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					?Shoulder pain not always frozen


Shoulder pain is most common in outpatients with shoulder pain caused
by one of the most common diseases are frozen shoulder. Frozen
shoulder to shoulder with soft tissue degenerative, inflammatory
lesions. Mainly manifested as shoulder-arm pain, activity restricted
to night at rest pain exacerbated for features that are common in 50
years or so, also known as "50 shoulder."

But not all shoulder pain is caused, PERIARTHRITIS of many diseases
is also often cause shoulder pain. Šcervical spondylosis: onmotor
oppression and neck shoulder pain caused by nerve can be, but this
kind of shoulder pain more with neck discomfort and dizziness and
other symptoms. Some cervical spondylosis and merge frozen shoulder,
so these two diseases diagnosis requires special carefully.
Ơcholecystitis and cholelithiasis: inflammation or gallstones caused
by right shoulder pain involved, patients often have a history of
repeated seizures may be sought, b-scan can be confirmed, anti-
infective, yuetongning treatment to relieve shoulder pain. ǠAngina
pectoris, myocardial infarction: pain often radiation to the left
shoulder. Angina is often due to fatigue or excited evoked, rest in
pain can be alleviated. Myocardial infarction is often accompanied by
pale, with sweat and breathing difficulties and other serious
performance, both often life-threatening, so to have a history of
coronary heart disease patients especially of shoulder pain should be
careful. ȠLung Cancer: shoulder pain is lung cancer caused by
compression of the brachial plexus, can occur in cough, hemoptysis,
chest pain, respiratory symptoms before. Tianjin Medical University
General Hospital in addition to pain section Chen runner-up

So when you feel when you do not shoulder pain that necessarily
PERIARTHRITIS, need for detailed diagnosis, don't let it be lulled by
relying on the case.
Wenn Sie Fragen Urheberrecht. Bitte haben E, wir
werden so bald wie m?glich.


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