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									     What is Electronic Data                      electronic format. How do you get your hands
                                                  on it? How do you get your arms around it? At
          Discovery?                              Hurt legal Document Services we offer EDD
                                                  services to help lawyers find, sort and review
   The paper trail is a thing of the past.        critical documents.
Digital data is now the the primary source of
exchanging corporate information, and in the
                                                          Following the Digital Trail
wake of many recent scandals that have
revealed "smoking gun" e-mails, quick,
                                                      At Hurt Legal Document Services we are at            Legal Document Services
accurate and insightful Electronic Data
                                                  the forefront of litigation technology. Our
Discovery(EDD) makes all the difference.
                                                  software offers progressive electronic data
With 90% of business messaging conducted
                                                  discovery (EDD) functionality and paper
by email, instant messaging(IM) and voice
                                                  imaging in one product. This product offers
mail, every litigation case today has an EDD
                                                  production level EDD features and performance
component. The use of technology in
                                                  at a fraction of the cost of other software
Corporate America has finally emerged in the
                                                  products on the market. We can locate, search,
courtroom! Gone are the days of memos
                                                  preview, image, index, and process electronic
typed on a typewriter. Discovery documents
                                                  files as well as perform standard paper imaging,
now are more likely to exist as electronic data
                                                  coding and OCR.
than as hardcopy.
                                                          One benefit of having e-mails produced
                                                  by Hurt Legal Document services is our                        518 West Main Street
  Electronic Data Discovery Facts                 software can pull metadata (data about data) in               Louisville, KY 40220
                                                  electronic form that permits a litigator to follow
-Approximately 1 in 6 companies have been
court ordered to produce employee email.
                                                  the "information trail" contained in the
                                                  imbedded "header" of an e-mail that would
                                                  otherwise be unavailable from the printed copy            Serving the high demands of
- The average employee spends 25 % of the         of the e-mail. Determining the identity of the             Louisville’s top law firms
workday on email                                  unknown or anonymous person who sent a
                                                  specific e-mail can be critical in various types of    At Hurt Legal Document Solutions, we take
- Approximately 1 in 20 companies have            litigation, including defamation and tortuous         great pride in being the ONE SOURCE for all
battled a workplace lawsuite triggered by an      interference cases.                                   of your litigation needs.
employee email.
                                                                                                        "We're a support to the paralegal and the legal
-The average Fourtune 500 company today                                                                 community. We can come in wherever the
experiences 125 non-frivolous lawsuits at any                                                           law firm feels we fit into the puzzle."
given time. Some sources estimate that
greater than 90% of Corporate Data exists in               Call us at 584-4442
             Digital Copying                       Hurt uses high-speed scanners to create images
                                                   of your documents in either .TIF or .PDF               On-Site Document Productions
Digital copying is                                 format. Services include document
without a doubt a big                              disassembly, document preparation using bar            Hurt Legal we know that it is not always
success. Copies made                               code technology, scanning and document re-         possible to move documents to an off
from a digital copier are                          assembly.                                          site location for production. Our on-site
providing better quality                                                                              production team can be set up and operating
then ever before! It                                                                                  with less than a day’s notice. Hurt Legal has
delivers this high                                     We offer a full complement of Legal            the equipment, staff, and project management
quality by storing images into a digital file.            Document Services, including:               experience to successfully complete your
Copies are created from that file and not the           * 24/7 Pickup and Delivery                    on-site document production.
document feeder - thus producing first                  * Black & White and Color Copies
generation quality. This is the clear                   * Litigation Copying, including:
                                                            -Briefs       -Transcripts
                                                                                                               Bankruptcy Mail-Outs
advantage of digital.
                                                            -Depositions -Discovery Records
                                                        * Oversize color and b&w copies                  Hurt Legal understands the urgent and
    Scanning & Imaging Services                        * Document Numbering and                       sensitive nature of bankruptcy mail-outs. Our
                                                          Labeling                                    experienced staff can copy, stuff, seal, meter,
   Recent advances in reprographic                      * Binding and Finishing                       and deliver your bankruptcy mail-out to the
technology have brought new speed and                   * Exhibits and Foam Board Mounting            Post Office. In addition, we will deliver a
flexibility to document reproduction.                    * Remote Site Copying                        signed certificate of service guaranteeing that
Converting documents to electronic images               * Audio and Video Duplication                 your mail-out was delivered on time.
allows for better quality control, management           * Electronic Data Discovery(EDD)
of documents, searching ability,                        * X-Ray Duplication                                  Opposing Counsel Service
transportability, and viewing of images. Hurt           * Scanning & Imaging services(OCR)
Legal Document Services can put these                                                                    In hostile litigation, Hurt Legal can act as a
advances to work for your office to make                                                              neutral third party between law firms. Our
your copying and document handling faster,                                                            account management team will pick up and
more accurate, and more cost-effective. In an        National Network of Copy Services                deliver all documents to the opposing counsel
effort to be more productive, to reduce the                                                           throughout the production. Also, with our
costs of the firm, and to better serve their           Hurt is a member of an exclusive group of      opposing counsel service you get our pricing,
clients, many law firms have turned to             legal sevice companies that offer our services     not firm-to-firm pricing which is typically
document imaging. Imaging is a key tool in         whenever our customers are away from their         much more expensive. Not only will you be
the battle to better manage and control paper.     home turf. Our affiliates are in 140 cities        able to spend your time more productively,
It can be a great asset in helping a law firm to   nationwide. No matter what city you are            you will save your client money as well.
reduce its operating costs and can provide         traveling to, we can help and you will be billed
better information to more people faster.          locally for all services done out of town.                   Call us at 584-4442

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