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									?Causes of varicocele


The etiology of varicocele is currently considered the main
and the following factors:

1. Human usual upright posture, the spermatic vein blood must
overcome gravity flow from the bottom up.

2. spermatic vein valve anomalies or lack of

Due to Renal vein pressure higher than the pressure of
spermatic vein, spermatic vein valve plays a blocked blood
reflux. If venous valve lack or insufficiency, causing blood
reflux. First hospital of Jilin University, Wang Yan-Urology

3. the spermatic vein weak or connective tissue surrounding
the Cremaster muscle hypoplasia, weakened the spermatic vein
around underpinned impact.

4. spermatic vein right angle to the left into the left Renal

The left and right side of the spermatic vein, rectangular
injection left Renal vein. Because left Renal vein pressure
high, the body upright position makes it more difficult for
this return.

5. left longer spermatic vein

Spermatic vein approximately to the left than the right
length 8 ~ 10cm, from blood relative to the right terms,
return resistance increase.
6. the sigmoid oppression left spermatic vein, the blood flow
is blocked.

7. proximal clamp phenomenon

Mesenteric artery and forming an angle of abdominal aorta or
aortic rear left Renal vein congenital malformations,
oppression left Renal vein, resulting in the left side of the
spermatic vein formation of normal blood flow is blocked for
proximal clamp.

8. remote clamp phenomenon

Left iliac vein from the right iliac artery compression, make
left vas deferens venous blood flow is blocked because of the
formation of the so-called remote clamp.

9. coordinated contraction mechanism failure

Plexiform veins within large spermatic vein wall with outer
membrane longitudinal muscle structure, the membrane of
longitudinal muscle issued oblique muscle only to film this
circular smooth muscle morphology links that can produce
synergies between contractile effect, thereby promoting
plexiform veins blood reflux. In the blood vessel wall
degeneration occurred, if the outer membrane longitudinal
muscle degeneration or missing, coordinated contraction
destroyed, resulting in impaired venous return.

10 Abnormal blood flow theory

Animal experiment confirmed increase in arterial blood flow
testis over vein volume resulting in vein dilation and
tortuous, become a cause of the disease.

11 Height, weight, body mass index (BMI)

New study shows height, weight, body mass index (BMI) affect
the occurrence of varicocele. Gondia height and weight is
higher than the normal control group, but their BMI less than
normal control group.
12 , renal cell carcinoma intraperitoneal or retroperitoneal
tumor , compression in renal cell carcinoma Renal vein or
inferior vena cava thrombus formation.

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