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					This is a fully customizable template for your own newsletter, from Feel free to edit this template in any manner
you chose. Begin with an introduction to your clinic, your services
and any unique aspects that allow your clinic to stand out. Write
about the benefits you offer your clients and avoid lengthy
descriptions of your services and equipment, use terms used by
clients and emphasize solutions you provide.

The Benefits of Therapy Newsletter
This is an example of an article from one of our customizable newsletters.               John Doe
With a Therapy Newsletter membership, you get a
                                                                                  ABC Physical Therapy
team of 5 physical therapists, who write you a
newsletter every 2 weeks. You can customize the                                          Email Us
newsletter in 5 minutes, by logging into your unique                                   Our Website
therapy newsletter account with your name, logo,
contact information, patient testimonials and much
much more! You can upload a list of your patients, and
                                                                               Patient Testimonials
the newsletter gets sent out automatically twice a
month to your patients! You can also print it , and fax
it to doctors! A successful physical therapy patient newsletter has never      I have worked with Jane for
been easier to produce and deliver!                                            over a year now and am
     All Content Pre-written: Every 2 weeks, the content is written           amazed with her efficiency!
        for you.!                                                              She is a top notch therapist.
                                                                               Thanks! - Arthur
       Customize the newsletter with your information!
                                                                               Five thumbs up to Jane and
       You don’t need any technical knowledge or an existing website!
                                                                               Total Activation Physical
       All your information is 100% secure!                                   Therapy – James
       Save thousands on marketing costs!
       Use the content for patient handouts, on your website, blog etc!
                                                                               Special Announcements!
       Choose from over 7 world class themes!
       “Patient Stimulator Ebooks”: tools to allow you to capture             Attend our free low back
        your patient’s names and contact information to build your             pain clinic!
        patient database!
       Personalized email broadcasting feature: Send emails to your
        entire patient list and make it seem like you wrote a personal email   Additional Services
        to each recipient, since it will include their name!
       Unlimited phone and email support, 6 days a week!                      Our Specialties

            The Fully Proven, Automated Patient Newsletter System Delivered
            Via Fax, Email & Print Guaranteed to Drive At Least 2 NEW Patients
            To Your Practice Each Month, Without Any Work From Your Side!!

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