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									               LTRA Research Strategy and Development Objectives:
                   conceptual model, scientific design, and research methods

In order to better communicate the science that the SANREM CRSP is conducting, each project
must present a conceptual model that nests research objectives, hypotheses, and activities within
the Landscape systems context and its operational framework. The LTRAs have a solid
operational framework as presented in work plan tables. However, three additional expository
elements which demonstrate each LTRA’s scientific basis need to be explicitly delineated:

    •   the conceptual model that incorporates the key driving forces and links research
    •   the hypotheses being tested and/or research questions being answered; and
    •   the research methods used to provide persuasive answers to research questions or test

Please work with your LTRA colleagues to prepare the following items that will serve as the
introduction to your LTRA work plans and annual reports and will also appear on the SANREM
CRSP Website. This should be a comprehensive and tightly written document (no more than 8-
10 pages).

         1. An introductory paragraph(s) presenting your: research goals, development
            objectives, and the strategy to address your development problem.

         2. Elaborate your research strategy describing the various scientific/(inter)disciplinary
            approaches and demonstrating how findings in one research domain will inform or
            shape research conducted in other components.

         3. Illustrate this transdisciplinary framework with a diagram highlighting the
            interrelationships between the key driving forces shaping the development problem,
            and the various scientific models and research activities designed to address it.

         4. Specify the critical research hypotheses tested or questions answered in each of the
            research domains/components. Where cross-site comparisons are possible, please
            consolidate hypotheses and methodologies consistent with that purpose.

         5. Link the hypotheses/questions to the set of methods being used to examine them.
            Describe the methods and explain how findings will be recognized, when they will be
            achieved, and how they will be used to inform further research or development

                                                                                 Form 20 – July 2009

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