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					?Massage for treatment of infant


             Children's massage therapy infant diarrhea

Infant diarrhea is diarrhea symptoms of common diseases. The disease
can occur in four seasons, and especially in the summer and autumn
seasons. If treatment is not promptly, persistent over time can
affect children's nutrition, growth and development, with children
also can produce dehydration, acidosis, and a series of serious


1. feeling out evil: feel the dampness, effects, not yunhua digestion,
absorption and drink by diarrhoea. Hangzhou City Hospital of massage
rehabilitation center Sun Bo

2. due to improper feeding food: milk, hunger satisfied excessive and
or eating unclean, the spleen and the injury caused by, due to
diarrhoea yunhua dereliction of duty.

3. the spleen and the weak: the heavy burden of infantile and stomach,
spleen and damaged external cause, receive, not wet yunhua, water
retention and diarrhea.

Clinical manifestations:

1. cold and wet and purging: fecal Ching dilute more foam, pea not
smelly, intestinal Ming Qing long abdominal pain, urinal, MOSS looks
sticky, pulse.

2. humidity and purging: abdominal pain, diarrhoea, urgent Flash note,
yellow brown hot stink, a little yellow micro, urinary, sick,
maihuashu taihuang.
3. injury eating and purging: abdominal pain, diarrhea, swelling, and
purging before crying pain reduction, stool volume ozonolysis, stay,
MOSS and thick, greasy, pulse.

4. the spleen and purging: jiuxie not more, often repetitive, pale,
loss of appetite, diarrhea after eating, taibo, the tongue light
pulse of moistening.


1. cold wet diarrhoea:

(1) principle: temperature and cold, dampness in diarrhea.

(2) prescription: spleen, massage, tonifying massage of large
intestine, the umbilical, section 7, the turtle tail bone, kneading

2. heat and reducing:

(1) principle: dissolving, antidiarrheal in.

(2) prescription: Ching ching and stomach, small intestine, large
intestine, Qing dynasty, the exit functions, the turtle tail tianshu,
push on the seven sections.

3. injury eating and purging:

(1) principle: Ching-food guide-delay, and in movement.

(2) prescription: spleen, kneading zhongwan, inside gossip, the doors,
belly, large intestine, rubbing, kneading turtle tail tianshu, push
on the seven sections.

4. the spleen and purging:

(1) principle: antidiarrheal invigorating, warming.

(2) prescription: spleen, fill the large intestine, pushing three off,
rubbing, kneading umbilical, seven sections of presumption, the
turtle tail bone, chiropractic.


1. pay attention to food hygiene to prevent mouth.
2. milk and food in moderation, not too hungry too full, too cool to

3. diarrhea, yishi easy digestion and light of commodities, not
eating greasy products.

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