; Top Toys For 2 Year Olds
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Top Toys For 2 Year Olds


A list of top 10 toys for 2 year olds. Perfect ideas for gifts on special occasions.

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									               Top 10 Toys For 2 Year Olds
1. Fisher Price Dance Star Mickey

                                –   Mickey walks, talks, and dances
                                –   Features new moves and grooves
                                –   Each different song features a different dance
                                –   Lots of interactive fun

2. Fisher Price Laugh Learn & Say Tea Set

   – Teaches baby about numbers, shapes, opposites,
     manners, greetings and more
   – Tip the teapot to hear fun sound effects
   – Press the teabag to hear a song

3. Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway

                                       – Special race cars have a roller ball feature and
                                         make fun rattle sounds when shaken
                                       – Baby can roll the cars down the race ramp and into
                                         the light-up spinning disc
                                       – The cars will race around the speedway until the
                                         spinning action spills each vehicle onto the exit

4. Leapfrog Learn & Groove Music Table

   – Includes 15 activities and over 40 songs and
   – Encourage baby to explore with a roll, tap, slide or
   – A variety of music styles

              Top 10 Toys For 2 Year Olds

5. Yookidoo Flow N Fill Spout

                                   – Use three different activity tumblers to play with the
                                     water as it falls
                                   – Peek-a-boo friend floats to the top
                                   – Turn a water powered-propeller

6. Fisher Price Sesame Street Silly Sounds Remote

   – Hear over 35 silly sounds and fun phrases
   – Giggle away with fast forward and rewind sound effects
   – Elmo’s eyes that opens & closes

7. International Playthings My First Purse In Purple

                                      – Cute purple bag with big bright pink flower
                                      – Includes play cell phone, keyys and wallet
                                      – Also includes pretend lipstick, unbreakable mirror
                                        and debit card

8. Leapfrog My Own Laptop

   – Choose and download songs
   – Choose from 8 email messages and personalize
   – Explore the alphabet, pretend play, music,
     animals and computer literacy with 6 learning
     activity stations

               Top 10 Toys For 2 Year Olds

9. Squinkies Cupcake Surprise Bakeshop

                                           – Close and dispense your Squinkies
                                           – Includes 9 bubbles with themed Squinkies
                                           – Open to play in the bake shop
                                           – Holds up to 15 bubbles

10. Fisher Price The Farmer Says

   –   Press the numbers for counting fun
   –   Press the music note for an interactive song
   –   Press the question mark for a quiz game
   –   Helps teach colors, numbers and counting, animal
       names and sounds

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