Is the rice cooker possibly the best invention ever

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					Is the rice cooker possibly the best invention ever
The rice cooker is probably a lifesaver to many households. It answers to the needs of
the busy home maker who juggles between children, cleaning, carpooling and cooking.
For the office go-getter, one with adequate functions can be programmed to switch on
at opportune times to produce freshly cooked one-pot meals with minimal wash-up. It
is also a great device to bring along on family vacations so long as there is a continuous
supply of electricity. This thus rules out camping trips unless ready sources exist in
extended power cords or an accompanying generator.

Since there is no actual flame in the equation, there is no chance of food or person
catching fire. Perhaps its only bane is the evaporation of liquids which may result in
tough or leathery outcomes. This can be easily attended to by addition of sufficient
soups or stock. As such, this appliance is toted to whip up stews and gumbos to rival
traditional cooking methods. With the ability to maintain a warming function, the rice
cooker is ideal for cooking fondue. Whether ingredients reflect the traditional melted
cheese or chocolate to coat pieces of food or fruit, it can also slant towards the oriental
version of a hotpot. Bite-size pieces of raw foods are immersed in flavored stocks and
cooked to perfection in minutes. Perhaps more communal in nature, they provide
excellent interludes for conversation as diners watch their foods.

To combat traditional methods of making risotto, it functions just as well so long as the
mixture is occasionally stirred to loosen up the grains and adequate liquids are added.
Add ingredients such as sliced meats, vegetables and seasonings midway through its
cooking cycle yield a tasty and convenient one-pot meal. With a non-stick coating,
scrambled eggs and frittatas pop right out. Pie fillings are also not spared as they fit
right in with the slow cooking effect of this appliance.

Stepping away from the conventional, a rice cooker also makes an ideal warmer. Foods
cooked via other means can be kept within to maintain their freshness and flavor.