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					                              Hosting a “Perfumenero” Perfume Party

The following information describes a Perfumenero Perfume Party and attempts to answer any questions you may have
about being a host.

1. INFO YOU NEED TO SUPPLY: If any of your contact information changes after your party is booked, you
   must notify me of the new information so that I have it on hand for confirmation communications.

2. CONFIRMATIONS: As soon as you have booked your party, I will send you a confirmation. At your request, I
   will also send you an electronic copy of the Perfume Order Form, which you may send with your invitations, so
   that your guests can begin dreaming up their Signature Perfume (possibly shortening the decision-making process
   during the party). I will also ask that you email directions for the party location to, or
   send them by US mail. I will call you the day before your party and confirm directions and your guest count.

3. DATES AND INVITE INFO: You invite your guests to your home/office or other location on a date/time we
   agreed upon. Hosts typically email their guests with the information 3-4 weeks in advance and optionally include a
   copy of the Perfume Order Form. The host typically sends a reminder email a few days before the party. Some
   hosts hand out invites or make calls to guests who don't have email. Some hosts also send a "Save the Date" note
   if their party is far in advance.

4. STARTING TIMES AND HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR PARTY: Weeknight home parties typically start at
   7pm, and weekend parties are scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Although the time you book is the true start time
   of the party, I ask that you tell your guests to arrive 30 minutes prior. This will help ensure that your guests arrive
   as close to the start time as possible. I will arrive 30 minutes prior to the party to set up. Please reserve a large
   table top area (dining room, kitchen) for displaying the fragrance oil samples. The table area should have good air
   circulation, with two chairs placed at one end (this is where I will sit with each guest and mix their perfume.) The
   perfume creation process has been designed to keep the wafting of scents to a minimum (there is no “spraying”), so
   the fragrance oil samples are in roll-top bottles.

5. PARTY SIZE: There is no set limit to the number of people attending a perfume party. The charge for a perfume
   party is based on the number of bottles of perfume you would like to purchase. Keep in mind that a Perfume Party
   for up to 20 people generally lasts about 2 hours. See #13 PRICES.

6. WHAT I BRING: I will bring a wide variety of fragrance oils and everything required to create a Signature
   Perfume. If requested, I will bring a selection of Perfumenero Perfumes and Designer Type fragrances.

7. ALLERGIES: The ingredients used in Signature Perfumes and Perfumenero fragrances are of cosmetic grade,
   which means they are suitable for the general population. As with any cosmetic, it is possible for someone to have
   an allergic reaction to the ingredients. If you or your guests have known allergies to any of the scents in the
   selection, or are prone to allergic reactions, please take necessary precautions to minimize the risk of a reaction. I
   am not responsible for allergic reactions that guests may have to the fragrance oils, and I will ask that each party
   host sign a Disclaimer acknowledging that they are aware of the potential risk. In the case of a party where the
   guests are minors, or where the host prefers to sign for the guests, I will ask the host of the party to sign the
   Disclaimer. NOTE: I ask that the host make sure the parents of minor guests are aware of the nature of the party,
   so that they may take any necessary precautions in regards to their child. As explained in #4, the perfume-making
   process was designed to keep the wafting of scents to a minimum (no spraying).

8. PARTY DURATION: A Perfume Party typically lasts 2 hours (depending on the size of the party, when your
   guests arrive, and how long it takes them to choose their oils). Please plan to start the party PROMPTLY at the
   scheduled time and expect the party to wrap up as close to the 2-hour time frame. To this end, I suggest that your
   invites have a start time of 30 minutes PRIOR to the actual scheduled start time of your party.

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9. THE NIGHT/DAY OF THE PARTY: I arrive about ½-hour before the party is scheduled to begin and will set
   up the fragrance oils for display. Once a majority of guests is in attendance, I will give an introduction to creating a
   Signature Perfume. Each guest will receive an order form that guides them through the simple perfume creation
   process. After order forms are completed, I will sit with each guest individually and blend their Signature Perfume
   to their specification. The guest will take the Signature Perfume home with her that day. I will expect payment
   from each guest at that time, unless the host is paying for the party; in which case, payment is due at the end of the

10. PARTY LOCATION/LONG DISTANCE PARTIES: If the party location is more than 40 miles round trip
    from Media, PA, a travel charge of $.55 per additional round-trip mile will be required. If the party location is more
    than 300 miles round trip from Media, the party host will also pay for travel-related expenses such as hotel, meals,
    tolls, parking, and mileage. If travel by air is required, host will also pay for airfare, car rental and professional time.

11. DEPOSIT: A 50% deposit on the number of bottles to be purchased is required in order to guarantee a Party
    Date. Deposit must be received no later than 3 weeks prior to booked date (See #12 Cancellations).

12. CANCELLATION POLICY: Notification of cancellation must be received a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the
    booked party date in order to receive a 100% refund of deposit. Refunds for cancellations with less than 3 weeks’
    notice will be at the discretion of Perfumenero.

13. PRICES: The charge for a perfume party is based on the number of 1/2-ounce splash bottles of perfume you
    would like to purchase. The minimum charge for a Standard party is $200. Following is the Standard schedule of
    charges: $200 maximum 10 bottles; $300 maximum 15 bottles; $400 maximum 20 bottles. Any parking fees will be
    added to the host’s bill. Prices and minimum purchase requirements for long-distance parties will be determined at
    booking. If a party requires air travel, client will pay for travel-related and professional service expenses. See#10

14. SPECIAL ORDERS: If someone at the party would like to purchase any of the 1/2-ounce splash perfumes for
    themselves (i.e., not as part of the host’s general party charge) the following charges will apply. Signature Perfumes
    $20; prepackaged perfumes $15 (brought to party only at customer’s request). For those guests who place an order
    for shipment, payment of a $5.00 shipping charge for USPS Priority Mail service will be payable at the party (covers
    shipping up to 3 bottles).

15. SHIPPING OF ORDERS AFTER THE PARTY: Perfume mail orders are shipped to clients within one week
    after the party. The additional cost of $5.00 shipping charge for USPS Priority Mail service (covers shipping up to
    3 bottles) is payable at the party. If the host prefers, the orders can be shipped to her address, and she will manage
    delivery of the perfumes to her guests. Postage will be calculated based on number of bottles to be shipped.

16. PAYMENT: Payment in cash or checks is accepted at the time of purchase or special order. Checks should be
    made to “Jeanette Fiumenero.”

17. JOINT-SALES PARTIES: I ask that Perfume Parties be stand-alone events-- with no other products being sold at
    the time of the party.

18. PARTY FOOD: It’s up to you to do what you like: however, I suggest that you not serve anything hot or spicy that
    may affect the guest’s sense of smell.

I look forward to making this a fun experience for you and your guests! If you have questions, please contact me by
phone (610) 891-1572 or email:             Jeanette Fiumenero

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