Confirmation to leave a country by djoestika


Confirmation to Leave a Country for Visa Application

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									Glasgow, 08 February 2007 Nederlandse Ambassade 38 Hyde Park Gate London SW7 5DP

Dear Sir/ Madam, In regards of my Schengen Visa application, I, the undersigned below: Eva Kurniawan would like to inform you that I intend to have vacation in the Netherlands and Belgium before going back to my home country, Indonesia, to leave the UK for good. I do not have any intention whatsoever to seek employment or residency in the Netherlands or Belgium and I have also terminated my working contract with Starbucks UK. Attached is my booking flights confirmation to give you further details of my journey back to Indonesia. Should you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me at the below address, phone or email. I would highly appreciate it if you could grant me a Schengen Visa. Thank you for your kind assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Eva Kurniawan Flat 2 315 Golfhill Drive Dennistoun Glasgow G31 2NZ Mobile: +44 789 427 6075/ +44 772 581 4999

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