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									How Your Council Can Benefit From the BSA
100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership
January 14, 2009
Welcome – thanks for joining the webinar today! Here is an
overview of what we will cover:
  • Why a 100th Anniversary Hall of Leadership?
  • What is the 100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership?
  • How does it work?
  • A sample nomination
  • What your council can accomplish through the Hall of Leadership.
  • Recommended Committee Structure and Nomination Judging
  • How to publicize the Hall of Leadership program.
  • Next Steps and answers to your questions.
           Meet the National Staff Team –
           Hall of Leadership
Mark Wappel
Team Leader
National Hall of Leadership Project
Boy Scouts of America
Dave Baldridge
Vice President
International Communications

Bob Mersereau
National Director
100th Anniversary Project
Marketing Group
Boy Scouts of America
Let’s Get Started!
   Why a 100th Anniversary National
   Hall of Leadership?

Here is something we know…..
    Why a 100th Anniversary National
    Hall of Leadership?

Before we begin exploring the National Hall
of Leadership….if you can….briefly share a
Scouting story of a selfless and
extraordinary act of service.
       Why a 100th Anniversary National
       Hall of Leadership?

• Here is something else we know…many
  inspiring acts of leadership through service
  are mostly unknown outside a small group
  of people.
• Why is that?
• Until now, no outlet for the
     Why a 100th Anniversary National
     Hall of Leadership?

Did you know....
The BSA 100th Anniversary is an incredible
opportunity to demonstrate the value and
relevancy of Scouting to the communities
you serve.
     Why a 100th Anniversary National
     Hall of Leadership?

Did you know….anniversary focus group
testing revealed…
People will enroll their children, serve as
volunteers, and financially support Scouting
when they clearly see how this program
makes life where they live, work, and play
     Why a 100th Anniversary National
     Hall of Leadership?

Stories of leadership, demonstrated in
selfless and extraordinary acts of service by
Scouts and Scouters, and told by the
people in the communities of
your council.
What a great way to show
that Scouting makes a
        Why a 100th Anniversary National
        Hall of Leadership?

• The National Hall of Leadership will help
  demonstrate why your council is valuable
  and critical to the quality and fabric of life in
  the communities you serve.
• And, that’s why this anniversary celebration
  element is worth doing.
• Webinar Poll
      Why a 100th Anniversary National
      Hall of Leadership?

The National Hall of Leadership is….
an opportunity for anyone to recognize
outstanding leadership by a Scout, registered
Scout leader, or Scouting volunteer who made a
significant difference in the life of another by the
extraordinary service they have given and the
           Scouting virtues they have modeled.
How Does it Work?
      How Does it Work?

• Inductions to the National Hall of Leadership are
  based on stories submitted online to local BSA
  councils across the U.S. and reviewed first locally
  and then by a national panel of judges.
• Stories must explain how nominees made an
  extraordinary difference in the lives of others
  through their leadership.
      How Does it Work?

To be nominated for the National Hall of Leadership:
• The nominee must be a living Scout or Scouting
  volunteer who may/may not be officially registered with
  the BSA.
• They also must have served as an active Scout or
  Scouting volunteer within Scouting for at least one year.
• A nominee may be young or old—there is no age limit
  for nominees.
• Nominations open February 8, 2009 – the 99th
  Anniversary of Scouting and continue to February 8,
        How Does it Work?

• Nominations are entered through the Hall of Leadership
  section of the 100th anniversary web site at
• Each online nomination is submitted in the form of a story
  and must be 450 words or less.
• Individuals will be able to thank the nominee by sending
  their nomination story to them in an attractively designed
  document. This can be done electronically and/or by
  printing and mailing a paper copy.
• The nomination period closes February 8, 2010, which
  marks the 100th anniversary of the BSA.
        How Does it Work?

• Hall of Leadership Promotion
• Review and judging of nominations
• A recommended National Hall of Leadership
  Committee structure and nomination judging
  process will be reviewed later in this webinar.
• Good news. Great value can be obtained without
  a big commitment of staff and volunteer
  manpower resources.
         How Does it Work?

• Council judging begins at the close of business February
  8, 2010.
• Councils can submit up to 12 nominations for national
• One nomination from each council will be inducted into the
  BSA 100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership.
• Final inductees will be announced in May 2010 at the BSA
  National Annual Meeting in Dallas.
• Inductees will represent all nominees demonstrating
  diversity, breath, and depth of Scouting leadership.
A Sample Nomination Candidate
(Remember: a nominee may be young or old –
there is no age limit for nominees)
 Sample Nomination Candidate
Friday, November 14, 2008
Times Staff Writer
… "Words can't explain the impact he's had on my life," said Tory Green, the
first Eagle Scout of Boy Scout Troop 400 in Huntsville.
… this neighborhood is better because of Mr. Farrar,…“
… and if I were in front of the governor, I'd tell him Alabama is a better
place because of Mr. Farrar."
… said Farrar is the reason he became an Eagle Scout and the reason he's
the person he is today
"He was that father figure I didn't have," he said. "Who do you know that
comes out every day and does these things with these kids, and for free?
"I dream to one day be like Mr. Farrar."
        Your Stories

• The 100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership
  program provides motivation - and an outlet - to tell
  stories of the incredible value and relevancy of
• We’ve reviewed the brief stories you submitted at
  the start of our webinar and you’ve provided more
  great examples.
• Here are a few….
What Can Your Council Accomplish Through the
Hall of Leadership?
        What Can Your Council Accomplish Through the
        Hall of Leadership?

• Demonstrate that Scouting is valuable and relevant.
• Through the National Hall of Leadership, provide an outlet for
  recipients of extraordinary examples of leadership by your
  scouts and scouters to tell their stories.
• Develop an online database of compelling stories for use in
  publications, speeches, and presentations to show how
  Scouting makes important differences in the quality of life of
  the cities and towns of your council.
• Expand your reach to community leaders by asking
  prominent individuals to be engaged in Scouting by serving
  as a local council judge to help select and forward
  nominations for consideration in national inductions.
Recommended Committee Structure,
Responsibilities, and Nomination Judging
        Recommended Committee Structure

• One member of the council 100th Anniversary
  Celebration Committee should be asked to lead
  the National Hall of Leadership program.
• That person should invite one or more others to
• If available, consider assigning a staff adviser too.
         Committee Responsibilities

Nine responsibilities for success!
1. Enroll on the National Leadership Team with access to
2. Review the Hall of Leadership materials on YourSource.
3. Share program overview with council anniversary
4. Develop marketing plan to secure nominations.
5. Participate in the live (or recorded) Hall of Leadership
         Committee Responsibilities

6. Regular review on nominations database. Rate/judge to
   create semi-finalist’s for review by council judges in 2010.
7. Assist in recruiting council judges.
8. Aggressive promotion of nominations throughout 2009
   and continuing until February 8, 2010.
9. During 2009 and 2010 assist council leadership in
   selecting and using the most compelling nomination
   stories in council marketing and fundraising efforts.
         Recommended Judging Process

Two key thoughts….
• Exceptional opportunity to engage prominent individuals
  not currently involved in Scouting.
• Use Hall of Leadership committee members to review
  nominations throughout 2009. This….
  • Creates group of most compelling stories (semi-finalist nominations)
    for council judges to review.
  • Provides regular and ongoing nomination review to guide program
    marketing efforts and identify stories for use by the council.
         Recommended Judging Process

1. National and local council marketing efforts result in hall
   of leadership nominations.
2. Council Hall of Leadership Committee members given
   access to the online nomination database and judging
3. Regular review of nominations by committee members.
4. Council judges recruited in 2009.
5. Local council judging begins after February 8, 2010 and
   concludes on or before April 1, 2010.
      Recommended Judging Process

A final thought on the recommended judging process:
• Depending upon council needs and manpower
  resources, local adaptations of this process can be
  developed. (For example: A quarterly review of
  nominations by the Council Marketing Committee
  instead of on-going review by the Hall of Leadership
• All finalist nominations must, however, be forwarded to
  the national council through the online judging tool on,
  or before, April 1, 2010.
How Do We Publicize the Hall of Leadership
         How Do We Publicize the Hall of
         Leadership Program?
We have provided a set of publicity tools that is available on
YourSource, including:
   • An overall promotion program outline
   • A planning meeting e-mail notice
   • A planning newsletter
   • A poster/flyer template
   • A template news release to use in advance of the nomination
   • A template Letter to the Editor
We will look at each of these tools individually.
           How Do We Publicize the Hall of
           Leadership Program?
Overall Promotion Program Ideas
   • Use this roster of ideas and strategies to help organize your Hall of
     Leadership planning
Planning meeting e-mail notice
   • If not already done, recruit a few individuals to lead the National Hall of
     Leadership anniversary celebration element. Or, this can be an excellent
     project for the Council Marketing Committee
   • Use this e-mail template to invite selected individuals to a NHL planning
     meeting to review the tool kit of materials … and begin organizing publicity
     and judging.
Planning newsletter
   • Use this newsletter article to distribute to units, district roundtables, and
     other communication sources to spread the word within your council
         How Do We Publicize the Hall of
         Leadership Program?
   • Add to your local information to customize this Hall of Leadership
     poster/flyer template for displaying or circulating at Scouting and
     community locations or meetings
News Release
   • Use this template to create a news release to issue to your local
     media prior to February 8, 2009 – the start of the nomination period
Letter to the Editor
   • Add your local information and other thoughts to this ―Letter to the
     Editor‖ template for sharing a letter on the Hall of Leadership with
     your local paper
           Publicize – Toolkit Materials and Timeline

Date                 Task                       Tool
Now                  If not already done,         • NHL Planning Meeting
                     recruit a few individuals to e-mail template
                     lead the National Hall of
                     Leadership anniversary
                     celebration element. Or,
                     this can be an excellent
                     project for the Council
                     Marketing Committee!
Now – 2/8/09         Advance publicity for NHL • Newsletter template
                     nominations: Use the tool • Advance news release
                     kit of materials to begin   template
                     advance publicity!        • Letter to the editor
Next Steps
         Next Steps

•   Recruit your National Hall of Leadership Team and staff
•   Build your plan using the National Hall of Leadership
    document on YourSource titled:
    “Recommended Committee Structure, Responsibilities,
    and Nomination Judging Process”
    It provides a roadmap for action and success!
•   Launch your plan!
              Next Steps

•       Using the discussion forums available on YourSource, to
        share your progress, ideas, and/or ask questions of Hall
        of Leadership teams in other councils.
•       Questions along the way? Contact us!
    •     Hall of Leadership Team Leader:
    •     National Project Director:
    •     Fleishman-Hillard V.P.:

     Questions? Comments? Observations?

     Thanks for Participating!

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