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What is a retinal?
The retina consists of the brain to extend Visual nerve terminals in
the Organization, its structure is complex, fine, fragile and
metabolism. Its vessels belonging to end vascular system, any
pathological damage and vascular obstruction caused by tissue hypoxia,
which can lead to loss of tissue necrosis, feel and functionality of
the transmission light stimulation.
Retinal nerve tissue belonging to Ectodermal, mesodermal vascular
belongs to, which in turn is the only body can directly see the small
blood vessels. Fundus changes is a systemic disease and eye disease
in the eyes of the appearances, therefore, clinical changes under eye
often to determine systemic disease, especially on arteriosclerosis,
hypertension and diabetes in diagnosis and treatment, clinical
significance. Beijing Ying-chi eye hospital Ophthalmology Mariel

What is a retinal detachment?
Retinal detachment is a neural retina and pigments on the cortex of
separation on the cortex. Between the two layers are a potential gaps
that separate the retention after clearance of subretinal fluid
liquid is called. The causes can be of rhegmatogenous, distraction
and exudative retinal detachment. Retinal detachment of part of the
brain to accept images from the eye to is not complete or total loss.
Retinal detachment clinic what performance?
When the occurrence of retinal detachment, in part, in view of the
side away from in the shadow of the clouds. In the event of a macular
detachment, central vision is greatly reduced. Detachment often
threatened before symptoms occur when the eye movements. As the
vitreous opacity, often within a perspective shadow.
Vision loss depends on the detachment of the parts, the scope, extent
and degeneration of the vitreous opacity, etc. If the whole retina
detachment, eyesight to light perception or total loss. In beauty
there appeared dull or washed out before the deformation, eye
movements on the visible tremor.

Retinal detachment is what causes?
The disease is prevalent in middle age or older, most have myopia,
eyes can be successively. The onset of a retina periphery of lattice-
like and SAC degeneration, retinal and vitreous degeneration of
liquefaction, these incentives and adhesion and age, genetics, trauma,
and other factors, vitreous retinal traction on the pathogenesis of
the more important.

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