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Questions (mostly) by Mike Musgrove and Indian Springs HS

1. He once remarked, “If silicon had been a gas, I might have become a general in the United States army.” This was
because he was dismissed from West Point after failing a test. He then worked as a draftsman for the Coast Survey
Department at Washington but in 1855 sailed for Europe and never returned. FTP identify this painter of symphonies,
nocturnes, harmonies, and arrangements such as the one in Grey and Black.
               Answer:          James Whistler

2. At the Republican nominating committee, Gen Leonard Wood and Gov. Frank Lowden of Illinois were the leading
candidates but both failed to win a majority, opening the way for the selection of this man. On election night, KDKA in
Pittsburgh, making its first general broadcast announced the results, 404 electoral votes for the former Ohio senator and
publisher of the Marion star, 127 for Gov. Cox. During his tenure the Fordney-McCumber Act was passed, the
Washington Conference was called and the Teapot Dome Scandal occured. FTP, identify this 29th president who
campaigned in 1920 on his Back to Normalcy slogan.
                 Answer:          Warren Harding

3.      This introspective work was originally considered a feminist work to the chagrin of the author. The main
character, the best-selling author of Frontiers of War, is currently working on a novel about her relationship with her
friend Molly, Free Women. Anna Wulf uses her four different-colored titular objects to overcome her writer’s block and
come to terms with her life in, for ten points, this 1962 masterpiece of Doris Lessing.
        Answer:            The Golden Notebook

4.This highly poisonous compound was discovered in 1826 by Otto Unverdorben, a Prussian chemist. In 1856 an 18-year-
old lab assistant was trying to synthesize quinine from its salt. He would up with a black sludge, but for some reason,
instead of throwing it away, he dissolved it in alcohol and produced a purple color. FTP, identify this aromatic compound
with formula C6H5NH2, which young William Henry.Perkin used to produce mauve the first commercial dyestuff.
                  Answer:         aniline

5.      Once married to the daughter of David Nelson and thus a grandson-in-law to Ozzie and Harriet, he was in the
band Avant-Garde which had a Top 40 hit in 1968 with “Naturally Stoned.” Before hosting his own daytime talk show in
1991 and becoming a panelist on the $1.98 Beauty Show, he played Mr. Dingle on The New Zoo Revue. FTP, name this
multi-talented game show host of Scrabble, Greed, Wheel of Fortune, and Love Connection.
                Answer:        Chuck Woolery

6.      After inflicting cuts and bruises on himself, he drove his cart to the agora and claimed that he had barely escaped
from a band of assassins. He then demanded that he be allowed to form a bodyguard. With this band of thugs he seized
the Acropolis. FTP, identify this tyrant who thusly took power from Solon in c550BC.
                Answer:           Pisistratus.

7.       Major Duncan Heyward is guided by a Huron Indian named Magua as he is escorting Cora and Alice Munro to
their waiting father, Colonel Munro, at Fort William Henry. It turns out Magua is trying to kidnap the Munro girls. His
plot is foiled by Hawkeye, Chingachook, and the title character, Uncas. FTP, identify this novel by James Fenimore
Cooper set during the French and Indian War which was made into a movie starring Daniel Day Lewis.
                  Answer:       The Last of the Mohicans.

8.        Lisa, the owner of the inn, loves Elvino. She is sulking because of his betrothal to another woman when a
mysterious stranger arrives. He turns out to be Count Rodolpho, lord of the castle. While Rodolpho is waiting in his room
to visit the villagers, Amina walks in and lies down on his bed. When the villagers walk in, Lisa sees Amina in
Rodolpho’s bed, and tells Elvino, who then ends the engagement. Several days later, on a dark night, Elvino sees Amina
engaging in the title activity across a treacherous bridge, and takes her back, whereupon she sings “Ah! Non giunge!”
FTP, name this 1831 Bellini opera about those peripatetic in their dreams.
          Answer:         La Sonnambula or the Sleepwalker
9.      While sailing to Georgia in 1735 he was impressed by the calm faith of some fellow passengers from Moravia.
He studied their doctrine and embraced their faith. Together with George Whitefield he began holding open air meetings
when he returned to England. He gathered about him a group of followers known as the Holy Club. Others began to call
them Methodists because of their methodical ways. FTP, identify this 18th century preacher.
                 Answer:        John Wesley

10.      The Lacey Act of 1900 forbade importation of any live specimens of these animals. The ban extended to zoos.
The legislation stemmed from the fact that after it had killed all the sugar cane rats and fer de lance snakes in Martinique
as it was supposed to, it proceeded to kill lizards and birds which controlled the insect population. Identify htis creature of
which Riki Tiki Tavi is an example.
                 Answer:         mongoose

11       The U.S.’s first National Battlefield Park was established here. This Civil War battle matched a Confederate
force of 66,000 under General Bragg against a Union force of 58,000 commanded by General Rosecrans. Rosecrans was
defeated but was not routed thanks to General George Thomas who made his reputation by holding his position against
repeated assaults. FTP name this September 1863 battle in which Thomas became known as “the Rock”.
                Answer:           Chickamauga

12.      In 1913, she opened a millinery in Deauville; the next year, she moved to Paris, where she was patronized by
wealthy women seekng relief from corsets. She liked to use wool, previously only used for maid’s uniforms, bell-bottom
trousers, turtleneck sweaters, trench coats, and costume jewelry to establish her “poor girl” look. In the 1920’s one of her
factories was responsible for 5% of France’s total exports. Perhaps her most long-lasting contribution was the “little black
dress.” FTP, name the inventor of what was made in that factory, the perfume #5.
         Answer:         Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

13.     She’s not Gertrude Stein, but she was born in Oakland; she has a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from San Jose
State. Her second novel, the Kitchen’s God Wife, was published in 1991, and was followed by two children’s books, The
Moon Lady and the Chinese Siamese Cat. FTP who is this author, best known for her first novel, The Joy Luck Club ?
     Answer: Amy Tan

14.      Much of his later work concerned the scattering of atomic particles and electronic structures of molecules. He
gave a very precise definition of heat in 1921 and collaborated with Fritz Haber on a graphical cycle used to calculate
lattice enthalpy. For ten points, name this German physicist and 1954 Nobel Laureate who demonstrated that the solution
to the Schrodinger equation has a statistical meaning of physical significance.
         Answer:          Max Born

15.     At one of its games in 1974, Vitas Gerulaitis ordered the public-address announcer to invite the 11,000 fans to his
birthday party. Current Western teams are the St. Louis Aces, Sacramento Capitals, Kansas City Explorers, and
Springfield Lasers. The East consists of the Hartford FoxForce, New York Buzz, New York Hamptons, Philadelphia
Freedoms, and Delaware Smash. FTP, name this co-ed professional summer league taking place before the U.S. Open
and after Wimbledon, that Billie Jean King began in 1974.
        Answer:         World Team Tennis or WTT

16.     This museum has 1400 rooms in six different buildings and boasts the largest collection of Gauguins in the world.
Adjoining the Winter Palace, its building was ordered by Catherine the Great. FTP, identify this museum in St.
Petersburg which shares its name with the home of Andrew Jackson.
               Answer:           the Hermitage

17.      Seventy percent of current cases of this diseaseare in India; there is no known cure. Eradicated in the Western
Hemisphere in 1994, the 1988 World Health Assembly and the 1990 World Summit for Children vowed to eradicate it
globally by 2000. That was not to be the case, as up to 20 million people are currently paralyzed by this contagious fecal-
oral spreading disease. FTP, name this crippling childhood disease that can be prevented with an oral vaccine.
         Answer:         Poliomyelitis
18.     When this 1970 book went into its second edition, the author added a chapter on Jean Genet to round out its
examination of gender, especially through literature. The first edition shocked many Americans with its radical
deconstruction of patriarchal discourse. Written in response to The Feminine Mystique, this book launched Kate Millet's
career. FTP, name this book.
        Answer:          Sexual Politics

19.     Russia, France and Britain confirmed Italian possession of Libya and the Dodecanese Islands and promised Italy
new territory, such as Italia Irredenta, stretches along the Dalmatian Coast and parts of Asia Minor, after the end of World
War I. A blatant violation of Woodrow Wilson’s plans for post-war order, FTP, name this April 26, 1915 secret treaty
created to induce Italy to join the war, whose unkept promises led to the rise of populists like D’Annunzio and Mussolini.
        Answer:            Treaty of London

20.      Born in 1631 to a strict Puritan family, he went to school at Cambridge. He was very practical in his politics -- he
supported Cromwell during the Commonwealth period but then switched allegiance to Charles I during the Restoration.
He went so far as to pen the poems Astrea Redux and To His Sacred Majesty in tribute. When James II came to the
throne, he became a Catholic and wrote the fable The Hind and the Panther in defense of his new religion. .FTP, identify
this author of A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day, Mac Flecknoe, All for Love, and Absalom and Achitophel.
                 Answer:           John Dryden

21.     Its Nagami, or oval, variety has reddish fruits, which when ripe are about 1.5- 2 inches long. There is also a round,
or Marumi, variety, and an egg-shaped Meiwa variety. All together, four or five species are known, all of them originating
in southeast Asia. Between eight and twelve feet high, their branches are mainly thornless, while they have dark green,
glossy leaves and white, orange-like flowers. Of the genus fotunella, they are evergreen trees. FTP, name these small,
orange-like fruits, which Dennis Franz cannot identify.
        Answer:          kumquat

22.     He began his career in New York City in 1835 when he exhibited Joice Heth, a woman touted as the 161-year-old
former nurse of George Washington. He followed this with his exhibit of the famous Siamese twins Chang and Eng. FTP
name this promoter and circus founder, whose most famous discovery was the midget General Tom Thumb.
     Answer: P. T. Barnum

23.    Dismissed from his better-known post after quarreling with the provincial secretary and some ministers, he
encouraged the formation of the New Sweden Company. He had previously served as the first director-general of the
colony of New Netherland, founding the settlement of New Amsterdam. FTP, name this man who, in 1626, purchased
Manhattan Island for twenty four dollars.
       Answer:         Peter Minuit

24.      At the beginning of this stage, the inner component of the inner membrane of the mitochondrion has become
negatively charged while the outer component is positively charged. The result is a molecular battery that uses the
difference in charge across that inner membrane to make ATP from ADP using the F1 complex. For ten points, name this
indirect route by which the energy of NADre is transferred to ATP, the fifth stage of aerobic respiration postulated in 1978
by Peter Mitchell.
         Answer:         Chemiosmotic synthesis

25.     The Dutch discovered them in 1722 and in 1768 Louis de Bougainville visited and named them the Navigator
Islands. An American named Charles Wilkes gave them their current title in 1839. Robert Louis Stevenson lived here at
Vailima. FTP, identify these islands whose western portion has its capital at Apia and whose eastern part has its capital at
Pago Pago.
               Answer:           Samoa or Samoan Islands
Questions (mostly) by Mike Musgrove and Indian Springs HS

1.      Bang bang, they shot me down. Given a major character, name the war-themed novel FTPE:
     a) Henry Flemming
        Answer:         The Red Badge of Courage
     b) Pierre Bezukhov
        Answer:          War and Peace
     c) Paul Baumer
        Answer:         All Quiet on the Western Front

2.       Bang bang, they shot me down. Again. Identify these Indian fighters FTP each.
 1. As commander of the 7th Cavalry he was defeated at Little Bighorn.
                Answer:          George Custer
 2. Called the 'Gray Fox' by the Apaches, it was he who finally conquered Geronimo. He was not prone to petty theft as
his name might imply.
                Answer:          George Crook
 3. This soldier led troops against the Sioux, Apaches, Cheyennes, Comanches, and most famously the Nez Perce. He
certainly covered a lot of ground during this time, as his name implies.
                Answer:          Nelson Miles

3.       Identify the following things from Greek philosophy, FTPE.
10) This paradox of Zeno of Elea considers the namesake object in flight. Since it is at rest in any instant, and since the
time of its flight is made up of instants, it is always at rest and does not move.
         Answer:           Zeno's paradox of the arrow
10) An inscription here begins "Stranger, here you will do well to tarry; here our highest good is pleasure." This school
was founded by Epicurus on the namesake property.
         Answer:           the Garden
10) In this famous allegory from The Republic, Plato imagines humanity chained in the depths of the namesake location,
seeing shadows on a wall but unable to turn and see the light of truth behind them.
         Answer:           allegory of the cave

4.      Name these parts of a flower FTPE.
1. This male reproductive part is composed of the filament and anther.
        Answer:          Stamen
2. This middle section of the carpel, it is a neck through which pollen must travel to reach the ovary.
        Answer:          Style
3. These parts cover these flower parts in the bud stage, and collectively are known as the calyx.
        Answer:          Sepal

5.     Answer these questions about the ballet The Rite of Spring FTPE:
 1. Who composed it?
                Answer:        Igor Stravinsky
 2. The Rite of Spring was performed by the Ballet Russes. Who was the lead dancer.
                Answer:        Vasily Nijinsky
 3. Who was the impresario who formed the Ballet Russes?
                Answer:        Sergei Diaghilev

6.      Identify these Virginia Woolf novels from characters, FTPE.
10) Septimus Warren Smith, Doris Kilman, Peter Walsh
        Answer:         Mrs. Dalloway
10) Lily Briscoe, Charles Tansley, Augustus Carmichael
        Answer:         To the Lighthouse
10) Neville, Susan, Louis, Jinny, Rhoda, Bernard
        Answer:         The Waves
7.      Given a year and the war it ended, name the treaty FTPE.
      a) 1763, Seven Years’ War
        Answer:          Treaty of Paris
       b) 1783, American Revolution
        Answer:          Treaty of Paris
       c) 1856, Crimean War
        Answer:          Treaty of Paris

8.      Answer these biochemistry questions FTPE:
        (a) In 1974 John Hughes – not the director -- and Hans Kosterlitz discovered these opioid receptors, peptides
produced in the brains of vertebrates, were by in 1974.
        Answer:           enkephlins
        (b) In 1976 Choh Hao Li and David Chung discovered the beta form of this other class of opioid peptides, which were
sought after the discovery of enkephlins
        Answer:           endorphins
        (c) Otto Loewi and Hallett Dale shared the 1936 Nobel in Medicine and Physiology for their work on this substance
involved in nerve impulses. Because he found it released by the vagus nerve, Loewi originally called it "Vagusstoff"
        Answer:           acetylcholine

9.      Answer these questions about International Law FTPE:
a) Name the 17th century Dutch jurist who wrote Concerning the Law of War and Peace, the first text on international law.
                Answer:         Hugo Grotius
b) This English author of Leviathan disputed Grotius' concept of international law because there was no power that
enforced laws on states.
                Answer:         Thomas Hobbes
c) This 1864 meeting which set forth the rules for war and the treatment of prisoners was the first attempt to establish just
such a power.
                Answer:         Geneva Convention

10.     Identify these poker variations FTPE:
 1. A term for a family of games in which cards are received one at a time with a betting round in between each new
card. The name does not refer to any horses put out to pasture.
                 Answer:           stud
 2. A variation of stud in which the player receives nine cards, sometimes it’s played 'Hi-Lo', meaning the best hand and
the worst hand split the pot. It’s named for the city that was home to the sponsor of Marlin Perkins' Wild Kingdom.
                 Answer:           Omaha
 3. The most glamorous stud variation, this game popularized in a particular U.S. state is played in the annual World
Series of Poker.
                 Answer:           Texas Hold'em

11.     FTPE identify the authors of these works of literature about Jerusalem
 1. This mystical poet wrote the poem Jerusalem in 1804 in which he presents his theory that the world of imagination is
a world of eternity after death.
                 Answer:           William Blake
 2. Jerusalem is also the title of a collection of stories about an old Swedish peasant family was written by this nobel
                 Answer:           Selma Lagerlof
 3. This Italian wrote Jerusalem Delivered while in an insane asylum.
                 Answer:           Torquato Tasso
12.     Answer these questions about a particular battle FTPE.
1. This battle lasted from March 13 to May 7, 1954, and led to the surrender of the entire French force, led by General
Christian de Castries.
                  Answer:        Dien Bien Phu
2. The envelopment and destruction of Dien Bien Phu was planned by this Vietnamese general, a supporter of Ho Chi
Minh who later masterminded the Vietcong defeat of the United States.
                  Answer:        Vo Nguyen Giap
3. Giap’s stunning victory brought pressure on the government of Pierre Mendes-France to compromise, with a cease fire
being signed in this European city on July 21.
                  Answer:        Geneva

13.      FTPE answer these questions about the upcoming movie version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
 1. In the exciting climax, Harry confronts what deadly reptilian animal in the 'Chamber of Secrets'.
         Answer:         basilisk
 2. Harry is saved from the basilisk by this mythological bird.
         Answer:         phoenix
 3. Kenneth Branagh will portray this Hogwarts’ publicity-seeking, self-aggrandizing new Professor of the Dark Arts.
         Answer:         Gilderoy Lockhart

14.    FTPE answer these questions about females and the history of computer programming.
 1. This daughter of a Romantic poet wrote the code for Charles Babbage's analytical engine.
                 Answer:        Ada Byron
 2. This naval admiral wrote the first code for the Mark I and coined the term debugging.
                 Answer:        Grace Hopper
 3. This is the computer language that Grace Hopper invented.
                 Answer:        COBOL

15.       For 10 pts. each, name the psych terms from their origins:
(a) It’s named for the Austrian novelist who wrote Venus in Furs and other tales of cruel, dominating females
                  Answer:          masochism or masochist
(b) From the Greek and Latin for "womb," it was thought to stem from problems of the female reproductive system
                  Answer:          hysteria
(c) It comes indirectly from the Latin for "artificial" or "manufactured," by way of a Portuguese term for religious objects
such as rosaries and saints' relics
                  Answer:          fetish

16.    Answer these questions about Don John of Austria FTPE:
 1. John was the son of this of a woman named Barbara Blomberg and this Spanish born Holy Roman Emperor.
                Answer:          Charles V
 2. As a boy, he went by this name which was also the name of a famous Apache Indian chief.
                Answer:          Geronimo
 3. John's most famous military exploit was this 1571 naval battle in which he defeated the Turkish fleet.
       Answer:          Lepanto

17.     Identify the Shakespeare plays these characters appeared in F5PE with a 5 point bonus for all 5 correct::
 1. Iachimo and Posthumus
        Answer:         Cymbeline
 2. Duke Frederick and Celia
        Answer:         As You Like It
 3. Trinculo and Gonzalo
        Answer:         The Tempest
 4. King Ferdinand and Holofernes
        Answer:         Love's Labours Lost
 5. Prince of Morocco and Launcelot Gobbo
        Answer:         The Merchant of Venice
18.                  For ten points each, name these models of the earth’s atmospheric circulation patterns.
[10] This model, named for the eponymous 18th century English meteorologist, attributed the trade winds to thermal-
driven convective cells in the equatorial and polar regions. The model, in which air rises at the equator and sinks at the
poles, did not take into account the earth’s rotation.
                     Answer:        Hadley cell model
[10] This model proposed by the namesake 20th century Swedish-American meteorologist modified the Hadley cell model
by positing an additional surface temperature-driven circulation at the poles.
                     Answer:        Rossby model
[10] This simplified, modern model, which forms the basis of the Rossby model, suggests energy transport from low to
high latitudes is facilitated by adjoining cells of vertically-rotating air masses; the low and high latitudes feature Hadley
cells sandwiched around a Ferrel cell in the middle latitudes.
                     Answer:        three-cell model

19.     Identify these early Renaissance artists FTPE:
 1. This master of the fresco from Florence created a series fo painting for the walls of the Arena Chapel in Padua. He is
known for adding more reality and depth to his figures.
                Answer:          Giotto
 2. Giotto was the protegé of this Florentine whose real name was Cenni de Pepo, creator of several Maestas.
        Answer:          Cimabue
 3. This painter from the Siena school had the last name di Buoninsegna.
                Answer:          Duccio

20.      Identify these archeological finds of Britain for ten points each.
This stone circle in Scotland, located at the top of a hill and surrounded by old trees, has engraved cups that seem to
indicate phases of the moon or planetary phenomena.
         Answer:           Sunhoney
Located in East Anglia, around 700 AD a king and his magnificent ship were buried along with many others. Among the
items found in this site excavated in 1939 are gold and silver brooches, a sword, drinking horns and a lyre.
         Answer:           Sutton Hoo
Located along the Bay of Skaill in Orkney, Scotland, this Neolithic settlement was first excavated in 1927. It features a
collection of sub-rectangular huts with thatched roofs that were known for their “dressers.”
         Answer:           Skara Brae

21.    FTPE identify the assassins of the following people:
a) Robert Kennedy
       Answer:         Sirhan Sirhan [EDITOR’S NOTE: accept either first or last name. HA! Get it?]
b) Huey Long
       Answer:          Carl Weiss
c) Mohandas K. Gandhi
       Answer:          Nathuran Gosde

22.      FTPE give the charge on each of the following radicals.
       a) Ammonium
         Answer:         plus one
        b) peroxide
         Answer:         negative two
        c) acetate
         Answer:          negative one

23. Ted Williams enjoyed a luxury that’s rare today – he played his entire career with the same team. 5,10-20-30, name
the only major league baseball team these Hall of Famers played for. [READER: accept either city or team nickname]
        a) Carl Yastrzemski                                     Answer: Boston Red Sox (accept either)
        b) Kirby Puckett                                        Answer: Minnesota Twins
        c) Stan Musial                                          Answer: St. Louis Cardinals
        d) Brooks Robinson                                      Answer: Baltimore Orioles

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