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									PowerPoint in 15 Minutes
   By Cheryl Hartzman
            Microsoft has tried very hard to make
            their programs beginner friendly. The
            fastest and easiest way to create a
            PowerPoint presentation is by using a

            template. Templates are pre designed
            layouts and graphics.
            1. To start open PowerPoint and
            choose to create a new presentation
            from a template.
            2. Select the template you like and
            click OK.
            Microsoft also offers a larger
            variety of templates to choose
            from online. A search for the

            phrase “free PowerPoint
            templates” in any search engine
            will also give you a large choice
            of templates. If downloading the
            template from a web site, be sure
            to remember where you saved it
            so that you’re able to open it later.
               You’ll now see page one of your
               presentation. This is where you’ll
               want to add the title and a byline or the
Editing Text

               name of your company.
               1. To edit the text simply click where
               it says “Click to add title.”
               2. Type your title.
               3. Then click where it says “ Click to
               add subtitle.”
               4. Continue typing.
                What you may think of as   3. When adding a new
                additional pages in        slide you’ll have your
                Microsoft Word or even     choice of layout designs.
                Microsoft Publisher will   Choose one that fits your
Adding Slides

                be called slides in        needs best.
                                           4. Then click in the
                1.To add a new slide go    appropriate text boxes
                to the drop down menu      and continue adding your
                called Insert              text.

                2. Select New Slide.       5. Repeat these steps,
                                           adding new slides, until
                                           you have as many as you

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