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					?Gonorrhea health education


Is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae urogenital system of Pyogenic
infection. Men often manifested as urinary frequency, urinary urgency,
niaotong and urethral orifice purulent exudate, women often
characterized by increased vaginal discharge, to yellow. But needing
attention: many infected people have no symptoms. Delay treatment
and improper treatment can be induced prostatitis, pelvic
inflammatory disease, salpingitis, gonococcal ophthalmia and other
complications, can also be induced blindness, infertility, and other
complications. The disease is transmitted mainly through sexual
contact, a handful of life through pollution, pregnant women can also
be transmitted during childbirth newborn. Changshu second people's
Hospital dermatovenereology stone school wave

Treatment: early and adequate, rule sensitive antibiotic treatment,
diagnosis and treatment of sexual partner at the same time.


1. the right to seek medical advice: to regular hospital screening,
treatment, avoid misdiagnosed, and mistreatment.

2, early detection and early treatment, you can avoid the
complications and side effects.

3. adhere to the rules, the whole treatment.

4. partner should at the same time.

5. avoid sexual life during treatment.

6, avoid drinking alcohol during treatment and eating spicy food
7, attention to disinfection isolation: underwear to service hot wash,
do not mix with the family wash tub, separate use, and children sleep
in separate beds.

8, check with other sexually transmitted diseases: nongonococcal
urethritis (cervical), syphilis, AIDS, etc.

9, the correct use of condoms can prevent gonorrhea.

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