Online Onion Root Mitosis by hcj


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Online Onion Root Mitosis
Directions: Open an internet explore window and enter the following link:

   1) Read the information on the page. After you have read…click “next”.
   2) Read through the 5 different phases in the cell cycle. Look at the pictures. After
      you are finished…click “next”.
   3) Time for the actually activity. Read the assignment and work through the
      activity. After you finish make sure to record your data in the table below and
      answer the analysis questions.

   Table 1: Cell Cycle
            Interphase    Prophase     Metaphase     Anaphase     Telophase       Total
Number of
  Cells                                                                            36
Percent of
  Cells                                                                          100 %

Analysis Questions

   1) In your opinion, what phase was the easiest to identify? Explain why?

   2) What phase had the greatest percent? What is this percent?

   3) What are three sub-phases that can be found in interphase?


   4) What happens in anaphase?

   5) What are two changes that occur between interphase and prophase?

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