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                                         Payroll Administration in Australia
                                                  Salary Packaging
                                          and Remuneration Management
                                            Termination of Employment
                                                GST & BAS Workshop
                                                   Certificate IV

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                                             Coming up in Adelaide
      Applied Educations comprehensive payroll and taxation education curriculum offers a full calendar of
 courses and conferences, it also offers convenient self paced learning through our DVD’s and resource materials.

      Administration in
       Australia 2010                          Salary Packaging                     GST & BAS Workshop
            1 Day Course                             1 Day Course                         1/2 Day Workshop

                                               Certificate IV in
                                              Financial Services

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                                                                                     All courses available on DVD
         Termination of                                                              Essential reference guides
          Employment                                                                  with chapter by chapter
         1/2 Day Workshop                                                            instructor led navigation.

 Why choose Applied Education: Our courses include plenty of hands on working examples and are not just a boring lecture!
   Courses include detailed manuals with class workbook and access to sample data of worked examples in Excel format.
               Plenty of handy tips are also offered for easy implementation and ongoing free email support.

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Payroll Administration in Australia - 1 Day
As an employer, you have specific payroll responsibilities that are required by government agencies. These
agencies can be federal or state. Some of these responsibilities include, but are not limited to, withholding
amounts from your employees pay, paying your employees superannuation guarantee and workcover and ensuring
compliance with the National Employment Standards. This course is designed to help familiarise you with the
basic concepts of payroll management and introduce options to help make the process easier.
Course Content
5 What’s new in 2010-2011                                  5 A Guide to the Superannuation
5 NEW – Superannuation OTE Ruling                            • Extension of the earnings base calculation
5 NEW – National Employment Standards (Effective             • Reportable superannuation (on payment summaries!)
  1/1/2010) Make sure you are aware of these changes         and how this will affect entitlements such as child
5 New employees - withholding declarations and TFN           support, super co contribution or entitlements to
  declarations                                               government benefits
5 Deductions (e.g. employee purchases, child support)      5 Annual leave and termination payments
5 Awards and minimum conditions.                           5 Personal Leave and Long Service Leave
5 The Fair Work Bill 2009                                  5 Workers’ compensation
5 Allowances (motor vehicle, uniform, meals, travel,       5 Payroll tax
  living away from home and many more)                     5 Salary Packaging a Laptop
5 ATO reporting and payment obligations                    5 Updated 2010-11 thresholds and rates
5 Payroll administration
                                                                                 Your Day at a Glance
Who should attend?                                                               8.45am    Register, Coffee
                                                                                 9.00am    TFN Declarations
This course is typically attended by staff working in payroll, bookkeeping,      9.30am    Awards, Conditions
human resources, accounting and administration, however no prior                 10.00am   Tax Calc, deductions
knowledge of payroll is required. Anyone wishing to update their payroll         10.30am   Morning Tea
skills or interested in gaining recognition of their payroll skills to enhance   10.45am   Allowances, Bonuses,
employment opportunities.                                                                  Commissions
                                                                                 11.30am   PAYG Variations, Negative
                                                                                           Gearing, FBT Overview
What is included?                                                                12.00pm   Lunch - Usually hot lunch
Participants receive: a detailed manual and workbook with examples; an                     (subject to venue)
Excel leave calculation spreadsheet and access to all our online resources.      1.00pm    Superannuation
                                                                                 1.45pm    Workcover
Course Costs                                                                     2.15pm    Afternoon Tea
                                                                                 2.30pm    Leave Calculation
$399.00 includes course materials, lunch and refreshments.                       2.50pm    Payroll Tax
Duration 1 Day - 9am - 4pm                                                       3.15pm    PAYG and BAS
Can’t attend? Course available on DVD with manual $299                           4.00pm    Handouts, course completion

GST and BAS Workshop - 1/2 Day
In order to allow for the correct preparation of the BAS it is important that all staff involved have sufficient GST
knowledge and experience. This course can show you how to identify taxable supplies, GST-free supplies and
input taxed supplies. It also covers the obligations of registered entities for collection, correct record keeping
and remittance of GST, as well as treatment of goods and services subject to special rules. The course will also
introduce participants to the other areas of the BAS such as PAYG withheld, PAYG instalments and FBT.
                                                    5   Issuing tax invoices
Topics Include:                                     5   Claiming GST credits
5 What is GST?                                      5   Adjustments
5 How the GST system works                          5   Accounting for GST
5 Registering for GST                               5   Reporting and Paying
5 GST groups                                        5   Correcting GST mistakes
5 Taxable sales                                     5   Record Keeping
5 GST-free sales                                    5   FBT and the BAS
5 Input taxed sales                                 5   PAYG Withholding
5 Taxable sales                                     5   PAYG Instalments
5 Do you include GST in the price of                5   Electronic Lodgement Guidelines
  everything you sell?                              5   Practical Examples
5 Partly taxable sales (or mixed supplies)          5   Wine equalisation tax
                                                    5   Luxury Car Tax
Course Costs                                        5   Fuel Tax Credits
$249 includes course materials and refreshments Duration ½ day – 1pm to 4pm
Can’t attend? Course available on DVD with manual $199
                   Full Course Outlines Online - All courses are available on DVD!   ph 1800 678 073 fax 1800 678 144
Salary Packaging & Remuneration Management - 1 Day
This course will give employers an understanding of fringe benefits tax and salary packaging together with the benefits to
both the employer and employee. As well as maximising the value of remuneration to an employee and minimising the costs
to the employer, salary packaging can offer:
 5   An effective pay rise at no cost to the employer                                   Your Day at a Glance
 5   An important differentiator for attracting the best staff;                         8.45am    Register, Coffee
                                                                                        9.00am    Introduction to FBT
 5   Motivator of employees to attain the benefits they desire; and
                                                                                        10.00am   Packaging Scenarios, Laptops
 5   Increased staff retention.
                                                                                        10.30am   Morning Tea
Course Content                                                                          10.45am   Exempt Benefits
                                                                                        11.30am   Motor Vehicles
5 What's new in 2010-2011                    5 Administration                           12.00     Lunch - Usually hot lunch
5 Motor vehicles - 100% private use;         5 Payment summaries & reportable                     (subject to venue)
  commercial and mixed use vehicles            fringe benefits                           1.00pm    Meals, Entertainment, other
5 Notebooks and exempt benefits               5 Calculation and understanding of FBT               benefits
5 Salary sacrifice superannuation             5 Maximising the use of concessions, in    2.15pm    Afternoon Tea
5 Exempt Payments, Otherwise                   house benefits, minor benefits, meal       2.30pm    Relocation, LAFHA
  deductible rule                              entertainment concessions & more         3.15pm    Reportable Fringe Benefits,
5 Relocation and remote area benefits         5 FBT Gross up rates and calculation                 Payment Summaries
5 Benefits of an effective reward strategy    5 Guide to setting up your software        3.30pm    FBT Exempt and Rebatable
5 Charities, Hospitals & Not-For-Profit         and correct reporting obligations on               Organisations
  Organisations                                profit & loss and balance sheet           4.00pm    Handouts, course completion

Course Costs
$399.00 includes course materials, lunch and refreshments. Duration 1 Day - 9am - 4pm
Can’t attend? Course available on DVD $299.00

Terminations Workshop 2010-2011 - 1/2 Day
Termination of employment seems to cause the biggest headaches for payroll officers. This course is designed to ensure
that you are meeting your obligations to your employees upon termination of employment. It also de-mystifies the
complex rules on termination of employment.
Course Content                                                                         Course Costs
Terminations Law                              Normal Terminations                      $249.00 includes:
5 Payments in Lieu of Notice                  5 Long Service Leave                     course materials and refreshments.
Employer Termination Payments                 5 Annual Leave
                                                                                       Duration 1/2 Day - 9am - 12pm
5 Types of ETP’s                              Other Terminations
5 PAYG calculations on ETP’s                  5 Redundancy
5 Termination Payment Documentation           5 Payment Upon Death of Employee         Can’t attend?
5 Payment Summary                             5 Early Retirement                       Course available on DVD $199.00
5 Transitional ETP’s                          5 Invalidity

Certificate IV in Financial Services - FNS40207 – Self Paced or RPL
Are you currently preparing accounts, debtors, creditors, payroll, GST and lodging BAS returns? If so this course will give you
the skills necessary to confidently prepare financial reports and lodge activity statements.

Self Paced Learning                                              Recognised prior learning (RPL)
Includes manuals, telephone and online assistance. This          Includes portfolio templates, interviews as required. The
option is best suited for learners who are comfortable working   course provides you with telephone and online assistance.
at their own pace and can read through the training materials    This option is best suited for learners who are presently
at their leisure. Assessments are submitted electronically at    preparing financial reports and lodging BAS returns. Working
the completion of each unit using templates provided. All        through checklists provided learners are required to submit
of the above units supplied with manuals, assessments and        and evidence portfolio address the criteria for each unit. If
access help and assistance.                                      there are any areas where the learner does not successfully
                                                                 demonstrate competency, the learner can complete the
What is included?                                                relevant tasks and assessments from our self paced learning
Participants receive: detailed manuals and assessments,          kit (charges may apply).
ongoing support and instructor assistance. Includes hard
copies of course matter                                          What is included?
                                                                 Participants receive: detailed templates and checklists
Course Costs: $2015 GST Free.                                    for submitting evidence. Ongoing support and instructor
                                                                 assistance via email.
                         Includes membership to                  Duration: Evidence can be submitted in any order over a
                   Institute of Certified Bookkeepers             period of 12 months.
                        on completion of course.                 Course Costs: $1820 GST Free.      ph 1800 678 073 fax 1800 678 144
                                      Venue - Adelaide Convention Centre, North Tce, Adelaide

                           Courses in Brisbane                                  Cost       Time                  Dates

                           Payroll Administration in Australia                  $399     9am – 4pm        Thur 21st October

                           Salary Packaging                                     $399     9am – 4pm         Fri 22nd October

                           Terminations Workshop                                $249    9am – 12pm        Wed 20th October

                           GST and BAS Workshop                                 $249     1pm - 4pm        Wed 20th October

                         Attend the course and you can also purchase the DVD at a special price of $99.
                                              DVD is handed out on day of course.
                             If ordering DVD’s only pricing as per below and DVD’s sent air express.

                                                                                                                                         SP nd & se
                                                                                                                                         At yr Co 699 rse

                                                                                                                                           EC b Sa s
                                                                                                                                           te oll ur
                                                                                                                                           Pa ck $

                                                                                                                                             IA oth l
                                                                                                                                              Pa fo 3 C 99

 ABN 50 096 189 132
                                         REGISTRATION FORM / TAX INVOICE

                                                                                                                                                   r ou
                                                                                                                                                    y $7
To register, please complete the registration form and enclose your payment.

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 Name                                  Course Name                                                               Commence Date                Amount

 Description                                                                                             Price GST Free          Qty          Amount
 Payroll DVD and Manual                                                                                        $299.00
 Salary Pack DVD and Manual                                                                                    $299.00
 Terminations DVD and Manual                                                                                   $199.00
 Combo = Payroll, Salary Packaging & Terminations DVD’s and manuals                                            $599.00
 GST DVD and Manual                                                                                            $199.00
 Human Resources Management DVD and Manual                                                                     $299.00
 Combo – Any 3 DVD’s and manuals                                                                               $599.00
 Combo – All 5 DVD’s and manuals                                                                               $799.00
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