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					Developing a Professional
        is an Art

          Jeanette Waterman
  School of the Arts Career Consultant
  Meet your career consultant
• Jeanette Waterman
  – Master of Science

  – Counselor Education: College Counseling
  – Emphasis on Career Advising
  – Over six years of training in the field of career advising
 Meet your career consultant
• How can you reach me?
  – The classroom
  – Email:
  – Facebook: VCU.University.Career.Center
  – Website:
  – Phone: 828-4846
   How can you and the UCC
• Defining your career and future
  – Choosing a graduate program
  – Choosing a career path

• Developing your professional image
  – Resume, cover letter, and portfolio reviews
  – Interview skills
  – Networking and resume referral resources
         Criteria for choosing
         a graduate program:
•   Accreditation          • Multiculturalism of
•   Admissions standards     campus/program
•   Career assistance      • Physical facilities
•   Cost/financial aid     • Reputation/ranking
•   Culture                • Resources
•   Degrees offered        • Size
•   Faculty                • State regulations
•   Focus of program       • Surrounding
•   Location                 community
   Choosing a career path
• Most common career paths for
  Graphic Design alumni
  Author/ Editor / Content Provider
  Multimedia artists and animators
  Graphic Artist / Illustrator
  Multimedia Developer
  Multimedia Systems Analyst
  Producer / Publisher
  Sound Technician / Musicians
Are these your only

        Want to look for more
• There are several different ways for you to conduct your
  research. However, here are a few links to help you get
  started in the process. They are based on the Dictionary
  of Occupational Titles (DOT). This resource was
  designed to answer the question of "What do they do?"
• Job Summary/Profile Sites
  O*Net Online:
• CareerInfoNet:
 Where are the employers?
• Publishing agencies
• Entertainment industry agencies (film,
  television, recording industry)
• Freelance/Contract
• Medical and Science Employers

• Any other ideas from the class?
 So how do you reach them?
• Network, network, network!!!
  – Speaker series
  – Festivals
  – Shows
  – Professors
  – Alumni
       Helpful resources for
• School of the Arts Opportunities Site
• All Graphic Design
• American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
• Graphic Artists Guild
• Graphic Design: Real World After College
• International Opportunities: The Riley Guide
 Now apply your research and
• How to be ready as a professional
  – Resume writing

  – Portfolio development

  – Cover letters

  – Interview skills
    Building your portfolio
• Remember that your portfolio is a work in a
  progress. You don't need to upload everything at
  once. Shoddy work won't reflect well on your
  candidacy for employment.

• Keep your portfolio current. Check to make sure
  everything is in working order on a regular basis.
  (i.e. broken links)

• Add a link to your portfolio to your resume and
  mention it in your cover letters.
   Sample online portfolios
• Samples

• Art Portfolios

• More Samples

• Finally, remember that your portfolio, if you
  have done an excellent job, could be what makes
  you stand out in a crowd of candidates!
                 Cover letters
• Cold cover letters for non-advertised positions
  – "Most positions are never advertised. A cold cover letter is an
    uninvited inquiry to an employer, recruiter or other hiring
    manager regarding possible job opportunities.
  – Cold cover letters' potential advantages include creating a job
    that didn't previously exist, gaining early consideration for a
    position that hasn't yet been advertised and expanding your
    network of contacts. By sending a letter to an employer who's not
    soliciting candidates, your resume will not be buried in a pile of
    hundreds of others.“ Kim Isaacs,

• Here is a good sample:
              Cover letters
• Cover letter tips for an open position
   – These tend to be a bit easier to write because
     you know that the employer is hiring.
   – Remember to write specifically to what skills
     they are asking for in the position and then
     add flare.
• Here is a link to the UCC Cover Letter Guide:
          Interview skills
• We have several resources to help you
  with interviewing.
  1) Use the web-based Interview Guide
  2) Signing up for an Interview Stream account .
  3) Conducting a mock interview with me.
What is Interview Stream?
           Looking for some focus for your
           upcoming interviews???
           The University Career Center and
           InterviewStream can help YOU!

            Record Interviews
            Rehearse Responses
            Review Your Technique

           Get started TODAY and put
           yourself one step closer to the
           career you have been looking
We’ve covered a lot today

    From finding career paths to
 establishing the proper credentials
   when you’ve found a career …
       Keys to remember
• The most important thing to remember
  when looking for a career is:
• There is no ONE right career path. It takes
  exploration to see what is out there.
• The University Career Center and the
  School of the Arts are making great
  strides to help better prepare you for
  careers in your field or outside your field.
       Tailored resources
• The University Career Center in
  conjunction with the School of the Arts
  has drafted Career Planning information
  tailored to each department.

• There are copies available on
  JeanetteKnowsJobs of those resources for
  the Graphic Design Department.
Words of Advice

Quote for Adrienne
       Upcoming events

• UCC University Career and
  Internship Fair:
– Wednesday, October 7th, 10am-3pm
– Student Commons, 2nd Floor
*Keep your eye on the RR Calendar
 Thanks for your attention!
• Please keep in mind that there is no one right
  career path. The information I have presented to
  today will give you a start in identifying your
  best fit.
• I encourage you come see me in hopes that we
  can approach your career path on a more
  tailored and individualized level
• Please feel free to contact me with any questions: or 828-4846

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