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					                                                                             West Slope
                                                                Neighborhood Association Committee
                                                                         Tuesday, June 15, 2004
                                                                                      7:00 p.m.
                                                                  Valley Community Presbyterian
                                                                             Church, Nolan Hall,
                                                                           8060 SW Brentwood/

AGENDA                               Questions? Contact Sid Snyder, NAC Co-Chair, (503) 296-6271
                                                or Joe Whittington, NAC Co-Chair, (503) 297-5100

7:00       Welcome and Introductions
7:05       TVF&R Report - Fire Station 65
7:15       Community Policing – Police Personnel
7:25       Approval of Minutes
7:30       Traffic/Transportation Issues – ODOT/Metro
8:30       Terry Lawler – CCI Update
8:40       Old Business
8:50       New Business
9:00       Adjourn

Attachments:                                     If you would like to receive information on West
      Upcoming Events                            Slope NAC meetings, or if you would like to be
      April Meeting Minutes                      removed from the current mailing list, please contact
      Land Use Notice                            Ellen Levno at elevno@ci.beaverton.or.us.
ADA Notice: This information is available in     The information contained in this agenda was
large print or audio tape upon request. In       developed by members of your Neighborhood
addition, assistive listening devices or sign    Association Committee (NAC). It is distributed by
language interpreters are available at any       the City of Beaverton’s Neighborhood Program in an
public meeting with five days advance notice.    effort to promote and encourage public involvement.
To request these services, call (503) 526-2543   For additional information, please call the
voice/TDD.                                       Neighborhood Program at (503) 526-2543.
                      WEST SLOPE NAC LAND USE BULLETIN – 2004

 PROJECT           LOCATION           PUBLIC HEARING                        PROPOSED ACTION                           STATUS
  TITLE                                    DATE

Plaid Pantry   Site Address:      Public Hearing Date           The applicant is requesting a Conditional Use   Due Date for Written
24-hour        8615 SW Canyon Rd. Planning Commission:          Permit for an extension of operating hours.     Comments to be
Operation                         Wed., June 30, 2004           The current operating hours is from 7am to      Addressed in Staff
               Cross Street       7:00 p.m.                     10pm, the applicant is proposing to operate     Report:
               SW Canyon Lane     City Council Chambers,        the business 24-hours.
                                  First Floor,                                                                  Tue., June 15, 2004
                                  Beaverton City Hall
                                  4755 SW Griffith Drive.                                                       Staff Liaison:
                                                                                                                Jeff Caines
                                   Facilities Review                                                            Phone Number:
                                   Committee Meeting:                                                           (503) 526-2419
                                   Wed., June 9, 2004                                                           City of Beaverton,
                                   For the meeting time,                                                        PO Box 4755,
                                   please call Jeff Caines                                                      Beaverton, OR
                                   at (503) 526-2419                                                            97076-4755.
                            West Slope Neighborhood Association Committee
                                           Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: April 20, 2004

Location:     West Sylvan Middle School

Attendees:    Ken Wolfgang, Terry Lawler, Catherine Arnold, Charles Waltemath, Jan Waltemath, Matthew
              Spicer, David Rullman, Larry Foster, Patrick Webb, Rebecca Robb, Ralph Shoemaker, Sally
              Nunan, Edward House, Sid Snyder, Steve Malm, Keith Parker, Scott Warren - Beaverton Police
              DepartmentTVFR Station 65 Team

                                           Welcome and Introductions
Sid Snyder called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

                                          Approval of Minutes
The February 2004 meeting minutes were adopted as written.

                                               Treasurer’s Report
$437.57 is on account.

                                          TVFR / Fire Station #65
The TVFR team responded to a call just before presenting.
Before leaving, however, they left bulletins describing community programs including Anti-Terrorism Advisory
Committee (ATAC), Earthquake Preparedness, and Traffic Calming Measures. These and other topics can be
reviewed on the TVFR website at www.tvfr.com

                                          Community Policing Report
No crime activity to report in the West Slope area during March 2004. Calls to service in the West Slope area
during the last year include:
   • 2 residential burglaries                              • 1 vandalism
   • 3 thefts (including one theft from a trailer at       o 2 drug possession
      the Lexus dealership)                                o 2 DUI
   • 1 auto theft                                          o 1 auto accident

  A request was made to have Beaverton Police stop car-delivery trucks from off-loading from the Canyon
  Road center/turning lane, a persistent problem that has been reported for several years. Although no
  statutes exist that specifically prevent temporary parking in the turning lane, residents are encouraged to
  report these incidents anyway.
  Ralph Shoemaker noted that he has witnessed drivers “slaloming” through the speed bumps at high
  speeds along Birchwood Road.
  Call the Beaverton Traffic Hotline at 503-350-4009 to report all traffic violations.

  Catherine Arnold – Candidate for Position 4, Beaverton City Council
  Catherine is running for City Council to participate on Council hearings, to involve citizens in
  government process and policies. She is interested in working with other government agencies to solve
  urban growth boundary and infrastructure challenges that affect the region. She has been involve with the
  City’s Dispute Resolution Service and is interested in educating the public on government affairs. She
West Slope Neighborhood Association Committee April 20, 2004 Meeting Minutes                         Page 4

promotes the various programs available from the City of Beaverton that allow discussion and
presentation of all sides of issues at hand by interested parties.
In Catherine’s opinion, her background suits her well for he candidate of choice. She has served as a
budget and schedule analyst for NASA, and has ten years of experience working with City Council on
land use, transportation, financial and neighborhood issues. For more information on Catherine Arnold’s
qualifications, endorsements and news items, visit her web site at www.catherinearnold.info.

                      Keith Parker – Candidate for Position 4, Beaverton City Council
Keith is running for the City Council position to be able to protect the quality of life and neighborhood
structure that Beaverton residents currently enjoy. He has led the City of Beaverton Budget Committee
and Audit Committee as Chairman, working to keep tax levels low while maintaining a high level of
services. Keith has also been Vice-Chair of his Highland Neighborhood Association Committee. Keith is
an attorney, currently working at Xerox where his primary duties include drafting and negotiating
business contracts.
Keith believes he brings business and law experience, an analytical approach, and a fresh voice as he
promotes new ideas. He considers growth and infrastructure improvements to be major issues including
the upgrade of Highway 217 and the coordination of traffic signals along SW Canyon Road. Keith
believes, however, that funding the proposed commuter rail project should come from a state
transportation infrastructure budget. For more information on Keith Parker’s supporters and news items,
see his web site at www.keithparker.org/bio/bio/htm.

                           Ed House – Library Director, Beaverton City Library
Ed delivered an explanation about the Ballot Measure 34-77, which allows voters to consider a local
option to restore and maintain countywide library services. The measure would result in the average
homeowner paying an additional $43 in property taxes, yielding an estimated $48 million over the
proposed five-year period.
In addition to preserving staff for library operations, the levy funds will maintain outreach programs and
central services that link the county’s public libraries together. If the levy does not pass, cuts will be
needed by 2005 including a 20% staff reduction. For more information on Measure 34-77, visit the
library web site at www.WILInet.wccls.lib.or.us.

                                                  Old Business
                                           Canyon & 87th Committee
The question “What can the City do to advance the NAC’s vision for improving the safety and character
of the “village center” at the intersections of SW Canyon Road, SW Canyon Lane, SW Canyon Drive and
SW 87th?” was posed to Mayor Drake at the February meeting. In a follow-up email the mayor and Janet
Young, the City’s Economic Development Manager responded by making the following points:
    ٠ A significant portion of the area of study is not part of the City of Beaverton, making it difficult to
        negotiate planning proposals.
    ٠ Beaverton needs to have real interest from key commercial property owners before the City could
        apply for a grant or allocate monies to a planning effort.
    ٠ To be eligible for the state’s Quick Response Grant, there needs to be a specific development
        proposal for a site in the area, or a major landowner involved.
As Janet Young put it, “The real question is probably whether this area ranks high enough on the radar
screen to have Community Development Department do a sub-area planning process.” Both Janet and the
mayor, however, see real promise in the NAC’s vision for creating a “village center”.
West Slope Neighborhood Association Committee April 20, 2004 Meeting Minutes                    Page 5

                                             New Business
Neighborhood Cleanup: This years’ neighborhood cleanup at Beaverton City Hall will be held on June 5,
2004. Volunteers are asked to sign up with the Neighborhood Program for time segments.
Community Involvement: The Washington County Planning Commission has an opening for those
interested in having an impact on county planning issues.
Picnic in the Park: The Picnic planned for the West Slope neighbors will include other neighborhood
groups at Camille Park in Beaverton on June 24th at 6:00 p.m.

                                             Next Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for June 22, 2003 at 7:00 in the Nolan Hall at Valley Community
Presbyterian Church, 8060 SW Brentwood

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Matthew Spicer, Recorder
                       NEW OPPORTUNITY TO RECEIVE
                          YOUR NAC MATERIALS

The Neighborhood Program is changing how it distributes its NAC materials. Beginning October 1,
2004, NAC materials will be available through the City’s subscription page, instead of distributed by
postal mail. Distributing information electronically will help to decrease our mailing costs, as well as
allow us to distribute more information at little or no extra cost. If you do not have internet access,
you can continue receiving NAC materials by postal mail by contacting the Neighborhood Program.

   To subscribe to the NAC Information list and receive notification when materials
   are available:
   o Go to the City of Beaverton’s web page at www.ci.beaverton.or.us, click the
      “Electronic Mailing Lists,” and complete the form for your NAC.

   To continue receiving NAC information via postal mail please call the Neighborhood Program at
   (503) 526-2543.

If you do not subscribe for electronic notification or contact the Neighborhood Program, your name
will be removed from the mailing list. Questions? Call Ellen Levno, Program Coordinator at (503)

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