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					                              Vacancy Control Process

1.    VCF merged document completed by Key Recruiter - Department/Ward Manager

2.    VCF merged document forwarded electronically via Authorising Manager, complete with
      relevant job description employee specification and KSF broad outline. (Title in email
      must read division, dept and job title e.g. Medicine, MAU, Staff Nurse).

3.    Directorate Manager (or if absent, Designated Deputy must have been approved on the list
      of Authorised Signatories prior to submission of form) authorises vacancy and forwards to
      Recruitment inbox. (Title in email must read division, dept and job title e.g. Medicine,
      MAU, Staff Nurse).

4.    In order to speed the process of your vacancy you are advised to cc your relevant Financial
      Advisor in on the email requesting financially approval to recruit.

5.    Any incomplete documents will be returned to Key Recruiter/manager by the Recruitment

6.    Authorisation checked and forms validated.

7.    If authorisation not correct, and/or relevant recruitment documents not completed a nd
      attached, the VCF will be returned to the Key Recruiter/manager.

8.    The vacancy is allocated a reverence number.

9.    For new roles refer to Banding Protocol on H R website under Policies and Procedures.

10.   VCF is passed to Finance for approval. Once approval is given the vacancy is created on

11.   Approval granted/not granted

12.   Log date approved/not approved

13.   Consider approved vacancies in light of current redeployment list/CIP as necessary

14.   Confirm outcome with DM’s/key recruiters.

15.   Proceed with recruitment/redeployment process for approved vacancies

16.   Recruiting manager is advised of closing date of vacancy once advertised.
                                Vacancy Control Process Map

                                       Complete VCF merged document

                                 Forward electronically to authorising Manager

                          Is the VCF completed in full including draft advert, employee
       No                         specification, KSF outline and a JD attached?                Yes

 VCF returned to
Recruiting Manager
  for completion

                     Vacancy authorised by Directorate Manager (or designated deputy) and
                               forwarded electronic ally to Recruitment for action.
                     (To speed up to the process cc relevant Financial Advisor for approval)

                               Vacancy allocated a V CF number and forwarded to
                                  Finance for approval if already not obtained.

     No                                        Approval granted?                                Yes

                                      Confirm outcome with Key Rec ruiter

                             Date of approval/non approval logged with Recruitment

                              Proceed with recruitment/redeployment process once

                               Recruiting Manager is advised of closing date once

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