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Aug                                                                                                                       this issue
                                                                                                             A Spouse’s Point of View P.1
                                                                                                         Tips for Job Search Success P.2
                                                                                                        Military Applicants’ Struggles P.3
Job Search Successes                                                                                    Military Applicants’ Struggles P.4
                                                                                                         Military Applicants’ Struggles P.5
Because of the current job market, it
normally takes between 3-4 months                                                                                        Reality Check P.6
for a candidate to find a position.                                                             Thing to BE When You are Job Hunting P.7
We have many candidates who                                                                                Highlighted New Sponsors P.8
have been actively searching for                                                                                     Ashworth College P.9
positions for 6 months or more util-
                                                                                                                         About MSCCN P.10
izing a variety of websites and job
search techniques. Almost every
candidate we talk to is amazed at
the "personal touch" that MSCCN
offers -- they often have sent out
                                        A Spouse’s Point of View
                                        By Deb Kloeppel, MSCCN President and CEO
scores of resumes and never heard
back from anyone until they came to
the MSCCN. If we don't have posi-
                                        Work-at-home Jobs a Success!                     Alpine Access has had fewer posi-
tions in their area on our website,                                                      tions available in the past few months
we try to assist them to locate com-    Over 1200 candidates have applied to             but continues to get a steady stream of
panies with jobs in their field.        work at home through the MSCCN since             MSCCN candidates (299 to date) with
                                        we began our work-at-home initiative in          15 eligible for hire when jobs become
Recruiters are telling us they re-
                                        November 2008. 126 candidates have               available and 38 still in the testing
ceive from 50-100 applications for
every position. The ideas, sugges-      been hired to date - some as temporary           process. As Alpine Access’ hiring man-
tions ,and support that we provide      workers and many as full-time employees.         ager told me, "These are AMAZING
applicants help them to continue
their job search with a new attitude.                                                    results!! Thank you again for partnering
                                        Convergys has been on a hiring hiatus for
                                        the past two months but has over 30              with Alpine Access!" Alpine Access will
Some of our successful placements                                                        be adding Wyoming as a state to hire
in the past 120 days include:           spouses who have completed the applica-
                                        tion, testing, and interview process and         from this month and New Mexico is
Erin B. - Ft. Campbell, KY -            are in-line for positions as soon as the         pending.
 Bank Teller - she's been looking
                                        next requisition opens. Since we've been         Cloud 10, who hired many spouses
 for work since Dec. 08
Dana G. - VA Beach                      working with Convergys, hiring military-         initially for the "transition to digital TV
 Marketing Representative - looking     affiliated candidates for their work-at-home     project", has managed to hire many
  for work since Jan. 09                positions has become their #1 priority.          military spouses for full-time positions.
Vivian L - Lady's Island, SC
                                        Not only are they thrilled with the quality of
 she'd been looking for work for 8                                                       We are proud of our partnerships that
 months, got assistance from our        the candidates, but they are honored to be
 resume expert, and was hired in        helping military family members in any           created these opportunities for military
 June 09                                way they can.                                    spouses to work-from-home and we
Zowie L - VA Beach                                                                       are very proud of all the applicants who
 Admin for the City of VA Beach
                                        Convergys makes a special effort to work         were hired!
Jessica R - Colorado Springs
 Human Resources                        with the MSCCN in setting up Virtual Ca-
                                                                                         MSCCN is also proud to announce a
Dustin W - Alexandria, VA               reer Fairs and will be attending several of
 Program Manager                                                                         grant award from the McCormick
                                        our on-base events in upcoming months to
Sandy Y. - Ft. Leonard Wood, MO                                                          Foundation's "Welcome Back Veter-
                                        assist with presentations and providing
 Optical technician                                                                      ans" Program on August 27, 2009.
Matt C - San Diego                      information.
  Community Outreach Associate
Free Virtual Training!                                        Tips for Job Search Success!

On Tuesday, August 18th,
11:00 AM EDT (10:00 AM
CDT) MSCCN hosted                                             By Kate Midden
our first virtual training                                    MSCCN Corporate Development Manager
seminar -
Targeting Your Job Search
                               Today’s job market is          investigate all possible      using the service to look
This course covered meth-      tighter and more competi-      sources for work. Many        for a full-time employee.
                               tive than ever so the          companies are not relying     These temp services
ods to find a job more
                               MSCCN Team is thrilled         on posting positions on       (Express Pros, Adecco,
q uick ly   by     f ocusing   that MSCCN military            job boards so research        Manpower, Kelly Ser-
your efforts in areas where    spouse and veteran appli-      companies you’d like to       vices etc) typically have
you are most likely to be      cants are finding positions    work for and apply directly   ties into businesses in
successful.            Time    with organizations across      to postings on their web-     the community where
was allocated for Q&A and      the country. Their success     sites. Network – go to in-    you want to work and can
group       discussion.        is due to hard work, dili-     dustry trade shows, job       be your referral source.
                               gence, and creativity – it’s   fairs and your local mili-
                               not easy to get a job.         tary family or readiness      Don’t forget the commu-
Our next two training ses-                                    center. Utilize the network   nity where you live – of-
sions will be delivered: Recruiters are inundated             of people you already         ten the local city and
                             with resumes for every           know and network with         county websites, school
September 1, 11 AM EDT position so create your                every new person you          systems and educational
Developing Your Elevator resume to highlight your             meet – let them know you      institutes have positions
Speech and Networking        skills, accomplishments,         are looking for a job and     available that aren’t ad-
                             experience and education.        ask them for referrals.       vertised on job boards.
                             A generic cover letter is                                      We’ve had several
September 15, 11 AM EDT not good enough – you
                                                              Volunteer – this is a great   spouses find great jobs
"Desperate" is Not a Job     must sell the recruiter on       way to meet new people        working for the City of
Title                        why you are the perfect          and do something won-         San Diego, the City of
                             candidate for the position.      derful for others while       Virginia Beach, and the
                             Think of your resume             you’re searching for a job.   Chicago School System.
                             package as the key to            W e’ve     had     several
Registered applicants need opening the door to the            spouses who’ve been    Set aside time each day
                             next important step – get-                              to work on your job
                                                              hired by the organization
to check their emails for
                             ting an interview. Re-                                  search. Keep records of
                                                              they volunteered for and
registration information. sumes and cover letters                                    jobs you’ve applied for,
                                                              several others who heard
                             that have typographical          about positions becausecover letters you’ve sent,
For more information, errors, incomplete or in-                                      and responses you re-
                                                              they volunteered. Volun-
please         c o n t a c t correct contact informa-                                ceive. Send thank you
                                                              teering is also a great way
k_midden@msccn.org.          tion or are not targeted to                             letters to anyone who
                                                              to build new skills to add
                             a specific position can          to your resume.        assists in your search.
                             quickly keep you from                                   Don’t get discouraged or
                             making the cut.              Consider working as a start feeling bad about
                                                          temporary to help get your yourself – be persistent
                               Don’t just rely on one job foot in the door of an or- and you will find a job.
                               site for your job search – ganization that might be
                                     Today’s Job Market Puts a Spotlight on MILITARY MEMBER
                                     Military Applicants’ Struggles           AND MILITARY
                                     By Amy Rossi, MSA, CJST, MBTI, SII                                          EMPLOYMENT

                                                                                                              The demographics of military
                                                                                                              spouse education show a
                                                                                                              motivated workforce. Ninety-
                                                                                                              seven percent (97%) of ac-
  Each day we hear dismal             why this is happening.                talented service members          tive-duty military spouses
  economic reports, increas-                                                in the military. Now times        have their high school di-
  ing unemployment, financial         Military spouses’ unemploy-           have changed but many             ploma. An overwhelming
  tsunami, inflation/recession        ment rates are about four             tenets of our original rec-       87% of spouses would like to
  forecasts, large budget             times higher than their civil-        ommendations remain the           further their education and
  gaps, falling stock market          ian counterparts. According           same.                             develop a portable career.
  and home prices, and the            to a recent DoD Report                                                  DoD 2006 Survey of Active-
  list goes on. Today’s turmoil       ―military bases are system-           Military-affiliated applicants    Duty Spouses, DMDC, 2006.
  and high unemployment are           atically excluded from calcu-         struggle to remain competi-
  adversely affecting service         lations of the national unem-         tive in the job market and
  members coming home and             ployment rate; therefore mili-        there are numerous relative       Veterans younger than 24
  their families left behind.         tary spouses are often ex-            factors that contribute to        had a 26.8 percent unem-
  Employers that are hiring           cluded from participation in          individual unemployment           ployment rate, compared
  tend to avoid unknown ap-           dislocated worker programs            and underemployment. In           to 16.8 percent for nonvet-
  plicants and in the current         administered by the states‖;          nine years of working with        erans. The unemployment
  market can be more selec-           therefore, it is difficult to de-     candidates, I generally find      rate for all veterans who
  tive, taking a longer time to       termine an exact spouse un-           that most military candi-         served since 9-11 was 10.3
  hire. It is no secret that mili-    employment percentage. Re-            dates fall into two catego-       percent, compared to 8.9
                                                                                                              percent for nonveterans.
  tary-affiliated applicants          cent Department of Labor              ries, displaced worker
  have lagged behind the ci-          statistics report 77% of mili-        physically and/or geo-            And returning veterans who
  vilian sector in employment         tary spouses are looking for          graphically. While the solu-      do find jobs earn an average
  but the previously low un-          work, combined with the ser-          tions to helping the candi-       of $5,736 less a year than
  employment rate masked              vice members’ 27%, the                dates vary, the psychology        their civilian counterparts,
  the differences; therefore,         combined total may be a little        of the candidates are simi-       according to the Veterans
  the gap was minimal. The            over 50 percent for the mili-         lar and often mirror each         Administration. The disparity
  current unemployment rate           tary family.                          other in employment pat-          is even greater for veterans
  is putting a spotlight on the                                             terns.                            with college degrees: They
  struggles of job-seeking            As a military employment                                                earn $9,526 less a year.
  military applicant, verified by     subject matter expert, I was          Statistically when you com-
  statistics showing a signifi-       asked years ago to advise             pare military to civilian, on
  cant increase in the gap be-        what we could do to improve           average the skill level of the    se.org/index.php/veterans-
  tween military and civilian         the economic outlook for job          military candidate is supe-       category-articles/806-jeremy
  jobseekers. Now that the            seeking military applicants.          rior to their civilian counter-   -schwartz
  unemployment rate is near-          The panel created recom-              parts. So why does the mili-
  ing 10%, military service           mendations and actions to             tary population lag behind        Military wives on average
  applicant’s unemployment            provide solutions for the em-         civilians? There is a com-        earn $3 less per hour than
  rates have been reported as         ployment of spouses. At the           munication barrier, we also       their civilian look-alikes and
  high as 27%, nearly three           time I gave recommenda-               have a ―lingo‖ all our own        their unemployment rate is
  times higher than their civil-      tions, unemployment was               that most civilians do not        three times as high as civil-
  ian counterparts. Many              low and military organiza-            understand. A common              ian spouses.
  struggle for an answer as to        tions were struggling to keep         ………..(cont on next page)          ―Married to the Military, The
                                                                                                              Employment and Earnings of
DoD report on Military Spouse Education and Employment, 2008, http://images.military.com/spouse/
Report_to_Congress_on_Military_Spouse_Education_and_Employment_Jan_2008.pdf                                   Military Wives Compared
  http://www.entrepreneur.com/franchises/franchisezone/startupjournal/article62914.html#ixzz0M06DBfMQ         with Those of Civilian
  http://www.military.com/news/article/military-spouse-career-program-expands.html                            Wives‖, Hosek, Asch, Fair,
   DoD 2006 Survey of Active-Duty Spouses, DMDC, 2006.
                                                                                                              Martin and Mattock, RAND,
                                                        Today’s Job Market Puts a Spotlight on
Article Excerpts:                                       Military Applicants’ Struggles
                                                        (Cont. from Page 3)
Wounded service mem-
                                                        By Amy Rossi, MSA, CJST, MBTI, SII
bers requiring time to
heal are medically dis-
charged and moved to
treatment      facilities.   reason why we find our can-       displaced. Geographically,        Is expensive, meals, trans-
                             didates are passed over is        work in their particular skill    portation, living expenses,
There is a gap in pay        because the recruiters do         may not available, they           housing, are all financially
from the time the ser-       not see their skills matching     may not have certification        draining. While some ex-
vice member leaves           the required skills needed        in the new state, or they are     penses are covered by the
                             for the job being recruited.      temporarily living in an area     government and charitable
service until their dis-
                             Once we translate experi-         where employment is not           grants, not all expenses are
ability pay is received.     ence into comparable civil-       available. Physically, ser-       covered. Some families will
Estimates range from         ian skills, applicants are        vice members may not be           spend savings and max
six to eighteen months       usually hired and later           able to perform work be-          credit cards to get by, while
                             deemed great workers.             cause of an injury, job/          the spouse or caregiver will
time, meaning a military
                                                               business loss, or age forc-       actively seek employment to
family may be without        Why do we address this?           ing the candidate to retrain.     cover basic expenses. If the
pay for that entire time.    Half of any battle is simply      And on rare occasions ser-        spouse/caregiver can find
                             identifying the underlying        vice members return from          employment quickly, the
                             issues contributing to the        war unable to return to duty      stress and financial burden
                             overall problem. At MSCCN         because of injury that re-        of the family is greatly re-
                             we have been working with         quires treatment and the          duced offering a peaceful
                             spouses and veterans for          treatment facility is far from    healing process and a re-
If the spouse/caregiver      over five years. During this      home. This is a worse case        laxed transition back to civil-
                             time we have been able to         scenario because the ser-         ian life for the service mem-
can find employment          suggest and test solutions        vice members and their            ber.
quickly, the stress and      to the issues that all military   families are both physically
financial burden of the      candidates face. As a re-         and geographically dis-           ―As military service mem-
                             sult, our applicant success       placed and have to start          bers return from America's
family is greatly re-
                             ratio improves year after         over without a network of         twin wars, a flow acceler-
duced...                     year and we attract a more        support.                          ated by President Barack
                             diverse applicant pool. A big                                       Obama's troop reductions in
                             piece of our success hinges       This situation illustrates the    Iraq, they are swelling the
                             on a supportive internal net-     importance of military            ranks of the jobless. Ac-
                             work we built for our appli-      spouse and caregiver em-          cording to the Department
                             cants, because statistically      ployment. Wounded service         of Labor, the unemployment
                             the best way to get a job is      members requiring time to         rate for veterans younger
“...the unemployment         through networking.               heal are medically dis-           than 24 was 14.1 percent in
                                                               charged and moved to              2008, outpacing the general
rate    for    veterans      More than half of successful      treatment facilities. There is    population's rate of 11.6
younger than 24 was          job seekers get their job         a gap in pay from the time        percent for the same age
14.1 percent in 2008,        through a professional con-       the service member leaves         group. According to the
outpacing the general        nection, family, or a friend.     service until their disability    department's       unpub-
                             Most military-affiliated appli-   pay is received. Estimates        lished,     non-seasonally
population's rate of 11.6    cants job search in locations     range from six to eighteen        adjusted numbers for the
percent for the same         far away from family so they      months time, meaning a            second quarter of 2009,
age group. “                 routinely look outside of         military family may be with-      veterans younger than 24
                             their ―network‖ and are often     out pay for that entire time.     had a 26.8 percent unem-
                             geographically or physically      Moving is expensive, care         ployment          r a t e , 
                             Roberts, Michelle, Jan, 4, 2008, http://www.newsvine.com/_news/2008/01/04/1202863-housing-glut-could-
    Today’s Job Market Puts a Spotlight on Military Applicants’
    Struggles (Cont. from page 4)
    By Amy Rossi, MSA, CJST, MBTI, SII                                                                  “And returning veterans
                                                                                                        who do find jobs earn
                                                                                                        an average of $5,736
     compared to 16.8 per-         ter parts and are often em-       educate employers about the        less a year than their
     cent for nonveterans.         ployed below their skill level.   often unseen skills and tal-       civilian    counterparts,
     The unemployment rate                                           ents that military-affiliated      according to the Veter-
     for all veterans who          How do MSCCN and Vet              jobseekers bring to the labor      ans Administration. The
     served since 9-11 was         Connect Jobs address mili-        market while offering our can-     disparity is even greater
     10.3 percent, compared to     tary-affiliated candidates’ is-   didates placement opportuni-       for veterans with college
     8.9 percent for nonveter-     sues? W hen MS CCN                ties with military-supportive,     degrees:     They    earn
     ans.                          searched for technology, we       patriotic companies. Those         $9,526 less a year.”
                                   specifically targeted an appli-   who have served our country
     And returning veterans        cant tracking system and          directly as service members,
     who do find jobs earn an      trustworthy patriotic compa-      and those who served, albeit       ―Military wives who are
     average of $5,736 less a      nies to form a supportive net-    less directly – military           employed make less than
     year than their civilian      work for our candidates.          spouses – deserve at least         do civilian wives. This is
     counterparts, according to    Those elements helped to          as a good a chance for em-         true when compared with
     the Veterans Administra-      provide a higher success ra-      ployment, if not a better one,     the national average as
     tion. The disparity is even   tio for our candidates (over      than their civilian counter-       well as when military
     greater for veterans with     20% tracked have found em-        parts, 99 percent of whom          wives are compared with
     college degrees: They         ployment). Our employers          have not served.                   their civilian neighbors.
     earn $9,526 less a year.”     are enthusiastic about our                                           This finding is important,
                                   program because of the            To many, a slap on the back        because it addresses the
     When there are thou-          quality of candidates referred    with a ―job well done‖ at the      prior assertion that the
     sands of ―military‖ job       to their company. We save         airport, ceremonies with           discrepancy could be ex-
     boards, why are military      companies time by referring       awards, and gifts for service      plained by residence, in
     applicants still three to     a small number of people we       members when they initially        that military wives may
     four times more likely to     feel are the right fit for the    return mark the service mem-       tend to live in areas with
     be unemployed and make        organization. We also train       ber as a hero. After the lights    lower wages. Instead, we
     less than their civilian      companies on the military         fade and they go home is           find that military wives
     counterparts? Look at the     applicant ―lingo‖ and on cul-     when our help is needed            make less than civilian
     statistics -- less than two   tural differences. We write       most. A disparity in the em-       wives who live in the
     percent find a position       letters of recommendation,        ployment of military members       same areas. Further,
     through a job board. Yet,     follow up with recruiters on      and their spouses as com-          these income disparities
     as newcomers to any           candidates to help the candi-     pared to the non-military          cannot be explained by
     area, job seekers rely on     date improve interview            population exists. As more of      the characteristics of mili-
     the internet and newspa-      strategies, and tweak re-         these young men and women          tary spouses, which would
     per even though statisti-     sumes and cover letters.          in uniform return, the dispar-     suggest that Army, Air
     cally,      employment                                          ity numbers will continue to       Force, and Marine Corps
     chances are slim using        Our system works because          grow and could reach astro-        spouses should earn ap-
     those methods. Military-      we care. We have kept             nomical proportions. Einstein      proximately $2 per hour
     affiliated candidates are     MSCCN and Vet Connect             said ―We can’t solve prob-         more than they do and
     already starting disadvan-    Jobs small because we are         lems by using the same kind        that Navy wives should
     taged. Mix in the culture     specialized and actively work     of thinking we used when           earn $1 more per hour.
     differences, candidate        to protect the integrity of our   creating them.‖ I challenge all    Thus, unobserved factors
     situations, and ―lingo‖       system and our candidates.        not to think but act outside of    are costing military
     problems hampering com-       This allows our organization      the box, pool resources,           spouses $1–2 an hour.‖
     munication, and it be-        to assist applicants individu-    share jobs, offer assistance,
     comes clear why military-     ally and track their progress     and open our hearts to a so-       http://www.rand.org/pubs/
     affiliated candidates lag     through the entire employ-        lution for our selfless military   monographs/2004/
     behind their civilian coun    ment cycle. Our goal is to        heroes and their spouses.          RAND_MG196.sum.pdf

 Schwartz, Jeremy, July 10, 2009, http://www.veteransforcommonsense.org/index.php/veterans-
Real People, Real Job

The Wall Street Journal
recently had an interesting      Reality Check
article about the status of      By Anne Wight, GCDF, CFLE, and CCRR
job searches of eight can-
didates, unemployed for
about nine months, they
were following through
blogs. The reader was
reminded that ―There are
now about six unem-              Years ago in a sociology         those who recently com-          no employer demand for
ployed people for every          class, I learned how the         pleted their college de-         their previous experience
job opening.‖*                   concept of the ―Standard         grees but have no directly-      or education in the area,
                                 Package‖ by teens and            related experience or            then military spouses may
All the candidates had           young adults led to over-        transferable skills, will have   have to go ―down the lad-
MBA degrees and were             spending and unrealistic         a much harder time, espe-        der‖ rather than making a
eventually joined by three       expectations. The ―Standard      cially if they are in an area    lateral or move up with
other job seekers, making
the total 11.                    Package‖ was an overall          where their education or         their new position.
                                 term for the environment         experience are not in de-
                                 that the young adults were       mand by employers. For           If this sounds dismal, it
The status of those job
seekers at the time of the       accustomed to in their par-      example, I knew a talented       s h ou l dn ’t . E ve r yon e
article (July 28, 2009) was      ents’ homes. It might in-        Chief Master Sergeant who        needs to have hopes,
shown as :                       clude nice furniture, modern     retired from the Air Force       dreams, and plans for a
                                 appliances, the latest gadg-     who had just completed a         continuing or better job.
―...four of the eight original                                                                     There is no need to elimi-
bloggers, and three addi-        ets, a good car, and the         Bachelor’s degree in HR.
                                 house. Many teens and col-       His experience in the Air        nate planning or preparing
tions, have landed full-
time jobs. But they made         lege graduates think that        Force was actually closer        for better job opportuni-
compromises, many of             they immediately deserve         to administrative or execu-      ties. There is a need to
them significant. Five took      the same level of environ-       tive assistant and there         keep one foot solidly
pay cuts of as much as           ment that their parents es-      was no demand in the local       planted in reality. Keep in
80%; at least three cuts                                                                           mind what skills are in de-
                                 tablished, forgetting that it    area for HR workers, so he
exceeded 35%. Four                                                                                 mand and try to obtain
changed industries. Four         no doubt took years for their    ended up selling cars. As
                                 parents to reach that level.     an extrovert who had sold        those through education,
went from big-name em-
ployers to smaller firms.                                         cars prior to his military       training, or volunteering.
Two relocated.‖*                 I’ve seen a similar expecta-     service, he excelled at it.      You know you can provide
                                 tion with some transitioning     That was not what he had         much to an employer, but
The reality check for job        service members and mili-        planned at the time of his       you must fit into the right
seekers is that this is a        tary spouses. Many senior        transition. He wanted a ―C-      position with the right em-
very tough job market. Not       level officers and enlisted                                       ployer at the right time.
                                                                  level‖ position, but did not
everyone will have to ac-        personnel expect an execu-                                        Don’t sell yourself short
cept huge pay cuts, but                                           have the exact experience
                                 tive level position upon tran-   or the executive connec-         but do take a realistic look
flexibility may be required.
Benefits might be elimi-         sitioning to the private sec-    tions to obtain one.             at how you fit into your
nated or part-time work          tor. With the right leadership                                    local labor market today –
offered instead of full-         experience, transferable         Military spouses often ex-       then do a ―reality‖ check.
time.                            skills, and networking, many     pect to relocate and get         With realistic expecta-
                                 are able to be interviewed       positions that are equal or      tions, you can nurture
*http://online.wsj.com/          and hired for executive posi-    better than the ones they        your long-term career,
article/                         tions. On the other hand,        had in the past. If there is     one job at a time.
                                      Things to BE When You are Job Hunting                         Famous Quotations
                                                                                                    to Remember
                                      By Christina Jefferson, Military Spouse and
                                      MSCCN Supporter
                                                                                                    The first duty of a human
                                                                                                    being is to find your real
                                                                                                    job and do it.
         1. Be yourself! Don’t                                        something happen by
         try to present yourself                                      showing a little cour-        Charlotte Perkins Gibson
         as something you are                                         tesy. Know your audi-
         not, any potential em-                                       ence and write an ap-
         ployer is trying to see if                                   propriate letter, there
         you will be a fit for the                                    are tons of books that        Why compare yourself
         company and the posi-                                        have great examples           with others? No one in
         tion you are applying                                        and even more on the
                                                                                                    the entire world can do a
         for. Use your personal         4. Be punctual! Al-           internet.
         strengths to your bene-        ways arrive at least 15                                     better job of being you ..
         fit; it will only help you     minutes early for your                                      than you.
         in the long run!               interviews. This gives
                                        you some time just in                                                  Susan Carlson
         2. Be honest! Employ-          case there is paper-
         ers know how many              work. It also gives the
         people are looking for         employer a good im-
         jobs in today’s econ-          pression of you.                                            Never compromise your-
         omy; they are doing
                                                                                                    self...you're all you've got
         their due diligence to         5. Be prepared!
         verify references. If you      Do some homework on
         are hiding something           the company and the           7. Be polished! That                          Betty Ford
         there is a good chance         position for which you        means putting together
         it will be found out.          are applying. Write           your entire package, let
                                        down your questions           your personality shine,
         3. Be professional!            and ask away—an em-           get your appearance
         Do not use modern              ployer could interpret        together-show      them       As human beings, our
         internet language (LOL,        someone who doesn’t           that you are the right        greatness lies not so
         OMG, LMAO ) when               ask questions as either       one for the job!        If    much in being able to
         communicating with an          disinterested or arro-        you’ve been called for
         employer. Also, if your                                                                    remake the world - that is
                                        gant.                         an interview it means
         email address is some-                                       this employer knows           the myth of the atomic
         thing      like    hot-        6. Be Polite! Mother          you are qualified for the     age - as in being able to
         g ir l@wher ever.com ,         always told us to write       job! Make the interview       remake ourselves.
         you might think about          a thank you note! An          a    technicality-make
         getting another more           interview or a job            them feel like there is              Mohandas Gandhi
         appropriate for a job          search is no different,       absolutely no one else
         search. Also save the          people sometimes think        that can do that job ex-
         emoticons ;-) for your         it is a waste of their        cept you!!
         buddies.                       time-you can make
                                                                                                    You are not stuck where
 Labor Day -                                                                                        you are unless you de-
                                                                                                    cide to be.
―The vital force of labor added materially to the highest standard of living and the greatest
production the world has ever known and has brought us closer to the realization of our tradi-               Dr. Wayne Dyer
tional ideals of economic and political democracy. It is appropriate, therefore, that the nation
pay tribute on Labor Day to the creator of so much of the nation's strength, freedom, and
leadership — the American worker.‖                   http://www.dol.gov/opa/aboutdol/laborday.htm
Donors and Sponsors

MSCCN adheres to the
                               Highlighted New Sponsors — Maximus and Ashworth College
―Donor Bill of Rights‖
developed by:

Association of Fundraising
Professionals (AFP)            MAXIMUS (NYSE: MMS), is          the MAXIMUS Board of Di-        has been with the firm for
                               a leading provider of gov-       rectors created the MAXI-       nearly 14 years and has
Association for Healthcare     ernment services and is de-      MUS Charitable Founda-          served as the President of
Philanthropy (AHP)             voted to providing health        tion in February, 2000.         MAXIMUS Federal Ser-
                               and human services pro-                                          vices, Inc., a wholly-
Council for Advancement        gram management and con-                                         owned subsidiary, since
and Support of Education       sulting services to its cli-                                     October 2005. He also
(CASE)                         ents.                                                            heads the MAXIMUS
                                                                                                Charitable Foundation.
Giving Institute: Leading      The MAXIMUS corporate
Consultants to Non-Profits     mission is Helping Govern-                                       The MSCCN is grateful to
                               ment Serve the People®.                                          the MAXIMUS Charitable
and endorsed by:                                                                                Foundation for their gen-
                               As a good corporate citizen,                                     erous donation in support
Independent Sector             and in recognition of their                                      of MSCCN’s services and
                               ability and desire to contrib-                                   to Mr. Boyer for his belief
National Catholic Develop-     ute back to the communities                                      in our mission. We wel-
ment Conference (NCDC)         in which they live and work,     John F. Boyer, Ph.D. has        come you with thanks!

National Committee on
Planned Giving (NCPG)
                                Ashworth College - Chairman, President and CEO
Council for Resource De-
                                                                Keisling served on the Dis-   ―Ashworth is very proud to
velopment (CRD)
                                                                tance Education and Train-    offer wide range of pro-
                                                                ing Council’s (DETC) Board    grams to the men and
United Way
                                                                of Trustees from 1989 until   women serving in the U.S.
                                                                1998. DETC is the national    military and their spouses,‖
                                                                accrediting body for dis-     he said. ―It is our mission to
We invite you to review the                                     tance education institutions. ensure our programs are of
                                                                From 1993-1996, he served     the highest quality, accred-
Donor Bill of Rights online
                                                                as First Vice President and   ited, affordable and flexible.
at                                                              from 1996-1998 as Presi-      Our college level programs
                                                                dent. In 2003 he was ap-      are offered at less than
http://www.msccn.org/                                           pointed to the DETC Ac-       $100 dollars per credit hour,
PDFs/                          MSCCN welcomes Mr. Gary          crediting Commission and in   while most other schools
Donor_Bill_of_Rights.pdf       Keisling and Ashworth Col-       2005 was elected Vice         push theirs to the maximum
                               lege to MSCCN and VCJ!           Chairman and served for       of $250. Military education
                                                                the remainder of his term     dollars go further with
                               Gary M. Keisling, Chairman,      which ended in 2006.          Ashworth and help individu-
MSCCN is extremely             President and CEO of                                           als achieve their education
grateful to all donors and     Ashworth College, has            Additionally, he was recog- goals.‖
sponsors! Only 16% of our      worked with Ashworth since       nized in 1994 for his dedica-
income goes to administra-     2003. Having served in an        tion and service to distance
tive and fund-raising costs.   executive capacity for more      education and was pre-
                               than 25 years, Keisling is an    sented with the DETC Dis-
We value your contribu-
                               influential advocate for the     tinguished Service Award
tions to help the employ-      benefits of distance educa-      and again in 1998 with
ment needs of military         tion and highly regarded as      DETC’s Distinguished Rec-
families!!                     an industry leader.              ognition Award.
                                                                                                                                                                   College as a
                                                                                                                                                                   new sponsor

                                                                                                                                                                   Please visit the

 6,003 reasons
                                                                                                                                                                   Career Track
                                                                                                                                                                   webpage         on
                                                                                                                                                                   msccn.org to
                                                                                                                                                                   learn       about
                                                                                                                                                                   new       educa-
                                                                                                                                                                   tional initiatives

           to study with Ashworth College                                                                                                                          for

                            Military spouses are now eligible to receive up to $6,000*
1 – 6,000
                                                                                                                                                                   We would love
                                                                                                                                                                   to hear about
                            through the new Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) to                                                                                  your experience
                            pay for your education – with little to no out-of-pocket costs.                                                                        with the new
                                                                                                                                                                   Career      Ad-
                                                                                                                                                                   vancement Ac-
                            Ashworth’s team of military experts are with you every step of
      6,001                 the way. Dedicated to your success, we’re here to help with the
                                                                                                                                                                   count    (CAA).
                                                                                                                                                                   How did the
                                                                                                                                                                   process to enroll
                            application process, maximize tuition benefits, match your course                                                                      work for you?
                            of study to personal interests and goals, and anything else that                                                                       What course or
                                                                                                                                                                   courses did you
                            comes up from enrollment until graduation.                                                                                             choose?

                            Complete your degree or train for a portable career in high
      6,002                 demand fields such as health care, child care, financial services,                                                                     Don’t miss the
                                                                                                                                                                   next issue of
                            technology, and much more. With over 100 nationally accredited                                                                         the     MSEJ!!
                            courses of study, you’re sure to find the program perfectly suited                                                                     Education and
                            to you.                                                                                                                                training will be

                            Study at home, at your own pace, wherever military life takes                                                                          Please    send
      6,003                 you. Family responsibilities and frequent moves make it hard to
                                                                                                                                                                   your education
                                                                                                                                                                   and/or training
                            complete semesters, and can cause lost credits. Because it’s                                                                           comments and
                            distance education we bring all your classes to you, so you can                                                                        questions to
                            complete your degree in as little as six months.                                                                                       @msccn.org
                                        *Level of education benefits varies by student. .Completion times based on an Associates degree, and v aries by student.

 You know the reasons why…now make the call!
                                                                                                                                                                   Your      com-
 Call 877.265.0694                                                                                                                                                 ments or ques-
 or visit AshworthMilitarySpouse.com                                                                                                                               tion might be
                              About MSCCN

                              The Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) was developed by a Navy
                              spouse, Deb Kloeppel, and founded by Concentra in 2004. It became a separate
                              non-profit organization in 2005. MSCCN works directly with large corporations and
                              small businesses to place the best applicants in the best organizations. MSCCN is
                              proud to work with military family centers and many military-affiliated nonprofits to
                              find job placements for military spouses, military widows/widowers, war wounded
                              veterans, and caregivers of war wounded. The MSCCN Team is comprised of mili-
Questions?                    tary spouses, veterans, and military-affiliated family members. MSCCN is a
                              nonprofit organization operating on donations, grants, contracts, and corporate
Write to askus                sponsorships.
                              About The MSEJ

                              The Military Spouse Employment Journal™ (MSEJ) is published on a quarterly ba-
Have an article to
                              sis in print and is available on the Web at http://www.msccn.org/jobs/journal.php.
                              MSCCN encourages career professionals and applicants to submit articles for con-
Email it to                   sideration of inclusion in the MSEJ. Although no monetary reimbursement is paid for
a_wight@msccn.org             articles, sharing knowledge of successful job search techniques helps all military
                              spouses and their families. MSEJ editor is Anne Wight.

  Military Spouse Employment Journal

       Military Spouse
      Corporate Career
      Network (MSCCN)

   Attn: Deb Kloeppel
   10 Stone Falcon Court
   Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

   636-357-7524 - cell
   636-561-3442 - office

 For general or applicant ques-
 tions, call 1-877-MyMSCCN
 or email askus@msccn.org

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