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									SA Flights Planning Ahead For 2011

Mendham, NJ 19-November-2010 -- SA Flights is pleased to announce that
they are planning ahead in preparation for 2011. SA Flights is a website
that has partnered with each of the six airlines that offer domestic
flights in South Africa to help customers plan trips and book flights.
Customers have the option of booking flights on British Airways, Mango
Airlines, SAA Flights, and more. Each airline has its own unique routes
and pricing schedules, so one can compare flights and prices find the
best price or shortest flight into or out of any of the 10 domestic and
international airports inside South Africa.

SAA flights can be booked to any of over 700 destinations around the
world. South African Airlines serves 26 different countries on six
continents. This airline employs nearly 12000 people worldwide.

For more information about how SA Flights is planning ahead for 2011,
travelers to or from South Africa are encouraged to visit their website
at Members of the press and/or other
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