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SCENE 1 – 3-Nolen

        Student                      Dialogue                                         Costume
  Miriam Song        1. Mary, Mary, quite contrary                     Vegetables -any variety
  Nathan Moore          How does our garden grow?                      Vegetables -any variety
  Sarah Morey                                                          Vegetables -any variety

  Leila Montgomery   2. Well, come on down; we’ll show you around      Vegetables -any variety
  Kasey Daniels         The coolest place we know.                     Vegetables -any variety
  Jodhi Parson                                                         Vegetables -any variety

  Ramona Benefield   3. Our salad greens make quite a scene            Vegetables -any variety
  Ella Pascalle         When they start to sing and move.              Vegetables -any variety
  John Junn                                                            Vegetables -any variety

  Caden Gaucher      4. So come with me; you’re about to see,          Vegetables -any variety
  Demaurio Gray         Our wonderful Garden Groove!                   Vegetables -any variety
  Anslee Palmer                                                        Vegetables -any variety

  Anneli Nurmi       5. Mary, Mary, quite contrary                     Vegetables -any variety
  Thomas Sudlow         You’re in for a big surprise.                  Vegetables -any variety
  Case Santa Maria                                                     Vegetables -any variety

  Caroline Smart     6. We’re gonna twist and shout, and work it out   Vegetables -any variety
  Lia Nieman            Before your very eyes.                         Vegetables -any variety
  Jonah Singer                                                         Vegetables -any variety

  Toya Stephens      7. So sit on back and just relax.                 Vegetables -any variety
  Sarah Jamal           We’ll show you all our moves.                  Vegetables -any variety
  Radin Zahirnegad                                                     Vegetables -any variety

  Lauren Deaver      8. You may not know, but we’re here to show       Vegetables -any variety
  Clayton Crochet       How our Garden Grooves.                        Vegetables -any variety
  Augie McQuaid                                                        Vegetables -any variety


SCENE 2 - 3-Roesser

       Student                                     Dialogue                                        Costume
Mary Lowance           1. Come into our garden and you will surely see                         Flower-any variety
Sara Takenaka             We are not your average garden variety!                              Flower-any variety
Mary Grace Turner                                                                              Flower-any variety

Alex Lomashvili        2. ‘Cause as the sun rises and you’re still in a trance,                Flower-any variety
Gabriel Beatty            We flora wake up and start to sing and dance.                        Flower-any variety
Kevin Kilpatrick                                                                               Flower-any variety

MoMo Lee               3. The music makes us come alive and feel so good, you see.             Flower-any variety
Megan Dacey-Koo           Around here some folks call it bloomin’ group therapy!               Flower-any variety
Kiera Layson                                                                                   Flower-any variety

Drew Volandt           4. So, if you wake up early before the morning light                    Flower-any variety
Tyson Myree               And think you hear singing and dancing, please don’t have a          Flower-any variety
Emerson Mosely            fright!                                                              Flower-any variety

Ana Barb               5. It’s just us flowers and veggies getting ready to sprout.            Flower-any variety
Anehemiah Wedderburn      A-movin’ and a-groovin’ and a-workin’ it on out!                     Flower-any variety
Chayil Williams                                                                                Flower-any variety

David Estes            6. This is our garden, a wonderful spot, notice our perfect rows!       Flower-any variety
Fred Brown                As long as the gardener forgets-us-not just about anything grows!    Flower-any variety
Hunter Collins                                                                                 Flower-any variety

Carter Stowell         7. We have flowers and vegetables and even a fruit or two.              Flower-any variety
Eric Aldrich              Tomatoes, beans, carrots and onions to make a hearty stew.           Flower-any variety
Matthew Jackson                                                                                Flower-any variety

Asha Patel             8. But now, you’ll hear from us flowers, who love to swoon and          Flower-any variety
Eve Evans                 croon.                                                               Flower-any variety
Annabelle Stockton        And except for occasional bragging, we usually sing right in tune!   Flower-any variety


       SCENE 3 – 3-Poindexter
             Student                                           Dialogue                                             Costume
       Nate Ellis            1.   While flowers are very beautiful and know just what to wear,                   Weeds -any variety
       Maddie Smith               We weeds are ever dutiful and take every inch to spare.                        Weeds -any variety
       Sophie Reiss                                                                                              Weeds -any variety

       Robert Benfield       2.   And even though flowers smell so nice with a natural perfume                   Weeds -any variety
       Anish Kumar                We don’t even have to think twice to choke out their colorful blooms!          Weeds -any variety
       Mason Walker                                                                                              Weeds -any variety

       Jake Waddell          3.   For weeds have a very special place in every garden you know                   Weeds -any variety
       Charity Williams           YEAH! Making all the other plants feel very crabby and low!                    Weeds -any variety
Kier   Jenny Lee                                                                                                 Weeds -any variety

       Ava Posner            4.   Only we make the onions always dissolve into tears                             Weeds -any variety
       Zadie McConaughy           With teasing, joking and shouting nasty, insulting jeers.                      Weeds -any variety
       Olivia Else                                                                                               Weeds -any variety

       Harrison Jacobs       5.   We weeds ruin everything and make the cabbages throw fits                      Weeds -any variety
       Devin Rajan                By the time we are through with this turf, they’re at the end of their wits.   Weeds -any variety
       Paden Carroll                                                                                             Weeds -any variety

       Kennedy Massey        6.   THEY say we are out of line and causing a terrible fright;                     Weeds -any variety
       Ri Ri Mathews              But WE say if they don’t like it…, they can just get out of sight!             Weeds -any variety
       Dallas Teague                                                                                             Weeds -any variety

       Ethan Shi             7.   So turn the rock garden’s music way up and very loud;                          Weeds -any variety
       Samuel Baird-Winter        We’re gonna do a dance for you that will make you feel so proud.               Weeds -any variety
       Lily Nittler                                                                                              Weeds -any variety

       Jamie Orson           8.   We learned it from the rabbits who with this dance are on top.                 Weeds -any variety
       Riley Liberty              Clear out now veggies and flowers for the awesome weed’s hip-hop!              Weeds -any variety
       Luke Clark                                                                                                Weeds -any variety

       SONG 3 – WEEDS RULE!

SCENE 4 – 3-Pitt

      Student                                    Dialogue                                       Costume
Nina Evans          1. We are fresh picked potatoes fresh out of the mud.                  Potato
Carolyn Hatcher     Please forgive our appearance, for we are just little spuds.           Potato
Aaron Chishiba                                                                             Potato

Gus Braswell        2. Everyone loves potatoes and we will tell you why.                   Potato
Jingwei Wang        You can smash us, slice us, mash us, dice us, and we will never cry!   Potato
Ellie Walsh                                                                                Potato

Frank Bwelle        3. However, French fries are the favorites; they go with any meal,     Potato
Hope Tolentino      And once you hear us sing, you’ll see why we have such ap-peel!        Potato
Julia Wallace                                                                              Potato

Graham Connell      4. We will teach a dance to you so there will be no mistake            Potato
Asena Anderson      Why French fried potatoes will never be half-baked!                    Potato
Anne Marie Blount                                                                          Potato

Abby Feagans        5. We are called nightshades, full of flavor and zest.                 Potato
Charlie Reid        We are some of the veggies that you like very best.                    Potato

Harrison Reeves     6. Choose tomatoes, eggplants and peppers because,                     Potato
Lelia Tolbert       They add spice to your life and zing to your sauce.                    Potato
Noah Helphenstine                                                                          Potato

Ted Shepherd        7. But don’t forget potatoes! We’re also nightshade treats.            Potato
Hanna Qi            Forgetting us makes us livid and we get red as beets!                  Potato
Zachery Bauer                                                                              Potato

John Redmond        8. We don’t want other veggie friends to feel very downhearted.        Potato
Nyjah Lee           So we invited all of them to help get this party started!              Potato
Kevin Jackson                                                                              Potato


SCENE 5 – 3-Martin

       Student                                    Dialogue                                          Costume
Andrew Miller            1. We’re the leafy vegetables, in case you haven’t guessed.         Lettuce
Will Banks                  And without us, salads across the land would be undressed.       Lettuce
Rajath Ramasamy                                                                              Lettuce

Sam Cohen                2. They’re always playing with our heads no matter how we           Lettuce
Hank Stockey                moan.                                                            Lettuce
Zoe Punger                  They tear us and they rip us up; they won’t leaf us alone.       Lettuce

Alyssa Davenport         3. They shred us and they boil us, and if we cabbages pout,         Cabbage
Hayden Combel               They pack us into plastic bags and call us sauerkraut!           Cabbage
Sara Kathryn Wierwille                                                                       Cabbage

Miles Johnston           4. But enough of this complaining, lettuce entertain all of you.    Lettuce
Will Hitt                   Because you’ll be green with envy when you see what we can       Lettuce
Chris Lohmeier              do!                                                              Lettuce

Emily Schroeder          5. We carrots really don’t mean to complain,                        Carrots
Dinara Jones                But slicing and dicing us can be such a pain.                    Carrots

Trey Dobson              6. You’d make us so happy and really would please us                Peas
Sahil Merchant              If just this once you’d try to appease us.                       Peas
Jaxon Martinez                                                                               Peas

Yida Hao                 7. ‘Cause with the setting sun, we know this madness must           Eggplant
Mishal Sayed                cease;                                                           Eggplant
Georgia Goldstien           And all the little veggies must go on to rest in peas (peace).   Eggplant

Charlotte Lewis          8. This may sound corny, but please, answer our demand,             Corn
Zidia Gibson                And don’t ever, ever try to squash us into a can!                Corn




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