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					?Hepatitis b immune globulin


Hepatitis b immune globulin injection is a passive immunization. From
there on hepatitis b immunization of normal human blood extraction
hepatitis b immunoglobulin antibodies (anti-HBs) high titer of
hepatitis b immune globulin (HBIg), recipients may be in the body and
the external HBV, played the role of immune protection. Its nearly
colorless liquid preparations, with milk light or pale yellow liquid,
clarification of thiomersal-containing preservatives; lyophilized is
white or off-white body of osteoporosis. Immunoglobulin in occupies
more than 90% of the total protein, each containing the potency of
not less than 100IU HBs. Wenzhou medical college affiliated hospital
infection medicine Cheng Ming

HBIg mainly applies to the following people:

1. medical or laboratory staff occasionally be HBsAg-positive blood
or secretion infection should be in the side arm triangle
intramuscular injection HBIg100 ~ 200 units, and on the other side of
the injection of hepatitis b vaccine 3 times (0, 1, 6-month injection
of hepatitis b vaccine).

2. HBsAg and HBeAg-positive mothers of newborns, on one side were
born after intramuscular injection HBIg100 units, the other usual in
0, 1, 6-month injection of hepatitis b vaccine. You can enhance the
immune response.

3. HBsAg patients in liver transplantation, HBIg and coordinated
application of lamivudine may prevent hepatitis b after liver
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