Ten warning signs of cancer _94908 by heku


									?Ten warning signs of cancer


(1). the breast, skin, tongue, or any part of the body may reach or needless lumps

(2). the wart (wart) or mole changes (such as color burn, rapidly increasing, pruritus,
depilation, exudate, ulcers, bleeding)

(3). the persistent indigestion Zhejiang provincial hospital surgical Yu Jian method

(4). the swallowing food choking sensation, pain, swelling and irritation of substernal
stuffy, esophageal foreign body sensation or upper abdominal pain

(5). the tinnitus, hearing loss, nasal congestion, epistaxis, aspiration and cough up
blood nasal pharyngeal secretions, headache, neck masses

(6); abnormal menstrual bleeding, menstrual period, or postmenopausal irregular
vaginal bleeding, contact bleeding

(7). the persistent hoarseness, dry cough, blood in the sputum

(8). the unexplained stool and mucus or diarrhea, constipation alternating,
unexplained hematuria

(9). the longterm more wound, ulcer

(10); unexplained weight loss for a long time

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