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                                       l I M P R OV E YO U R C OV E R          l DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY SPECS

                                       lF R E E QU A R K 6 X T S     lS P R I N G A U R A S M A S T E R C L A S S E S

                               dıence     ISSUE       4   O WINTER        2005     O W W W. A U R A S . C O M

Growing —
In Lots of
Different Ways
                                     Cover Charge
                                                othing defines the personality of a publication like the cover,
MORE IMPORTANT THINGS                           which explains why there is so much angst about what goes onto it
THAN DESIGN Giving priority
to a life-event as significant as                each month. “Cover gurus” explore the nuances of cover lines and their
the birth of one’s first child is
important at AURAS. Recently,                   effect on newsstand sales—trying to define what cover elements are
two of our staff took the begin-
ning of that long roller coaster                responsible for their monthly variations. Put a dozen of ’em in a room
ride called parenthood. Now
we are just as proud as the          and you’ll probably come up with twelve different “expert” opinions on how your
parents to add to our extended
family by welcoming respec-          covers could be improved. Maybe it’s time to take a more sensible approach.
tively Marco Alemán—son
of Maureen Gregory and               All magazine covers have three inter-       of Real Simple are just that. Men’s
Rick Alemán—and Maxwell              locked priorities: 1) to communicate        Health has created a distinctive look
Roberts—son of Jeff Roberts          the personality or tone of the maga-        with monochromatic models on a
and Amanda Cameron. While it         zine’s content; 2) to provide unique        white background. Imagine O without
wasn’t nearly as exciting watch-     branding for the product, and 3) to         Oprah on the cover.
ing Jeff come closer and closer      clearly categorize the publication’s           Many designers have the misguided
to the due date as Maureen, we       archetype and promote its mission.          impression that a cover ought to be a
still take our parenting seriously   It goes without saying that the cover       special opportunity for Art Directors
at AURAS. Maternity and pater-       should promote the content inside,          to really show their chops; a platform
nity leave up to three months        but it’s not so much what it communi-       for creative visual metaphors and
are part of our philosophy as        cates as how it does it.                    striking imagery. Referring to the
well as liberal leave to take care      Magazines are built on theme and         work of George Lois at Esquire in
of the kids, no matter how old       variation, and covers are no exception.     the ’60s, Milton Glaser at New York
they are. Family                     Your cover needs to look like your          Magazine in the ’70s, or more recently,
comes first.                          cover; creating a sophisticated tem-        the covers of Texas Monthly in the
                                     plate is the theme that allows endless      ’90s under the direction of DJ Stout,
                                     creative variation.                         designers often lament the sorry state
                                                                                 of current magazine covers.
                                     Build a Template...                            This not-undeserved criticism
                                     There are some givens—most maga-            misses the point—not all magazines
                                     zines have nameplates, cover lines,         need, or even find appropriate,
                       Maureen       images, periodical info; others add         those kind of high-concept editorial
                       & Marco
                                     taglines, inset secondary images,           cover treatments—and even fewer
                                     content flags and banners and have           magazines have the budget to really
                       Jeff & Max
                                     dedicated ornamentation. The best           execute them with style. So if the
                                     cover designs use these chosen ele-         editorial decision is made to go in that
                                     ments deliberately and consistently to      direction, the appropriate budget and
We are going to have another
                                     enhance the branding and the mission        talent needs to be available to pull off
kind of addition in a few
                                     of the publication.                         professional-caliber covers. Nothing is
months. Construction is sched-
                                       Consider the red border of Time           so obvious to readers as overreaching
uled to begin soon on a new
                                     or the yellow border of National            on your cover.
plaza in front of the AURAS
                                     Geographic—a simple ornament so
BUILDING. It’s a little “pocket
                                     visually powerful it serves as the logo     ...and Covers Are
park” created in conjunction
                                     of the organization.                        Easier and Better
with Montgomery County
                                       A sustainable cover template is more      Another less-obvious benefit of
that will feature a commis-
                                     than just graphics, it should include       perfecting your cover template is the
sioned sculpture and add a
                                     a viable editorial direction—one you        easing of angst that often accompa-
strong artisitic flair to the
                                     can actually produce—that creates a         nies the creative process each issue.
front of our studio. Watch
                                     distictive combination of image and         Eliminating the need to reinvent the
this space for pictures. a
                                     typography for your title. The covers                       CONTINUES ON BACK l
                                     THE NE
                                            W MAG
                                                  AZ   INE FO
                                                              R JEWI
                                                                     SH   TEENS
                                                                                                 w w w. J V

                                                                                                                           What’s New
                                                                                                                           on auras.com:
                                                                                                                           QUARKXPRESS 6 FREE
                 Advice Fr                                           FEBRU

                          om An

                                                                                     ARCH 2
                                                                                            005 •
                                                                                                                           XTENSIONS. We’ve scoured
                                                                  How “S                                                   the web to find useful
                                                                   Ethan Z Winner
                IS JUDA
                      AISM A                                        Used Jew   ohn                                         XTensions to add to your

               CLIQUE?                                                      is           h
                                                                                  Leave A Values to
                                                                                   a Millio ica With
                                                                                           n Bucks
                                                                                                                           new Quark 6.5. Like the ones
                                                                                                                           for the earlier versions, these
               SHOW T                                                                              !                       XTensions give you valu-
              ’RentsD H
                   HE O L

              NEW TR
                                                                                                                           able capability that’s not
                    ICKS                                                                                                   part of Quark out-of-the-box.
              The Cost of                                                                                                  Considering the mess that
             MADNESS                                                                                                       Quark’s made of their “big-
                                                                                                                           deal” QuarkVistas and PSD
                                                                                                                           Import, it’s nice to have some
                                                                                                                           XTensions that really do work,
                                                                                                                           even if they only are one-trick

                                                                                                                           GUIDELINES 1.0 This pdf
                                                                                                                           document explains the
         PLUS l A                                                                                                          basics of digital photography
                  Stranger   in France l
                                           Meet MC Se                                                                      specifically as it relates to
                                                     rch      l QUIZ: How
                                                                                  Outgoing A                               taking photographs for print
                                                                                            re You?
                                                                                                                           reproduction. Useful charts
l “COVER CHARGE” FROM FRONT                                                                                                show how much resolution
                                                                                                                           is needed and why white
cover “wheel” every time a new cover                         magazine is for. While cleverness is an asset,
                                                                                                                           balance is important, and
concept comes due lets you focus                             subtlety isn’t real helpful. AURAS produced
                                                                                                                           the real story behind JPEG
                                                             a short-lived men’s magazine a few years ago
on finding a better variation to your                                                                                       compression, color space and
                                                             called ADAM; it had a neat tagline: “For the
theme—and ultimately produces a                              Original Man.” On the other hand, another                     RAW files.
cover that extends your publication’s                        magazine for the Jewish market called Moment
personality, branding and mission.                           had a tagline “The Jewish Magazine for the                    TWO NEW FONTS More
                                                             ’90s.” We used to joke that it described the                  than 2,000 people have
Deconstructing a                                             age of the average reader. When redesigned,                   downloaded our exclusive
Cover Template                                               Moment changed its tagline to “A Conversation
                                                                                                                           fonts. Check out two new
                                                             on Jewish Culture, Politics and Religion.”
THE ARCHETYPE J-Vibe probably won’t                                                                                        fonts for your pleasure:
be on a newsstand near you anytime soon,                     COVER LINES Emphasizing buzzwords and                         AuRoyale and AuGold.
but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t follow the                creating a lively interplay between font size,
teen-magazine archetype. Splashy blurbs,                     face and color is the strategy behind the
celebrity portraits, bright colors and trendy                cover blurbs. The fonts randomly transition
                                                             among the three families that are central to
typography are all part of the mix that
                                                             the interior type, but items remain visually
readers associate with publications in this
                                                             connected through color. Blurbs are grouped                   Criticisms?
category. Following the archetype provides
direction for the cover design, and just like                newsstand-style up left on the page, despite                  Do you have a question about
any other branding project, the success of                   the fact that the title isn’t actually sold on                design and production you’d
the cover depends on how well it hews to                     newsstands—it just has to look as if it is.                   like answered in AuDience?
the tropes of the genre while still establish-               COVER CAPTION Distinguishing the cover                        Next issue is “Big Questions—
ing its own visual vocabulary.                               caption from the other cutlines makes possi-                  Better Pubs.” Send your Qs or
THEME Like many teen publications,                           ble a different tone and a chance to promote
                                                                                                                           Cs to robsugar@auras.com.
celebrity images or teen models are standard                 more broadly the magazine’s mission.
fodder. Availability of high quality promo-                  INSET IMAGE Adding an inset provides a
tional photography from actors, musicians                    visual opportunity to expose an important                     If you liked this,
and other fashionistas make them excellent
choices for JVibe’s limited art budget.
                                                             story. In this case, the basketball story was
                                                                                                                           check out www.
                                                             chosen for an inset to add something of
                                                             interest to guys. The inset on this template
                                                                                                                           auras.com for
NAMEPLATE Funky and deliberately
                                                             can float in the cover blurbs, but other cover
                                                                                                                           back issues.
chunky, the JVibe nameplate distances
itself from VIBE magazine and emphasizes                     templates work better when the inset has a                    AuDience is AURAS’s quar-
the J (for Jewish) to promote the mission.                   fixed position on the cover.                                   terly newsletter full of ideas,
Magazine nameplates don’t always have to                     SECONDARY LINES Secondary lines can                           opinions and inspiration for
be the equivalent of logotypes, but even the                 promote departments or regular features                       improving your publication.
simplest usage should have a visual distinc-                 that build reader loyalty or promote story                    Back issues of AuDience are
tiveness that raises the nameplate above a                   types as well as specific content. These short                 downloadable from our web-
simple typographic sample.                                   lines are a “second effort” at getting readers
                                                                                                                           site, along with free fonts,
TAG LINE Maybe “The New Magazine for                         into the magazine. a
                                                                                                                           workforms, design and produc-
Jewish Teens” lacks a little, uh, pizzazz. But
                                                                                                                           tion presentations and session
at least it tells a potential reader whom the
                                                                                                                           notes. If you want to keep
                                                                                                                           getting AuDience, or make a
                                                                                                                           comment or suggestion, email
                                                                                                                           robsugar@auras.com! a

                                                                                                                           A U R A S D E S I G N CREATES

                                                       AURAS                                                               AND PRODUCES magazines,

                                                           8435 GEORGIA AVENUE
                                                                                                                           marketing materials, and corporate
                                                                                                                           identity programs. We believe great
                                                           SILVER SPRING, MD 20910                                         design depends on both close
                                                                                                                           client interaction and a mastery of
                                                                                                                           production tools. We are just as
                                                                                                                           proud of the way we work as of
                                                                                                                           what we make.
How to Avoid
a GI-GOplex
Your Photographers Need
Guidelines to Shoot Better Digital Pictures
digital photography has begun              ting with the least compression when       over or under-shooting the graph
to elbow out film-based imaging even        saving JPEG files. Sure, they take up       will create an image that can be most
in higher-end publications. Just as we     more space, but memory cards are           effectively corrected.
bid adieu to our imagesetter a year ago,   now so inexpensive that recording
it won’t be long before our expensive      space should be the last concern.          ❏    Use a color calibration
film scanners are gathering dust. The                                                  card in the test image for
current generation of pro cameras can      ❏    Use the RAW setting if                each set up as a reference
easily capture enough resolution for       it is an available option.                 for later color correction
double-page images. Even consumer          Some cameras—especially higher-end         Inexpensive color cards, like these
cameras can produce satisfactory           models—have the ability to save            from Kodak, placed in a few frames
images for smaller size use.               the raw data right from the sensor.        are invaluable when color-correcting
   The simplest of these cameras           This data has a higher bit-depth and       images in prepress.
has extensive control over how the         avoids the pitfalls of lossy com-
picture is recorded. If the camera         pression and processing artifacts,
isn’t set up for capturing images          and gives the production artist
suitable for print reproduction, the       the best images to manipulate.
maxim “garbage in-garbage out” really
applies. It’s easy to misconfigure the      ❏   Use auto white balance
camera, and images saved with the          on consumer cameras.
wrong settings, are difficult, if not       Digital camera sensors need to
impossible, to fix.                         be calibrated to show correct
   Here is a quick guide for optimiz-      color using white balance. It’s
ing camera settings to produce the         all very technical, but there are only
best print images.                         two things to know: auto white bal-        ❏   Set ISO settings for
                                           ance usually works better than other       automatic or between 50-200
Digital Photography                        scene-specific settings, and the white      Raising the ISO setting may seem to
Checklist                                  balance is corrected by processing         make the camera more sensitive, but
                                           in-camera the sensor’s data—so if you      it’s similar to turning up the gain on
❏   Use the highest                        are using the RAW setting it’s usually     a microphone—you get louder sound
resolution setting.                        not important (see below.)                 but also lots more noise.
This seems like a no-brainer, but
many casual users don’t realize what       ❏   Set white balance manually             ❏   Use minimal processing
their setting is, or why it matters.       for set-ups and studio shots.              settings in the camera menus.
Here’s a quick rule of thumb: You          At a more professional level, white        You may like the way pictures look
need at least 5 megapixels to come         balance can be adjusted manually           when adding saturation, sharpness
even close to having enough data for       using a white card and the camera’s        and contrast in the camera, but these
a full-page image.                         manual white balance controls. This is     are tweaks best left to production
                                           the most accurate way to correct the       technicians using your images. The
❏   Use highest-quality JPEG               color, but it rates high in PITA factor.   less the data is manipulated by the
setting on consumer cameras.               The newest pro cameras adjust white        simple camera firmware, the more
While many users get the idea of           balance before it becomes digitized, so    natural the image will look when
resolution, some don’t realize that        adjusting for the best color captures      finally corrected by far more sophisti-
saving data as JPEGs can have a del-       the most data even in RAW format.          cated controls available in a powerful
eterious effect on images depending                                                   image-manipulation program on a
on the amount of lossy compression.        ❏  Bracket photos one stop                 computer workstation.
Camera manufacturers do a poor job         above and below meter setting.
of explaining this, using settings         Most cameras can be set to automati-       ❏   Don’t post-process the
like “fine,” “standard” or “basic” to       cally fire off three or four bracketed      images; deliver the original
describe increasingly larger amounts       exposures. Capturing a few exposure        files from the camera.
of compression. High-compression           variations insures that you have not       It isn’t beneficial to try to “fix” images
JPEG artifacts are more destructive        lost data in shadows or blown it out       yourself, or (aak!) convert the native
than low resolution, so use the set-       of the highlights. And, with digital       RGB to CMYK. The unaltered images
                                           data, if it’s not there, it’s not there.   from your camera are always preferred.

                                           ❏   Shoot an ideal                         AURAS has produced a detailed
                                           histogram exposure.                        explanation of the way digital
                                           Some of the “pro-sumer” cameras            cameras work and why carefully
                                           will display a histogram—a chart           setting up the camera is critical for
                                           of the data captured by the sensor.        best results. You can download our
                                           Regardless of what the exposure            Digital Camera Guidelines 1.0 from
                                           looks like in the viewfinder (a notori-     our web site, and use them to help
                                           ously inaccurate gauge anyway) or          your photographers understand
Lossy leader. These enlarged images
show how an uncompressed TIFF file (left)
                                           what the metering measures, making         what kind of pictures will—at
holds up better than a highly-compressed   an exposure that captures the widest       least technically—make the best
JPEG (right) at the same resolution.       amount of histogram width without          printed images. a
COVER STORY                    We’ve chosen some favorites from magazines we
have produced to show how visual consistency and a clear editorial direction
make interesting covers that exude brand identity and establish the personality
of the publication. None of these magazines has a large art budget, but creativity
and a tight template make it possible to produce compelling product.

                                                                                           MOMENT After a redesign aimed
                                                                                           at lowering the readership age, we
                                                                                           opted for edgy, provocative covers
                                                                                           that would cause controversy and
                                                                                           ruffle some feathers—a perhaps too-
                                                                                           successful approach. The high-concept
                                                                                           covers were expensive to produce
                                                                                           and difficult to greenlight, causing no
        ROUNDTABLE A simple idea                                                           end of tsuris. Later, when we switched
   works here—technical stuff is more                                                      to newsy, journalistic covers, readers
    accessible if you use humor. These                                                     thought we’d gone dull.
   covers deal with thorny technology
    issues for small telephone compa-
   nies; they’re made more accessible
                   by funny metaphors.

                                         FOOD MANAGEMENT B-to-B pubs
                                         usually don’t have a lot of money to lavish
                                         on covers, so, staying true to the magazine’s
                                         mission, FM covers rotated among expensive
                                         high-concept metaphors, less expensive location
                                         portraits and free promotional food shots.
                                                    l REINVIGORATE YOUR PUBLICATION lENERGIZE STAFF

                                                    l G E T A F R E E C R I T I Q U E l S U P E R C H A R G E WO R K F L OW

                    Regi nd
                    Early ve
                                        Classes              o n M agaz i n e
                     Rece E                               C r e at i v i t y, D e s i g n
                      a FRE ion
                    Publ que                                     & Production
                                        Your publication will benefit from
                                        Master Classes if you want to:
AURAS  Ma◊er                                     l Produce a livelier, more engaging magazine
Classes Give                                     l Increase reader loyalty and satisfaction
Maximum Value                                    l Save money on production
Busy magazine pros have a hard                   l Have a happier, more productive staff
time finding the time or money
to take professional enrichment         Two-Day Intensive Workshop
sessions. AURAS Master Classes are
designed to be convenient to attend              l Four classes/two days: June 9 & 10, 2005
and a clearly justifiable investment:             l In Washington, DC, the Nation’s Capital
FLEXIBILITY.  Full-session attendees
can share their registration, so the
most appropriate person can attend
                                        ‘‘Clear, engaginghow to solve them...Good
                                        life problems and
                                                          presentations of real-

each class. (See the reverse for a      examples of before-and-after. I really enjoyed
full description of the classes)
                                        the sessions, and got a lot out of them. Excellent

ATTENDANCE. Additional registra-        from both a design and production standpoint.
tions from the same company are         — R I C H A R D Z O E H R E R , C R E AT I V E D I R E C TO R , P R I M E D I A BU S I N E S S M AG A Z I N E S & M E D I A

discounted a generous 40 percent.
ACCESS.   Only 40 registrants will be
accepted (first come, first served!)
                                        Do You Know. . .
Each class also includes a catered
lunch, as well as plenty of time for
                                        l What’s the WEAKEST PART                                           If you don’t know the answers
                                        of your publication—and                                             to these questions—or worse—
questions and conversation.                                                                                 didn’t even know to ask them,
                                        how you can improve it?
SIX MONTHS OF “TECH SUPPORT.”                                                                               AURAS Master Classes could
The entire staff of AURAS will be       l What are the FOUR                                                 be the best investment your
available to help with your design      DIMENSIONS of design?                                               publication has ever made.
and production issues.                                                                                      Seasoned publishers, editors and
A FREE CRITIQUE. Register     for a
                                        l How ARCHETYPES can give                                           designers who work in associations,
                                        your pub more credibility?
full session by April 15th and                                                                              corporate communications, or
you’ll save money AND be eli-           l Why “TENT POLES” make                                             small publication companies
gible for a great opportunity: A        your title more interesting?                                        can benefit from sessions with
magazine critique from AURAS.                                                                               Robert Sugar, whose company—
Over 50 publications have received      l How you can SAVE                                                  AURAS Design—has designed
critiques from auras in the last        THOUSANDS without                                                   over 70 publications of all types
three years. Those critiques, nor-      compromising quality?                                               over the past two decades.
mally incurring a $2K fee, cover
                                                                                                            Rob has taught thousands
every aspect of the publication’s       l What you should DEMAND                                            of publication professionals
design and even answers specific         from any firm doing a
                                                                                                            at conferences such as Folio:
questions posed by staff. Early reg-    REDESIGN?
                                                                                                            Show. His unique perspective on
istrants will get similar treatment—
                                                                                                            magazine design and production
plus a face-to-face “debriefing”         l How you can INCREASE                                              was developed through the on-
during the session dates. Go to         your publication’s “Q”?
                                                                                                            going design and production of
www.auras.com/masterclass for
full details.                           l What your readership                                              hundreds of magazine issues.
                                        REALLY WANTS?                                                       AURAS  Master Classes have
For more information                                                                                        been expanded with longer
or to register, go to                   l How come it’s so dang                                             sessions, more interactivity,
www.auras.com                           hard getting every issue
                                                                                                            and free critiques for early
                                        OUT THE DOOR?                                                       registrants. SIGN UP TODAY!
Rob Sugar
                                      Four Insightful Classes
                                      CLASS ONE                            CLASS TWO                      CLASS THREE                      CLASS FOUR
Robert Sugar conducts the
Master Classes. As princi-            Magazine                             The Ten-Step                   Essential                        Trade and
pal and creative director of          Design: What                         Magazine                       Production                       Association
AURAS, Rob has designed
or redesigned over 70 titles
                                      Works & Why                          Self-Critique                  Techniques                       Publications
in nearly twenty years. From          MD:WW&W is only                      Evaluating your own            Discover design and              B-to-B and Association
its building in downtown
                                      available here this year.            publication can be an          production tips and              titles have their own
Silver Spring, Md., his studio
currently provides on-going
                                      It has excited thousands             impossible task. Day-to-       tricks learned through           unique editorial and
design and production sup-            of industry profession-              day production and get-        14 years of digital              design issues. Producing
port for a dozen publica-             als for more than a                  ting the latest issue out      design at AURAS.                 a quality publication in
tions, as well as producing           decade at conferences                the door get in the way        QuarkXPress, Microsoft           an environment of con-
corporate identity, market-           such as Folio:Show.                  of “big picture” thinking      Word and Adobe                   trolled expenditures and
ing and collateral materials          Not just for designers,              for you and your staff.        Photoshop have been              competing with titles
for a variety of businesses.          but an excellent way for             This class provides the        defacto industry-standards       produced by larger pub-
Rob taught Publication                everyone who works on                resources and process to       for every magazine pub-          lishers present formidable
Design at The American                a magazine to see how                conduct a critique that        lisher. Learn how to use         challenges to these niche
University for nine years,            design and editorial work            analyzes every major           these programs to maxi-          magazines.
and is a sought-after speaker         together. This class can             aspect of your title, from     mize the productivity and
for corporate and industry            help your entire staff               design to editorial con-       creativity of your staff,        Explore techniques that
audiences at conferences
                                      “get on the same page.”              tent to production values.     and what new choices—            make your magazine a
around the country. A pio-
                                                                                                          like Adobe InDesign—             stronger asset for your
neer in Digital Workflow,              MD:WW&W presents                     During the class, we will                                       organization and an
Rob was a founding member                                                                                 could mean for you.
                                      new fundamentals of                  go through a sample                                             information vehicle that
of the International Design
                                      magazine design that                 critique demonstrating         This class will explore          becomes a necessity for
by Electronics Association
(IDEA) in the early ’90s—one
                                      lead to sophisticated                the evaluation criteria        workflow techniques               your readership. Review
of the first designer-origi-           techniques for improving             and the focus of each          to maximize efficiency,           redesigns of these types
nated associations work-              the look, content, and               step. Following a break,       maintain quality and             of titles and the philoso-
ing to improve process and            process of your maga-                we will conduct short          consistency, and improve         phies behind their edito-
product in the emerging               zine. Review dozens of               exercises using your own       the creativity of editors,       rial structure and design
desktop publishing industry.          examples of redesign, and            publications to prepare        designers and production         priorities.
AURAS started using an                put everything together              for a fuller, in-house cri-    artists. We might even           Your publication will
all-digital workflow in                during a group wrap-up               tique that you will then       find ways to eliminate            benefit from these areas:
1992. Beyond excellent                where your own publi-                be qualified to conduct         your worst production
design, AURAS became                  cation problems can be               yourself.                      bottlenecks and cut costs!       l Design counts: easy ways
                                                                                                                                               to make your publication
one of the few design                 evaluated and discussed.             The critique can answer        These topics will improve            more interesting, your
studios to incorporate film
                                      Examine these critical issues:       these questions:               your productivity:                   readership excited
output and color separa-
                                                                                                                                               and your management
tion in-house. Through 15             l The three types of                 l Is your mission              l Create a “Standard                 happier.
years AURAS has become                    design and why each is               statement well-formed           Operating Procedure”
expert in both design                     important                            and reflected in your
                                                                                                          l Quark or InDesign?             l Examine the calendar:
and digital production.                                                        magazine’s content?                                             make the year special
                                      l   The “basics” of design,
                                                                                                          l OSX Migration issues
                                          why they are often               l   How effective is your                                       l   Ten editorial and design

‘‘ is good at
    I love this guy!
                                          ignored and why getting
                                          them right is crucial for

                                                                           l Is your editorial
                                                                                                          l Valuable XTensions that
                                                                                                               increase productivity and
                                                                                                                                               strategies for improving
                                                                                                                                               your publication
                                                                               calendar improving                                          l Covers, contents pages
breaking a large                      l Mission statements and                 your publication?          l Optimize your Mac for              and issue flow: the keys
                                          business plans as the                                                greatest productivity and       to reader interest.
                                          fundamentals for design
                                                                           l Do the navigational               reliability
subject into bite-                                                             elements in your                                            l Celebrate the esoteric for
                                      l Use “archetypes” to                    magazine help readers?     l Get the most from                  maximum benefit
size and definable                         engage the reader
                                                                           l   Do your contents page
                                                                                                               Acrobat and Distiller
                                                                                                                                           l Become the 800-pound
pieces. [He] has a                    l Prioritization and                     and cover work as hard     l Proofing strategies                 gorilla in your industry
                                          navigation ideas help                as they should?
                                          your reader “get it”
                                                                                                          l In-house ad trafficking         l Politics and value:
true understanding                                               l Are your production                         strategies                      positioning your
                                      l Leverage the competition   standards high enough?
                                                                                                          l    Photoshop as the                publication as an
of the art and editor-                l The Four Dimensions      l How can you fine-tune                        ultimate prepress tool          essential value-added
                                                                                                                                               benefit in your
                                                                               your redesign?

                                          of Design
ial relationship.                                                                                         l Improve in-house                   organization beyond
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                                      l   Get the most from covers                                                                             the bottom line
F ROM FOLIO : SHOW                        and contents

R E G I S T R AT I O N                        P L E A S E F I L L O U T A S E PA R AT E R E G I S T R AT I O N F O R E AC H AT T E N D E E
A Four-Class Session Pass is              Y E S ! I W A N T T O AT T E N D. . .
only $1100. Individual Classes
                                          FULL SESSION JUNE 9&10 2005:
are $350. Each class is four
                                                                                                         FEE           EARLY REGISTRATION
                                                                                                                                                S AV E
                                          ❏ Four-Class Session Pass                                                                                        15 % T
hours long, including a network-                                                                         $1,100       $900 BY 4/15/05                             OO!
ing lunch. A second registrant            ❏ Additional Pass from same company                             $600        $500 BY 4/15/05           Regis
for the entire session from the
                                                                                                                                                 April 1 r by
same company is only $600.                INDIVIDUAL CLASSES:
Registration is fully transferable.       ❏ JUNE 9             Magazine Design: What Works & Why         $350         $275 BY 4/15/05               to be
E A R LY R E G I S T E R                  ❏ JUNE 9             The Ten-Step Magazine Self-Critique       $350         $275 BY 4/15/05             eligib
Paid session registrations by             ❏ JUNE 10            Essential Production Techniques           $350         $275 BY 4/15/05          for a F le
                                                                                                                                                .critiq EE
April 15 are only $900. Save 15%          ❏ JUNE 10            Trade and Association Publications        $350         $275 BY 4/15/05
over the regular registration fee.
Additional registrations are only
$500. Individual classes are $275
                                                                                 TOTAL CLASS FEES _______________
by April 15.

L O CAT I O N                                     MARYLAND REEGISTRANTS MUST ADD 5% TAX _______________
All classes will be held at the
AURAS Conference Facility,                         TOTAL ENCLOSED (Make check payable to AURAS) _______________
8435 Georgia Avenue, Silver
Spring, Maryland, Second Floor.
Convenient lodging is located             NAME
nearby. Call Ted Bonar at 301-
587-4300 for help arranging a

FOR MORE INFO                             C O M PA N Y

ON THE WEB: Go to www.auras.
com/masterclass for additional            ADDRESS
information, downloadable study
sheets or to sign up online.
                                          C I T Y/ S TAT E / Z I P

VIA EMAIL: You can always
send questions via e-mail to              PHONE                                                          EMAIL
                                          Mail paid registrations to:
301-587-4300 and ask for Ted              AURAS MASTER CLASSES • 8435 Georgia Avenue, Third Floor • Silver Spring, MD 20910
Bonar for help with any                   or fax registration to 301-587-6836
questions or phone registration.

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