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					?What is Parkinson's disease?


What is Parkinson's disease?

V-prone than 50-year-old future elderly nigrostriatal system of
degenerative diseases.

Why is Parkinson's disease is a common disease?

V prevalence: about 20/100 000/year; more than 70 to 120/100 000/year.
Guangdong provincial hospital medicine luo Xiaodong?

V prevalence prevalence: in China, becoming the second highly
cerebral vascular diseases of nervous system diseases. 50 years is
500/10 million; over 60 years up to 1 000/10 000 people.

What is the cause of Parkinson's disease?

L main and ageing, genetic predisposition, environmental factors such as exposure to

Parkinson's disease and age-related?

L Parkinson's disease and age-related, age of onset of ageing is evolved as a factor in
Parkinson's disease.

L substantia nigra of dopaminergic neurons increases with age.

Environmental factors and Parkinson's disease?

L in recent research has shown that environmental factors are directly or indirectly
involved in the process of onset Parkinson's disease;

L organic chemicals, such as 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1, 2, 3, 6 4 dihydropyridine (MPTP);

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L pesticides and industrial pollution.
Parkinson's disease is genetic?

Approximately 5%-15% of patients with Parkinson's disease show
familial features, the vast majority of patients with no family
history of genetics.

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