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Renal Biopsy indications and contraindications _99587


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									?Renal Biopsy indications and


1. primary kidney disease
(1) acute nephritic syndrome: treatment of acute nephritis in 2-3
month illness no improvement or a sharp worsening of renal function,
rapidly progressive Glomerulonephritis is suspected.
(2): idiopathic nephrotic syndrome
(3) silent hematuria: when red blood cells for defects of hematuria.
(4) asymptomatic proteinuria: ?y 1g/d

2. secondary or hereditary kidney disease.
3. acute renal failure: check for clinical and laboratory could not
be determined.
4. renal transplant recipients: when the apparent decline in renal
function in patients with unexplained, doubt original kidney disease
recurrence or severe rejection decision whether removal of Renal
Allograft kidney diseases when wangke of Anhui Province.
1. absolute contraindications: evident hemorrhagic disorders and
cannot be corrected.

2. relative contraindications
(1) mental abnormality or not;
(2) Systemic conditions worse, serious failure;
(3) puncture skin infection;
(4) isolation kidney or side small kidney or side of the renal
function is lost;
(5) the volume significantly reduced kidney, its long axis length
less than 9cm; adults
(6) the activities of pyelonephritis, renal, hydronephrosis or
empyema, renal abscess or perirenal abscess;
(7) renal artery aneurysm or kidney cancer patients;
(8) polycystic kidney patients with large cyst or;
(9) the third trimester, severe obesity or severe edema;
(10) not under the control of heart failure, severe hypertension;
(11) peritoneal dialysis;

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