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					?Hair transplant recovery process


    Plant hair surgery is not immediately be able to see the
    final results of operations, the wound of recovery, and
    hair growth process is the need for a certain period of
    time, in particular the growth of hair, you need a
    survival-growth-peeling-re-growth process, this process
    takes about 4-6 months, some people even need 9 months.
    This recovery process is very hard, from the image below
    to understand the implantation of the surgery process,
    the hope of reply alopecia patients implanted before
    prepare calmly in the face of the implantation of the
    operation of the reply. Hunan Academy of affiliated
    hospital of cosmetic surgeries huangning Shen

    Surgery time                   ȫǸ                     衡 ϗǸ

                                                     There will be at
                     Take the area of the scars
                     will exist. Doctors surgery
    The first day                                    area, tight
                     late observation in order to
                                                     little pain and
                     assess the operation.

                     Peeling for places, wound and   Pain, numbness
    The second day
                     redness will exist.             are likely still.

                     The first part of a shampoo,
                     xuejia will fall off. Slight    Pain, numbness
    The fifth day
                     redness will exist, your hair   are likely still.
                     to 3 mm long.

                                                     After the
                     100% to xuejia disappear. In    occipital of
      8-10 days
                     fat, your hair to 5 mm long.    sutures will be

      1 months       Implantation of hair growth     Suture removal
                     to 1 cm long, hair shedding     after a slight
                     periods after entering the      redness.
                     heat exchanger,
                     transplantation of hair
                     ragged start shedding.

                     Your hair may seem sparse,
                     because some in the
                                                     Donation area
                     implantation area originally
                                                     close to the pale
        3 months     hair has fallen off but there
                                                     of grooved scalp
                     are few non-shedding.
                     Phenomenon is normal. Most of
                     the hair grow back.

                     Implantation of the hair
                                                     After no visible
                     starts to grow. Hair is
       3-6 month                                     scarring pillow
                     becoming more and more dense
                     is getting longer and longer.

                     95% of the hair has grown out
       4-6 months    of the visible effects of

                    Hair completely grow longer,
    9 months-1 year you are free to comb the

     Hunan Chinese medicine hospital of beauty branch

     Contact: huangning Shen Tel: 0731-88718106 0731-88611678

     Address: Changsha yuelu mountain road (dolton Changsha
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