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                Regular Maid Service

          Maid Employment Handbook

                   Welcome to Maid 4 You
                    Regular Maid Service

Dear Potential Maid,
                  Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding employment
with our regular Maid referral service and please find enclosed our
Information pack and Database Application form, Including our contract
which must be signed and returned with your Application Form and two
photos before you can be considered for Inclusion on our Database.
“Please note that you will be considered as an Independent Service
Provider and be responsible for your own tax returns”
                          Once you have been selected as a suitable candidate
we offer you as Many Clients as you need to make up the hours that you want
to work. Our regular service is designed to maintain Our Clients Home to a
standard that they aspire to.
You Duties will Include…
-Dusting and Polishing –Hovering –Ironing
and General Housekeeping duties.
A High standard of Ethic’s and Morals are required to provide Our Clients
with The High level of Quality and professionalism that they have come to
expect from “Maid4you”. So if you think that your would thrive in this
position then you can send your details to the above address and we look
forward to meeting you in the near future.
                        With regards
                                   Lauragh Bowe

Our System
Over the years we have developed a System which helps us to help you in a
cost effective manner and we offer six Guarantees…
 •    You will be offered work close to your Home
 •    Work the Hours that suite you
 •    Payment will be made by the client on the day of the clean
 •    Uniforms are provided

Our Maid Introductory Service…
Initially you will be asked to fill in an online application form which will give
us a detailed description of the type of work that you require. Give careful
consideration to The Days and Hours that suit you.
We will Match your details with our extensive Database of Clients and find a
suitable match.
In the first Instance you will be offered a Client by Head Office and then you
are responsible for arranging the Interview with a potential Client. You will
have the opportunity to discuss the Clients requirements and find a suitable Day
and time for the regular service to begin.
Once you and the Client are Happy you will be placed in this Household for as
long as the Customer remains a Client of “Maid4you”.
We recommend at this stage that you ensure that the day and time suits you.
Once you accept the position you must provide a Quality reliable Service
remembering that you are representing “Maid4you”
Should you not maintain a high level of standards you will be replaced.
You are then engaged by the Client as an Independent Maid responsible for
your own tax returns.

Solutions and Equipment
It is the responsibility of the Householder to provide the necessary
solutions and Equipment for the you to perform your tasks.
As you Can Imagine you will visit a lot of Homes where there are older folks
or young Children so in the best Interests of hygiene and to avoided cross
contamination we ask the Householder to provide all the necessary Solutions.
Over the years we have developed a range of Quality Solutions which are
environmentally friendly. These are available from our On-Line shop
Please note that we never use Bleach
    The Agreement with keys is between you and your Client
      “Maid4you” will take No Responsibility for keys…

There are 3 stages to employment
1 You will be initially interviewed on the phone

2 Initial Applications:
You May be Invited to submit an Application to “Maid 4 you” You
will receive an Information Pack and will be asked to submit….
 • Official Application Form
 • You’re Up To Date CV.
 • 2 References
 • 2 Photos

        3 Vetting
 In The Course of your work you will come into Contact with Young
Children and Senior Citizens as a Service provider we have a duty of
Care to our Clients. As Well as ensuring that you can provide a
Quality, reliable Service We need to ensure that you can meet our high
Vetting Standards for this reason you will undergo a system of vetting
and screening. You will receive
-Garda Vetting Form and Disclosure Document
-If you have lived outside the state within the last 10 years you will
need to submit full details with Full addresses.
You Customer are your Employers therefore payment is received
from your Customer on every Clean. You are responsible for your
own tax returns and any other affairs concerning your Employment.

What is the agency responsible for?
Our Agency is responsible to our Clients for the process of
Recruiting-Interviewing-vetting-training-Matching and
10 Basic rules…
The 10 basic rules are put in place to protect you that Householder
and Our Maids from Accidents…

 •   Cleaning With Bleach is prohibited
 •   Our Independent Maids do not move heavy items such as
 •    Independent Maids are not properly equipped to provide service
     on Blinds, Windows Carpets or Ovens. We leave this task to Our
     Trained and equipped Cleaning teams.
 •   For Safety reasons Maids are not allowed to climb Heights
 •   Treat your Client with respect
 •   Never smoke in a Customers Home or use your Mobile Phone
 •   Never use the Clients Telephone
 •   Never Arrive Late without first phoning the Client to let them know
     that you are running late
 •   Never Leave early, the Client is paying for the time that you are
 •    Always present yourself in full uniform to Our Clients

When Detailed on a Spring Clean ensure that you Contact the
Client before leaving the office.


                                   To be depended on to arrive
                                   at work at the prescribed time
                                   each day, knowing full well
                                   that tardiness and absences
                                   from work will disrupt client
                                   cleaning schedules.

                                   Perform various cleaning
                                   activities, to include cleaning
                                   bathrooms, bathroom fixtures,
                                   showers and tubs, and
                                   including washing floors,
                                2. cleaning kitchens, vacuuming
                                   carpets, dusting, polishing
                                   and other cleaning-related
                                   activities in accordance with
                                   instructions given by the

                                   Report any broken items,
                                   accidents or injuries promptly
                                   to the “Maid4you” Area
    Secure homes, including
    locking doors and windows,
    and activating alarms, without
    letting pets out.

    Report any security or safety
 6. violations to the Area
    Manager immediately.

    Report any emergency
    maintenance problems to
 7. include toilets and other water
    fixtures to the Area Manager

    Wear appropriate uniform and
    personal protective equipment
    in accordance with the job
    you are performing.

    Learn specific cleaning
    techniques of the company
    based on time and motion.
    Work smarter, not harder.

    Attend and participate in
10. meetings as requested by the
    Area Manager.

    Understand and adhere to
    safety procedures as
    established in the “Maid4you”
    Safety Program Handbook.
    Drive to specified locations
    when requested and clean
    and maintain your own

    Leave premises in a safe
13. manner, as to the condition it
    was found.

      Communicate effectively with

      Perform other related duties
      as assigned.

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