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									?The treatment of cervical


Cervical disease is a common disease in elderly patients. With age,
cervical disc degeneration occurred, affecting the stability of the
cervical spine and produce a series of pathological change. These
changes direct stimulation, oppression or blood flow through the
influence of the cervical spinal nerve roots, spinal cord, vertebral
artery and sympathetic event functions or structural damage caused by
the appropriate clinical symptoms. Cervical disease is divided into
neck, nerve root type, spinal cord, vertebral artery and sympathetic.

A, differentiation Shanghai Yueyang hospital rehabilitation Qi Rui

1. cervical head, neck, shoulder, back pain, go side adverse to
pitching rotation, easy-to-late and neck fatigue, pink, taibo white
tongue, pulse light strings.

2. radicular head, neck, shoulder and occipital pain, back and side
or double side upper limbs and fingers acid Ma, pain, head and neck
activities such as coughing or sneezing enable symptoms worsening,
with distinct radiation pain and bunch of hemp. Tongue white light,
Moss, maixian fine.

3. vertebralis headache, neck pain, dizziness, and worse still with
posture, damping, sticky tongue fade, slide, Mai Tai.

4. sympathetic- dizziness, Vertigo, tinnitus, hands, tachycardia,
autonomic nervous system disorders, and cervical spine and posture-
related activities, pale white tongue, taibo, maixian.

5. spinal cord- stiff neck pain, heavy legs, leg numbness, chills,
pain and walking unsteadily, trembling, such as "step on the sense
of" cotton, weight gurative, second is out of control, on the light
or red, Moss, pulse stream.
Second, the recipe for example

1. gegen soup has shujintongluo, expelling the analgesic efficacy,
suitable for cold resistance complex of cervical spondylosis.

[ Drug composition ] gegen 12g ephedra 9g Guizhi 6g 6g shaoyao gancao
ginger 9g 6g date 12 pieces

[ Use method ] water jianfu, 1 for each day.

2. sanbi soup has Qi, dispelling dehumidification, yuetongning effect,
apply to gas and deficiency, cold resistance complex of Cervical

[ Drug composition] pubescentis 15g, Gentiana 10g, windproof 10g,
xixin 5g, Angelica 10g, Radix paeoniae Alba 15g, chuanxiong 10g,
Radix codonopsis pilosulae 10g, 20g, Fuling 12g, Astragalus 20g,
licorice 10g, Sichuan fault 12g, Achyranthes bidentata 12g, cinnamon
heart 1g, eucommia ulmoides 15g

[ Use method ] water jianfu, daily 1 agent

3. banxiabaizhutianmatang with dampness and phlegm, shujintongluo
effect. Suitable for wind-induced sputum invading cervical

[Drug composition] pinellia 9g tianma 6g Fuling 6g Orange 6g baizhu
15g licorice 3g

[ Use method ] water jianfu, 1 for each day.

4. sweet Jimmy jujube soup has and nourishing mind, shujintongluo,
apply to gas caused by insufficient blood sponaylosis.

[ Drug composition] licorice 10 g, 30 g of wheat, jujube 30 g

[ Use method ] water jianfu, 1 for each day.

5. fugui eight-flavor pill has Qi and blood, meridians, sinews.
Applies to insufficient kidney Yang spondylotic myelopathy.

[ Drug composition] ripely 20g, Yam 12g, Cornus 12g, Fuling 10g,
alisma orientalis 10g, cortex moutan radicis 10g, Guizhi 10g 10g,

[ Use method ] water jianfu, 1 for each day.
6. ‫׵‬Ȉ��

[ Drug composition] Clematis, kudzu, acanthopanacis, atractylodes,
frankincense, myrrh, Gentiana, Dahurian angelica root, triangular,
turmeric, papaya, Asari, ramulus, drynaria, Radix paeoniae Rubra,
safflower, Borneol all 20g.

[ Method ] fine powder on the scientific research organizations, mix
thoroughly, and salt and rice wine in moderation, Mount bag.

[Usage] microwave heating, dressing over temperature to patients can
afford. Two bags of alternate use, every 30 minutes, once a day.

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