bills that will bring jobs and smart growth to Stamford that, if successful, will push us towards robust growth both as a state and for residents. One proposal is the creation of a Special Taxing District that combines private investment and public input towards the restoration and cleanup of Brownfield sites that foster not only smart growth within range of a major transportation site, but also improves on affordable housing for all income levels in our South End. Combined with Carlo Leone public and private, city and state investments, the lower portion of Stamford is prime for new growth and economic opportunities. Also, I was fortunate to work on another bill that created and will now enhance last years Film Tax Credit bill with the Speaker of the House James Amann and leadership. The bill fosters investment and job opportunities in film, sound, and entertainment industry for all of Connecticut. This has a distinct possibility to impact Stamford, directly due to the proximity to New York and the caliber of people that reside in our state that will enter into this new burgeoning industry. Already, several high profile movies have come to Stamford such as “In Bloom” with Uma Thurman, and “Reservoir Road” with Joaquin Phoenix, as well as many others across the state. To put this in perspective, prior to this bill, the film and entertainment industry spent less than $1 million in CT. Since the passage of the bill and in only six months, the industry dollars spent in CT has ballooned to over $50 million dollars! The Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula has received much attention this past year, especially now that the study panel sanctioned by the governor has been completed, but the issue has become so complex and political that I am not sure that we can make a substantial impact unless the will to completely undo and revamp the current structure actually occurs. Exactly this idea is being recommended. Throwing more dollars is not an answer unless concrete goals are identified and achieved. Accountability and results must be part of the solution. Until then, the debate continues as we strive to implement the best ideas to insure distribution of education

dollars even to the needs of all municipalities. Property Tax relief is our Holy Grail and taxes, in general, will always be an issue. As long as we are fair and equitable and more importantly do not push those on the economic line of sustainability over the edge, then all should share in any service reductions as well as increased benefits. Excluding or picking on one segment is never a good idea. The estate tax cliff needs to be fixed and this session hopefully it will be. Look for alternatives such as a higher estate value from which to start, a different phasing of the percentage taxed, or possibly exempting the first 2 million altogether. Given that we are in surplus, the legislature is not looking to raise income taxes, unlike the Governor. The feeling is to focus on what we can do at the moment and take the steps necessary for future issues by how we have dealt with similar issues in the past. Finally, as Chairman of the Regulations & Review committee I will be working to insure the language of proposed regulations are consistent with the intent of legislation passed. The State of Connecticut is one of the very few that has the ability to review regulations before they are implemented. This is critical, since regulations have the force of law and the committee is the final step in the legislative process before Agencies can enforce new regulations. It is a role that allows me the ability to get knee deep with the players involved and become even more proficient in the overall process of legislating for Connecticut and Stamford. I am deeply grateful to my constituents and honored to represent them in Hartford. I always enjoy hearing on the issues that are important to someone and feel fortunate when I can help or point them in the right direction to address their concern.

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Stamford Museum & Nature Center: A Place Where Families Explore, Learn, and Connect with Nature
M E L I S S A M U L R O O N E Y, E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R Stamford Museum & Nature Center The Stamford Museum & Nature Center offers About Stamford Museum & Nature Center something for every one of all ages and for all seaThe Stamford Museum & Nature Center is dedisons. Nestled among 118 wooded acres, Stamford cated to the preservation and interpretation of art, Museum & Nature Center includes the natural and agricultural sciences, the working Heckscher Farm includand history. The Museum is a vital ing the new Animal Embassy, home cultural and educational resource for to exotic birds, reptiles and amphibthe community, and a focal point for ians, 80 miles of recently refreshed family activity and interaction. It seeks walking and hiking trails including to inspire creativity, foster self-discova wheel-chair and stroller-accessible ery, and nurture an appreciation for trail, an Observatory, a Planetarium, lifelong learning through exhibitions, and the Bendel Mansion Museum educational programs, and special Galleries featuring a variety of exhievents that enhance the visitor’s expebitions with a focus on popular culrience on our unique site. ture. The spellbinding show Heavens The Stamford Museum & Nature Above: Photographs of the Universe Center is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit from the Hubble Space Telescope Melissa Mulrooney organization. opens April 29 and runs through July 29. Stamford Museum & Nature Center inspires Hours young minds with hands-on educational programHECKSCHER FARM: Daily 9am-5pm ming offered on Heckscher Farm and in the newly NATURE’S PLAYGROUND: Daily 9am-5pm reopened Overbrook Nature Center including lessons BENDEL MANSION: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm on animal grooming and feeding, gardening, and Sun 11am-5pm other farming activities. Stamford Museum & Nature Center also offers nature-based early childhood eduAdmission Fees: cation programs, summer camps and on-site and SM&NC members—always free traveling school programs. Stamford residents—always free on Wednesdays Members and visitors are invited to celebrate the Adults $8 changing seasons at family festivals throughout the Seniors (65+) $6 year including Spring on the Farm, which will be Students (18+) $6 (with valid ID) held this year on Sunday, May 20, as well as Harvest Children (4-17) $4 Spooktacular and Maple Sugar Sunday. Our antique Children (3 and younger) Free and classic car show, Model Ts to Mustangs, returns for its 4th season this year, on May 5. Then, on June Planetarium Show: Adults $3; 8, we will raise our glasses to toast our 10th annual Children 5 and older $2 Wine Tasting. The Stamford Museum & Nature Center is located Observatory: Adults $3; Children $2 at 39 Scofieldtown Road in Stamford, CT. For more Friday nights, 8-10 pm (8:30-10:30 pm in information, please call (203) 322-1646, or go see summer), weather permitting. our NEW Web site, www.stamfordmuseum.org.
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Curtain Call: Stamford’s Best Kept Secret
LOU URSONE, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Curtain Call Cabaret. Sleuth. Butterflies Are tinued recognition. Free. 1776. A Christmas Carol. Man “Sadly, far too many area resiof La Mancha. These are all ter- dents still have no idea that we’re rific plays that could easily play here – we’re probably Stamford’s (or have played) at Curtain Call. best kept secret” Ursone noted. They also have in common the fact “In spite of that, we are thrilled that these films of great Broadway by the support we receive from far plays were all nominated for at and wide” he added. As Stamford’s least one Oscar longest-running in 1972—the community-based year The Kweskin theatre, Curtain Theatre opened! Call could not stay For the past afloat without tre35 years, great, mendous volunteer reasonably priced support. “More theatre has been than 100 regular available in your volunteers work own backyard at in our office, help Sterling Farms on with costumes, Newfield Avenue. build and paint Lou Ursone Curtain Call, a sets, sell tickets, non-profit arts organization has stage manage and do countless been the producer there for the past other jobs that need to be done. 15 years and in the last six years That’s in addition to the nearly alone, under Executive Director 300 volunteer actors that grace Lou Ursone, more than 80 produc- our stages annually” Ursone said. tions attended by nearly 100,000 Many local corporations, foundapatrons have been produced by tions and individuals also recogthis dynamic organization. nize the value added by Curtain “With two wonderful venues Call to our community and are —The Kweskin Theatre (tradition- regular financial supporters. al auditorium) and The Dressing “A gala celebration honorRoom Theatre (cabaret-style seat- ing Albert Pia, founding Artistic ing)—we have something happen- Director of the Kweskin, will ing almost every weekend of the be presented on May 19 and I year” said Ursone. “With our now annual free outdoor …area residents voted Curtain Call Shakespeare on the Best Local Theatre Group 2005 Green program, in addition to our full and 2006 in a survey conducted schedule of yearround productions by Fairfield County Weekly. and educational workshops, there has never been hope the community comes out a more palpable, positive energy in droves to support this event” around” he added. All of these Ursone said. “Besides honoring my efforts were recently recognized good friend and mentor, this event when area residents voted Curtain will reunite actors from years past, Call Best Local Theatre Group 2005 provide a wonderful fund-raising and 2006 in a survey conducted by opportunity and will just be a Fairfield County Weekly. Fabulous whole lot of fun” he added. productions like our upcoming “We may be Stamford’s best musicals, The Music Man and kept secret—but hopefully not for Baby are sure to help garner con- long” Ursone said.



Communico Ltd.
Diane Berenbaum, Senior Vice President


From Ready-To-Eat Indian Meals WELCOME NEW MEMBERS to Indian Frozen Pizza
nesses & individuals. Year-round tax-bookkeeping/QuickBooks. 257 Riverside Avenue Westport, CT 06897 (203) 227-7117 (203) 227-2144 www.communicoltd.com
Consultants - Training

Salt Water Grille
Greg Perna, Managing Partner

Communico is a training/consulting organization that specializes in customer service, coaching, communication and leadership.

183 Harbor Drive Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 391-6500 (203) 359-6504 greg@saltwatergrille.net

Saugatuck Construction Group
Kevin Coughlin, President

Connecticut General Assembly
Senator Bob Duff

50 Toilsome Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 (860) 240-8600 bob.duff@cga.ct.gov

Hampton Inn & Suites
Saad Ahktar, General Manager

26 Mill River Street Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 353-9855 (203) 353-1927 www.hamptoninn.com Hotels & Motels • A Hotel & Suites with modern comfort and style. Within walking distance of downtown Stamford. Full service restaurant, bar & lounge. Complimentary shuttle service.

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SSC, Inc.
Daniel Ocasio, Business Development Manager

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Keep CT Moving
Don Shubert

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MODEL Ts TO MUSTANGS—Call for Entries

Saturday, May 5, 2007
Do you have an antique or classic automobile in your garage, driveway or, in an extreme case, in your living room? The Stamford Museum & Nature Center invites collectors of antique and classic cars to participate in its 4th Annual “Model Ts to Mustangs” sponsored by Carriage House Motor Cars, Ltd., of Greenwich and Karl ChevroletHummer of New Canaan. This year’s “Model Ts to Mustangs” will take place on Saturday, May 5th, from 11 am to 3 pm. As in prior years the show will be co-curated by David Greenberg, of Stamford, and Rosa Portell, the Museum’s Curator of Collections. The Museum seeks to display 50 to 70 cars manufactured between 1900 and 1979. Applications may be submitted any time before Friday, April 6th, 2007. Admitted participants will be notified no later than April 14th. The cars will be professionally judged and awards will be presented in several categories. Participants may decline to have their car judged, if they so wish. A “People’s Choice” award will also be presented. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Museum’s arts education and gallery initiatives. Applications may be downloaded from the museum’s Web site, www.stamfordmuseum.org, and submitted by mail, fax, or e-mail, but must include at least one photograph. Applications may also be obtained by contacting Rosa Portell at (203) 3221646 or via e-mail rportell@stamfordmuseum.org.

912 Silas Deane Highway Wethersfield, CT 06109

The Siegfried Group
Stacy Spence, Manager

Peak Financial Management
Michael W. Scully, Director Client Services

800 Summer Street, Ste. 204 Stamford, CT 06901 www.financialwealthadvisor.com
Accounting Services

41 Ledgebrook Drive Norwalk, CT 06854 (203) 981-7524 www.siegfriedgroup.com

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The 14th Annual Taste of Stamford: A Culinary Success
“Wow, the mini crab cakes are to die for.” “Don’t miss the baby back ribs.” “The pastries are outrageously delicious.” Those were but a few of the comments echoing throughout the entire evening at the Stamford Chamber’s 14th Annual Taste of Stamford held in February at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel. From sampling the delicacies of menu items served by Stamford area restaurants and caterers, to satisfying your sweet tooth with a full-range of desserts, to sipping libations provided by wine, beer and martini specialists, the Taste of Stamford satisfied everyone’s palate. More than 600 people turned out to this culinary extravaganza, which was sponsored by Diageo and featured their Smirnoff vodka Beaulieu Vineyard wines and Guinness beer line. “It was a great time that was had by all,” says Stamford Chamber president and CEO Jack Condlin. “This is always a very festive night. We keep the evening very light with no business talk…it’s strictly about eating, drinking and meeting up with friends and colleagues. We really have to thank all the exhibitors, the sponsors, and our host hotel for their generous support of this signature event.” The hardest part of the evening came when guests had to vote for the Best Display, the Best Tasting, the Best Beverage and the Best Dessert. Ballots were distributed and the votes were tallied up. At the end of the evening, the announcements were made. The honors for the Best Display went to Dragonfly Lounge with their


Stamford Theatre Works
For many of our region’s savvy theatre-goers, the “STW experience” has become a cultural phenomenon unrivaled by any other performing arts institution in our greater-community! Annually prized for its package of provocative and diverse theater-arts programming (STW Full-Production Play Program, STW School for the Performing Arts, STW Purple Cow Children’s Theatre), STW will celebrate its 20th Anniversary next season in our new intimate and stateof-the-art Amy Rich Theatre at The Palace in downtown Stamford. In doing so, we look forward to infusing all of STW’s programs with the cultural and commercial energy of the Stamford downtown, and contributing STW’s unique presence to a mix of entertainment and cultural activities that already makes Stamford’s downtown throb with excitement! Most immediately, however, we look forward to concluding our present season at “the barn” with our 7th annual Great American Composer Salute, this year celebrating the glorious music of the great composing team of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. The Lady Is a Tramp, My Romance, Blue Moon, With a Song in My Heart, Bewitched, I wish I Were in Love Again, and My Funny Valentine are just a few of the many memorable and wonderful songs that will be performed by an extraordinarily talented musical cast, performing in an original, musical review, brilliantly conceived, arranged and directed by David Bishop and Shawn Churchman. The Music of Rodgers & Hart will run from May 2nd to May 20th. But for those of you who may wish to attend a very exclusive presentation of Rodgers & Hart, accompanied by fun-filled, pre-performance festivities that will include great food and prizes, and a postperformance party to meet the cast, please come to our Opening Night STW Benefit Performance on Thursday, May 3rd. Your generosity and support on this very special evening will help STW to sustain the continued quality of our unique and diverse programming and the continuation of STW’s reputation as one of the most important, audiSteve Karp ence-friendly and entertaining professional theatres in our region! This Benefit Performance is limited ONLY to the first 150 people who call us! 203 359-4414. With “New York quality theatre” available from STW right here in our own backyard, I invite every theatre-lover to discover this extraordinary and uniquely involving theatre experience for yourselves! Over 1,500 STW Season Subscribers—and 16,000 STW total program attendees—already do!

Myrna Yannieh, owner of Myrna’s Mediterranean Bistro, gleefully accepts the “Best Taste” award from Brian Rogers, president of Stamford Insurance Group and chairman of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce.

seascape table. They also garnered the Best Beverage award with their tasty Banana Split Martinis. The Best Tasting category went to Myrna’s Mediterranean Bistro with their array of Mediterranean specialties. And new to the Taste this year, the SONO Baking Company

& Café captured the Best Dessert category with their mouth-watering, can’t-eat-just-one desserts. Proceeds of the Taste of Stamford benefitted the Stamford Chamber program development efforts including the Kids Our Future Trust Fund, a not-forprofit organization created by the Chamber to raise funds to support educational programs with the Stamford Public Schools.
Emi Saito and Jake Koski proudly accept the awards for Best Display and Best Beverage. The awards were given at the 17th Annual Taste of Stamford. Presenting the awards are Brian Rogers (left), president of Stamford Insurance Group and chairman of the Stamford Chamber and Joyce Mazur (right), Associate Director, Corporate Administrative Services for UBS and vice chairperson of the Chamber.


John Barricelli, owner of SONO Baking Company & Cafe accepts the “Best Dessert” award at the 14th Annual Taste of Stamford. Presenting the award is Joyce Mazur, Associate Director, Corporate Administrative Services, UBS and vice chairman of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce and Brian Rogers, president of Stamford Insurance Group and chairman of the Stamford Chamber.

Avon Theatre Film Center
BY LOUISA GREENE, DIRECTOR Avon Theatre Film Center The Avon Theatre Film Center, a non-profit member tic success of the Avon. Thanks to the Director of Film supported independent cinema, is prospering on Bedford Programming, Adam Birnbaum, the Avon is known throughStreet in downtown Stamford—only a few blocks down out the U.S. as a first-run art house, often premiering new from the Ferguson Library and across the street from the independent films in Fairfield County for major Hollywood First Congregational Church. The theater is a driving force studios and independent film distributors. The Avon is also seven days a week bringing in patrons of all ages from now known for featuring celebrity directors, actors, producers and film critics for hosting across Fairfield and Westchester Question & Answer sessions folcounties and Manhattan to enjoy No one could have predicted the lowing a screening. Over one hunnew, first-run independent and dred celebrity guests have visited foreign films, Hollywood classics phenomenal artistic success of the Avon, included Robert Altman, and cult favorites. Peter Bogdanovich, Robert Penn, The commitment to supthe Avon. [It] is also now known Eli Wallach, Lasse Halstrom, Gene port the economic revitalization for featuring celebrity directors, Wilder, Jane Fonda, Nora Effron, on Bedford Street emanates from and Tim Robbins. the vision of the Avon’s founder: actors, producers and film critics. The Avon Theatre is proud to Charles M. Royce, who purchased the boarded-up Avon Theatre in serve the greater Stamford comthe Fall of 2000. The Avon Theatre presented a challenge munity as an artistic center to stimulate an interest in film he couldn’t resist, as he wanted to begin a project he could as art; to educate young people and teachers through its share with his wife, Deborah, who had been an actress and documentaries and Critic’s Choice series; and to heighten a story editor at Miramax. Together they have worked tire- awareness about global issues though its foreign films. lessly to bring the dilapidated theater back to its original For further information about becoming a member of 1939 glory. the Avon, please email lgreene@avontheatre.org or call No one could have predicted the phenomenal artis- 203-661-0321.






Aladdin Services, LLC
Eric Lotstein, Owner


Companies that are committed to Stamford’s business community
Artscape Organic-Care, LLC
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All types of commercial and residential Power Washing and Painting with an emphasis on SERVICE.

Arena at Harbor Yard
Laura Giammattei, Director of Marketing

49 Bouton Street East Stamford 06907 (203) 252-1954 (203) 322-7027 Landscaping • Natural & Affordable lawn care service, developing beautiful lawns using Quality Compost, Organic Fertilizers & Compost Tea - no harmful pesticides. Our products are enviromently friendly & safe for your family & pets.

60 Heritage Lane Stamford 06903 (203) 325-3334 (203) 221-8586 Plumbing Contractor

Bethpage, NY 11714 (203) 355-3400 (203) 355-3417 www.lightpath.net
Business Communications

Curtis, Brinckerhoff & Barrett, P.C.
John Wayne Fox, Attorney

Brennan & Vlahakis Insurance
Daniel Brennan, Partner

CM IT Solutions of Stamford
Linda Kuppersmith, Managing Director

13 Spring Street Stamford 06901 (203) 324-6226 (203) 324-0090
Insurance Agents & Brokers

Better Women’s Health
Carol W. Watt, Principal

Full service home, auto, life, health, and business insurance agency.

600 Main Street Bridgeport 06604 (203) 345-2303 (203) 333-8811 www.arenaatharboryard.com
Sports & Entertainment

Arena at Harbor Yard is home to the AHL’S Bridgeport Sound Tigers, hosts the NCAA Fairfield University Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams, host over 140 world class events each year, including top-name concerts, touring family shows, regional sporting events and more.

94 Saddle Hill Road Stamford 06903 (203) 943-2590 (203) 968-8250 www.betterwomenshealth.com Health & Fitness • We measure and improve your antioxidant levels. Discover worldclass antiaging nutritional and skincare products used by Olympic Training Centers.

Brooks Community Newspaper
Kevin Lally, Publisher

542 Westport Avenue Norwalk, 06851 (203) 849-1600 (203) 840-4844
Publishers & Publications

1234 Summer Street, Ste. 202 Stamford 06905 (203) 595-9091 (203) 329-9844 www.cmitsolutions.com/Stamford Computer Services • Computer and technology business partner specializing in small businesses, providing a range of services and solutions– from installation, maintenance, purchase assistance and training to websites.

666 Summer Street Stamford 06901 (203) 324-6777 | (203) 324-9621 www.curtisbb.com Attorneys • Attorneys at law a general practice law firm serving the needs of our clients in Stamford since 1860.

David Lerner Assoc.
Braeden Ziegler, Financial Advisor

Consolidated Technologies
Kimberly Stumpf, Sr. Account Manager

Weekly/Monthly publications focused on life in Fairfield County.

1540 Post Road Darien 06820 (203) 655-3520 Ext:1240 (203) 655-4313 www.davidlerner.com Financial Services • An investment firm established in 1976, specializing in conservative investments. We assist individuals and small business owners in planning for retirement and helping to build and preserve their assets.

Cablevision Lightpath, Inc.
Sharon Gallagher-Klass, Market Development Manager

Boucher Plumbing & Heating
Denise Boucher, Office Manager

1111 Stewart Avenue

10 Midland Avenue Port Chester, NY 10573 (914) 935-6088 (914) 935-6002 www.consoltech.com Telecommunications • As a Platinum Business Partner of Avaya, we have built a solid reputation by offering a sophisticated spectrum of products backed by our unparalleled service and support.

David P. Lasnick, Attorney at Law
David P. Lasnick, Attorney

970 Summer Street Stamford 06905 (203) 967-9111 | (203) 359-9515 www.stamfordattorney.com Attorneys • Legal representation in real estate transactions and land use and environmental matters.

Courtyard by Marriott Stamford Downtown
Todd Lindvall, General Manager

Design 27
Chris Hull, President

275 Summer Street Stamford 06901 (203) 358-8822 (203) 358-8811 www.marriott.com/stfcy
Hotels & Motels

75 Coulidge Avenue Stamford 06906 (203) 219-2417 www.design.27.com

DeYulio & Fodiman
Andrew DeYulio, Partner



The new Courtyard Marriott is a unique contemporary downtown Stamford hotel. Located within walking distance of over 70 bars & restaurants. With 115 rooms, 2 meeting rooms, complimentary wireless access and a staff that is eager to meet the demands of travelers.

602 Stillwater Road Stamford 06902 (203) 324-3109 | (203) 316-8056 Bail Bondsman • Providing bail bond services for over 25 years in Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich and Darien. continued on next page

Photographic Memories

Company Recognition, continued from previous page
Drotman & Sawkiw, CPA’s
Edward S. Drotman, Partner


The Stamford Symphony: A Musical Adventure
BY ECKART PREU, MUSIC DIRECTOR Stamford Symphony Orchestra At the end of my second season with the Stamford Symphony I am thrilled to be working with this fantastic orchestra and to be living in Connecticut. From my very first concert in Stamford my major goal has been to break down the perception of symphony orchestras as being stuffy, boring—and only for a select few. It is the opposite! Symphony concerts should be musical adventures, explorations into history and one’s emotions - exciting and not-tobe-missed events! I want to see young faces, business-people, people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and age groups mingle together at our concerts, applauding, whistling, screaming—and booing if they feel like it! We rethought the centuries-old style of orchestra concerts (concerts haven’t changed much in 200 years!) striving to rip the wig off classical music and re-energize the experience. First, we made our events more unpredictable: adding “surprises” in the concerts—little enlightening works that are fun and educational. Second, we improve the experience and understanding of unfamiliar music by talking from the stage. Third, we express our appreciation for our audience with an encore at the end of the concert, like a dessert. Uplifting, entertaining, and deeply moving—all this in a span of two hours! “The Stamford Symphony is serious fun!” is our motto. One major effort of the Stamford Symphony has been to immerse ourselves into the community. We built have increased our activities considerably, especially programs that appeal to young audience: three Pops in the Parks concerts, three family concerts at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center, and many in-school presentations. The Symphony’s MusiKids program brings hundreds of kids to our Sunday concerts for free—and onto the concert stage with musicians and soloists. The Symphony also offers a $20,000 Instrumental Scholarship to support outstanding high school musicians from Connecticut. The music we play is phenomenal and powerful. The quality of this orchestra is truly amazing. Why do we do what we do? To make music for you! Without you, the outstanding musicianship of this orchestra and all its great music becomes art without meaning. It is because of you we play; lifting your spirits is our purpose. We want to be a premiere source of civic pride—for all citizens of Stamford and Fairfield County.

George Comfort & Sons, Inc./ High Ridge Office Park
Jodi Gutierrez, Manager

1010 Washington Blvd. Stamford 06901 (203) 325-9442 (203) 325-9441 www.drotmansawkiw.com
Accountants-Certified Public

5 High Ridge Park Stamford 06905 (203) 322-0325 (203) 322-9982 www.highridgeofficeinapark.com
Real Estate-Leasing & Management

Providers of creative tax planning and outstanding accounting services for the business community

Francis J. Browne, Esq., P.C.
Francis J. Browne, Attorney

112 Prospect St. Stamford 06901 (203) 967-9995 | (203) 359-9331 Attorneys • Limited liability companies, shareholders agreements, buy-sell agreements.

GPS For Management
Wilder Baker

Frank Janniello
Frank Janniello, Consultant

99 Nearwater Lane Darien, 06820 (203) 656-0015 (203) 656-0015 www.gps4management.com
Business Coach

11 Warchol Lane Stamford 06905 (203) 613-9213
Consultants Information Technology

Information Technology Consultant specializing in optical networking and electronic media.

A former CEO and current professor, I help small companies grow through clear strategies, competitive differentiation, targeted selling and improved PR.

Greenwich Hospital
George Pawlush, Vice President, Public Relations

G & S Renovations, LLC
William F. Gilbert, Owner

P.O. Box 4587 Stamford 06907 (203) 329-7767 (203) 595-0864 www.gsrenovations.com Home Improvements • We have been in the home remodeling business for 20 years. We offer “old fashioned” service. Specializing in bathrooms, kitchens, and additions. Member of CT BBB, Member Building and Trades Association, Licensed in CT and Westchester County. Fully Insured

5 Perryridge Road Greenwich, 06830 (203) 863-3000 (203) 863-3954 www.greenhosp.org Health Services • Notable Specialists and Departments: Cancer Care, Cardiac Care, Women’s and Children’s Health, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Home Care and Hospice Program, Geriatric Health, Breast Care Center and Endoscopy Center.

James G. Davis, Architect P.C.
James Davis, Architect

Holiday Inn Select
Christopher Frazza, Director of Catering

Garden Homes Management Corporation
Richard K. Freedman, President

29 Knapp Street Stamford 06907 (203) 348-2200 (203) 967-8372
Real Estate Management

700 Main Street Stamford 06901 (203) 358-8400 (203) 358-8872 www.hiselect.com/stamfordct
Hotels & Motels

20 Lawton Avenue Stamford 06907 (203) 327-3927 (203) 327-3927 Architects • Residential Architecture; by referral only.

Kelly Services offers staffing solutions that include temporary services, staff leasing, outsourcing, vendor-on-site and full time placement in skill sets that include office services, accounting, engineering, IT,law, science, marketing, light industrial, education, healthcare, and homecare

and individuals in real estate purchases/sales, business contracts, leases, worker’s compensation, wills and trusts, as well as other legal matters.

Law Office of Joseph Gasparrini
Joseph C. Gasparrini, Attorney at Law

Kelly Services
Lisa Sands, District Manager

Real Estate investment, management and development.

Full service hotel with guest rooms, suites, a restaurant, lounge and banquets/catering facilities. AAA rated.

300 Atlantic St., Ste. 110 Stamford 06901 (203) 324-2211 (203) 324-6304 www.kellyservices.com
Employment Agencies

L. Morris Glucksman, Attorney-at-Law
900 Bedford Street Stamford 06901 (203) 358-0222 (203) 348-3367 Attorneys • Assist both business

20 Brinckerhoff Avenue Stamford 06905 (203) 968-8830 | (203) 968-8704 www.josephgasparrini.com

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Photographic Memories

High Ridge Park consists of six first class office buildings on beautifully landscaped grounds. Amenities include fitness center, daycare center and cafeteria.


Marketing Public Relations
Virginia Garvey, Marketing & Editorial Consultant

The Center for Financial Education offers Financial Planning, Series 7 and Registered Paraplanner Classes at the Stamford Campus. (203) 323-1978 (203) 967-8306 www.soundwaters.org
Non-Profit Organization

C O M PA NY RE C O G NIT IO N, continued from previous page
(203) 966-0077 (203) 972-7253 www.mofflypub.com

88 Notch Hill Road North Branford 06471 (203) 448-3726
Marketing & Editorial Consulting

garments are dry cleaned and pressed for $4.79. Great Quality at a fantastic price! Specializing in corporate accounts.

Marketing and Public Relations services; Editorial consulting & Writing services

Moffly Publications is dedicated to publishing high quality paid circulation magazines that address the special interests of the residents of select upscale towns in Fairfield County.

River Bend Executive Center
Robert Pollard

Schakolad Chocolate Factory
Lynn Berg, Owner

Rocky Progano, President

New York Times
Diana Fogarty, Advertising/ Marketing Mgr.

One Omega Drive, P.O. Box 4047 Stamford, 06907 (203) 359-7744 (203) 359-7997 www.riverbendl.com
Real Estate-Leasing & Management

172 Bedford Street Stamford 06901 (203) 359-1886 (203) 359-1831 www.schakolad.com
Handmade Chocolates

An education organization dedicated to protecting Long Island Sound, the environment through hands-on learning at the SoundWaters Coastal Center in Cove Island Park, on the 80 ft schooner SoundWaters and at fieldsites.

992 High Ridge Road Stamford 06903 (203) 329-2290 (203) 329-2178 www.mediacominc.com
Video to Internet Format Duplications

701 Westchester Avenue White Plains, NY 10604 (203) 357-8080 (914) 428-2428 www.nytimes.com

Commercial office space and businesscontinuity space.

Roaring Ants Communications
Robert Anastasio, President

Handmade European style chocolates produced on the premises; gift baskets, corporate logos, wedding favors, custom & unique designs.

Stamford Dermatology Consultants, P.C.
Kenneth B. Cutler, MD, President

Full service visual media technology production and post production for corporate and television. Internet formats CD, DVD, Video Duplication and Event Staging.

Open China, LLC
Jim Stepanek, Industrial Consultant-China

2 Eighth Street Stamford 06905 (203) 316-8700 (203) 327-7224 www.roaringants.com
Web Development/Graphic Design

125 Strawberry Hill Ave #302 Stamford 06902 (203) 323-9033 (203) 975-7315

Seaside Design LLC
Angela Spanakos, Partner

Physician services

Merrill Lynch - Private Client Group
Gregory C. Smith, Financial Advisor

58 Stannard Avenue Branford, 06405 (203) 483-0613
International Industrial Consulting

301 Tresser Blvd. Stamford 06901 (203) 356-8765 (203) 356-8653 www.fa.ml.com/cs_group
Financial Advisors-Business Financial Services • We run a plan-

Mr. Stepanek helps CT manufacturers set up sales & sourcing operations in China, by recruiting sales personnel and setting up sales offeices.

Roaring Ants Communications can help your company build a successful presence on the web in the marketplace with a single minded, synergistic campaign.

165 Bedford Street Stamford 06901 (203) 348-8080 (203) 316-0606 www.gotoseaside.com
Advertising & Graphic Design

Stamford Federal Credit Union
Theresa Carlucci-Tyska, Membership Development Officer

Sacred Heart University
Nancy Sidoti, Dean

Brochures, logo design, packaging, newsletters, annual reports, signage, direct mail, print advertising, menus, invitations, promotional products.

888 Washington Blvd. Stamford 06901 (203) 977-4923 Ext:115 (203) 324-7546 www.stamfordcu.org
Credit Union

Perkins Williamson Association, Inc.
Addie Perkins Williamson, President

ning based wealth management practice, specializing in executive compensation strategies and 401K retirement plan services.

12 Omega Drive Stamford 06907 (203) 323-4959 Ext:11 (203) 323-4974 www.sacredheart.edu

Leigh Shemitz, Executive Director

Stamford Federal Credit Union services the employees of the city of Stamford and their family members.

Morgan Stanley
Francisco Delgado, Financial Advisor

23 Stone Fence Lane Stamford 06903 (203) 329-3868 (203) 322-6484 www.perkinswilliamson.com
Consultants-Management & Training

Cove Island Park 1281 Cove Road Stamford 06902

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New Canaan/Darien Magazine
Lisa Diggins, Advertising Director

Dry Cleaners

12 41 Grove Street New Canaan, 06840

Real Deal Cleaners is Stamford’s premier discount cleaners. Most


Photographic Memories

One Pickwick Plaza Greenwich 06840 (203) 625-4604 (203) 625-4667 www.ms.com Financial Services • I manage people’s money by finding the highest possible return for the level of risk the client is willing to bear.

Perkins Williamson Associates, Inc. provides organizational effectiveness solutions for enhanced performance at the individual, group and organizational levels.

Real Deal Cleaners
Mario Socci, Owner

980 Hope Street Stamford 06907 (203) 961-8608 (203) 965-0053 www.therealdealcleaners.com

Stamford Theatre Works presents the Music of Rodgers & Hart. May 2–20. A brand new production! Conceived & directed by David Bishop & Shawn Churchman. Featuring: The Lady Is a Tramp, My Romance, Blue Moon, With a Song in My Heart, I Didn’t Know What Time It Was, Isn’t It Romantic, Bewitched, My Funny Valentine, Wait Till You See Her, It Never Entered My Mind, I Wish I Were in Love Again, and many, many more!
Stamford Theatre Works 200 Strawberry Hill Ave., Stamford www.stamfordtheatreworks.org Box Office: (203) 359-4414

this program will introduce you to basic map navigation skills and orienteering—the “thinking sport”—in which you use detailed maps to develop strategies to navigate to various locations. After a brief introduction, you will head out onto a beginner-level course to try out your new skills as you explore SM&NC’s property.

these educational programs include animal grooming and feeding, gardening, aquaculture and other farming activities. Down on the Farm is funded through a generous grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services. Stitch & Chat: A quilting bee in action Tuesdays, 10 am to noon, Bendel Hallway For the duration of the Teresa Barkley exhibition, SM&NC’s quilting group—which has met at the Museum for he past 25 years—will be doing its quilting demonstration in the main building’s Bendel Hallway. The group’s latest quilt will be raffled during the Museum’s Spring on the Farm day on May 20, 2007. Children’s Corner For the duration of the Teresa Barkley exhibition, quiltrelated activities for children take place in the Museum building : “Build Your Square,” reading corner, fabric samplers, and traditional patchwork shapes. Friday Observatory Visitors’ Night 8–10 pm Friday evenings Amazing! Observe the wonders of the night sky—planets, stars, asteroids. This will leave you enthralled and coming back for more. The Observatory is a research facility used by members of the Fairfield County Astronomical Society. Every Friday, weather permitting, visitors can enjoy viewing the moon, planets, and deep space objects through the 22-inch research telescope, and other hands-on activities.
Adults: $3; children (5 and older) $2; members, free. The Observatory is located behind the Heckscher Farm just off Scofieldtown Rd. Enter from Scofieldtown Road.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
For the Birds: Hikes begin at 7:30am and 9:00am This early morning bird walk will help beginner birders learn how to identify many of the common birds found at SM&NC as well as in your own backyards. Visit the Museum’s new birdfeeder station on the Wheels in the Woods Trail, and learn how to attract birds to your yards using feeders, gardens, and natural plants. Native Pathways: Hikes begin at 10:00am and 11:00am Learn about local Native American games, lore, and foraging techniques on this guided hike, on which you will also discover the many plants Native Americans used for medicinal, spiritual, and nutritional purposes. Tree Planting: Planting will begin at 1:30pm and 3:00pm Join SM&NC and the American Chestnut Foundation to plant the next generation of chestnut trees at the Museum. A new interpretive sign in the Chestnut Grove will also be placed.

The Kweskin Theatre presents The Music Man. Thru April 28th. Written by Meredith Wilson. Directed by Carole Claps. Choreography by Toni DeCarlo. This award-winning, critically acclaimed Broadway classic is an all-American institution, thanks to is quirky characters, charmingly predictable dramatic situations, and oneof-a-kind, nostalgic score of rousing marches, barbershop quartets and sentimental ballads which have become popular standards. Who can resist standing and cheering for “76 TROMBONES.”
For reservations and information, please call (203) 461-6358 or www.curtaincallinc.com.

Stamford Museum & Nature Center Calendar of Events. Visit www.stamfordmuseum.org for more information or to register.

Thursday, April 19, 2007
Vernal Pond Ecology Hike: Hikes will begin at 9:30pm and 10:30pm Join naturalist Lindsey DeVito from Greenwich Audubon as she takes you to one of the Museum’s most unique habitats, a vernal pond. In springtime, these “nurseries of the forest” come alive with frogs, salamanders and many other creatures. On this hike, you will learn about vernal ponds and the flora and fauna found in this special place. Scavenger Hunt: 12 – 3pm Here’s a great chance to test your riddle-solving and orienteering skills while exploring the museum’s unique attractions! Pick-up your first clue at the front gate to begin a self-guided tour of SM&NC’s artistic and natural resources. At each destination participants will take part in a hands-on activity before being given a clue to their next destination. Meet us on our hiking path to learn about indigenous birds and trees; meander through our young chestnut grove; visit our vernal pond; and explore art material in the art studio. A prize will be given to those who complete the entire scavenger hunt!

2nd Sundays in the Planetarium Promptly at 3:00 p.m.

Family Take-A-Hike Week: Tuesday-Thursday, April 17-19, 2007
Times and locations vary; no groups larger than 12 participants per program. During Spring Break, bring the entire family to the Stamford Museum & Nature Center and enjoy three days of great hands-on activities. Explore our 80 acres of magnificent woodlands and participate in three days of guided nature hiking, planting trees, scavenger hunting, and observing nature. There are miles of trails at SM&NC including the new Wheels in the Woods trail. All ages; free with gate fee.

Sterling Glen of Stamford, an independent and assisted living senior residence, announces its musical performances for the month of April. The public is invited to the events listed below free of charge.

Thursday, April 5
Join in the fun at a “Sock-Hop Happy Hour” featuring music of the 1950s with a special live performance of the musical group Sophistication. The event will take place from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Sat., April 7
Bring back wonderful memories during a musical lecture entitled “Music of the Roaring ‘20s.” The lecture led by Ted Simons will begin at 2 p.m. Simons’ credits include Broadway, T.V., film, concerts and cabaret.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Homes and Habitats: Hikes begin at 9:30am and 10:30am The Museum staff leads guided nature hikes for beginners on the woodland trails. Use your sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch to explore the natural world as you visit different habitats—streams, a woodland meadow, vernal ponds, and the hardwood forest. Introduction to Orienteering: Programs begin at 1:00pm and 3:00pm Led by professionals from Orienteering Unlimited, Inc.,

Sun., April 22
“The Maxine Korman Duo,” a nationally and internationally acclaimed violin and piano ensemble featuring the Karkowska sisters, will entertain with their virtuoso pieces at 2:30 p.m.
Sterling Glen of Stamford is located at 77 Third Street. For more information about these or upcoming events, please call (203) 327-4551.

Ongoing Museum Programs
Down on the Farm Programs Saturdays & Sundays: 11 am - 3 pm Drop by the Heckscher Farm for a variety of handson programs that are suitable for all ages. Topics for


Members Making News
Appointments & New Positions
The law firm of Pullman & Comley, LLC announced that three of its associates have become members of the firm: Katherine A. Scanlon, Peter J. Vodola and Aimee J. Wood. Sacred Heart University announced the following promotions. Dr. Michelle Loris was promoted to associate dean of the College of Arts & sciences. Robert M. Hardy was promoted to vice president for human resources.
Aimee J. Wood


Peter J. Vodola

Katherine A. Scanlon

Robert Carriere was appointed team leader, turf and ornamentals, irrigation at Eastern Land Management, a landscape management company. Dean Fino joined the Stamford office of Country Living Associates as a sales associate.

GE Energy Financial Services donated $15,000 to Person-to-Person, an organization that provides rapid-response assistance to client emergencies; and $5,000 to the Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut, a non-profit outpatient mental health resource. The donations are the combined contributions of GE Energy Financial Services’ employees and the GE business matching gift.
Robert Carriere

Awards & Recognition

Family Centers, a non-profit organization that provides education and human services, was named a recipient of a $25,000 GE Chairman’s Award from General Electric Co. The donation was awarded on behalf of Michael Pralle, president and chief executive officer of GE Real Estate. GE presents awards annually to senior leaders for outstanding performance or leadership. In turn, those awarded then designate a charity of their choice to receive the donation.

CDHM, one of the oldest advertising agencies in Fairfield County specializing in Healthcare, Sports Marketing, Education, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, and the Digital Photo Industry, scored big with “Bill the Banker” at the Fourth Annual Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA) for its work on behalf of the Union Savings Bank of Danbury. CDHM bested more than 2,000 contenders to be one of only three agencies in the state of Connecticut to win Gold Award status and the only Connecticut agency to win in the Financial Services and Healthcare Services divisions.

C O M PA NY RE C O G NIT IO N, continued from previous page
Stamford Lighting Fixture Company
Jonathan Levine, Owner/Manager

gage broker servicing customers throughout Connecticut.

633 Hope Street Stamford 06907 (203) 327-5444 (203) 323-6234 www.stamfordlighting.com
Lighting Systems & Equipment

The Network Support Company
Beth Shuster, Client Education Manager

is to provide high quality, valueadded, career-enhancing business education opportunities for our students within an environment of life long learning.

ment and marketing arm of the Malkin family, which operates office, retail and residential properties in eight states.

YMCA of Stamford
Tim Hodges, CEO

Washington Mutual Valeur Realty Holding Co.
Werner Valeur-Jensen, Principal Carmela Perito, Financial Center Manager

Over a thousand lighting fixtures on display. Six thousand square feet of showroom. Sales people have two hundred years experience selling lighting fixtures in Stamford.

7 Kenosia Ave. Ste.# 2B Danbury, 06810 (203) 744-2274 (203) 791-0107 www.network-support.com
Computer Services

909 Washington Blvd. Stamford 06901 (203) 357-7000 (203) 425-8060 www.stamfordymca.org
Fitness & Recreation

400 Main St., Ste. 710 Stamford 06901 (203) 327-1111 | (203) 348-4257
Real Estate- Holding & Management

2169 Summer Street Stamford 06905 (203) 967-0451 | (203) 967-0460 www.wamu.com

Local and wide area network design, installation and support. Providing internet security, connectivity and hosting.

We own mainly office buildings in Stamford and New York, and manage these buildings.

A nonprofit community service organization that helps promote special programs, including fitness, aquatics, group exercise classes, and youth programs.

Stamford Mortgage Company
Penn G. Johnson, President

W & M Properties
Linda Carlone, Associate Director

1200 Summer Street Stamford 06905 (203) 323-6588 |(203) 325-0225 www.stamfordmortgage.com

14 Stamford Mortgage Company is a residential and commercial mort-

real estate acquisition, manage-


300 Boston Post Road West Haven, 06516 (203) 932-7433 (203) 932-7261 http://www.newhaven.edu/ Colleges/Universities • The mission

One Station Place Stamford 06902 (203) 353-5200 | (203) 353-5210 www.wmproperties.com
Commercial Real Estate Owner-Operator • W & M Properties is the

Photographic Memories

University of New Haven

Jeffrey H. Newman, Executive V.P

Junior Achievement of Southwest CT

Bowlers raising the minimum are eligible for door prizes given out every five minutes.

21st Annual Bowl-a-Thon

WHEN: Saturday, April 28, 2007 TIME: Three Shifts Available (1-3p.m., 4-6p.m., or 7-9p.m.) WHERE: Rip Van Winkle Lanes in Norwalk COST: $20/Bowler Registration Fee (covers cost of lane and shoes) $100 pledge minimum per bowler. TEAM SIZE: 5-6 People Per Team

For more information, visit our website: http://stamfordct.ja.org or call Junior Achievement at 203-854-1700

140 years of business banking expertise is now in Connecticut.*
Open a Free Business Checking Account > No minimum balance > 300 free monthly transactions > Free Business Internet Banking and Online Bill Pay > 0% Introductory Rate HSBC MasterCard BusinessCard® Card with no annual fee† Stop by any of our new locations to find out more.

1 877 HSBC-BIZ us.hsbc.com/ct

Deposit products offered by HSBC Bank USA, N.A. or HSBC National Bank USA. Both banks are Member FDIC. HSBC Group has 140 years of Business Banking experience. HSBC National Bank USA is establishing branches in Connecticut. † Introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) fixed for six months from opening and will vary thereafter. Offer applies to new accounts only and is subject to credit approval. © 2007 HSBC National Bank USA.

Now Open Stamford 101 Broad Street (at Atlantic Street) 203 316-8206

Now Open Shelton 704 Bridgeport Avenue (The Split Rock Center) 203 929-2357

Now Open Norwalk 541 Westport Avenue 203 846-5913

Now Open Westport 19 Post Road East 203 341-0633

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