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									              Your Business Name
                  Executive Summary

Grab/Hook – Your first impression is 2 or 3 sentences.
Don’t start with your mission statement! Hook the reader
with what makes your business special. Examples include:                Insert Logo Above
       • Partnership with Google
       • Recently signed first major contract
       • Endorsement from industry VIP
                                                                  Year Founded:

 Solution to Problem – You must solve a problem in                Industry:
 a new and unique way. Are you the:
        • Fastest?                                                Annual Sales:
        • Cheapest?
        • Highest Quality?                                        Request:

 Market Potential – This should be YOUR market potential not simply a quote from a research
 organization that says your industry will reach $100 Billion on 5 years. How much of the market
 can your business realistically capture based on your:
        • Geographic Location
        • Capacity to Fulfill Sales
        • Access to Financing

 Business Model – In every other section you want to think outside of the box. You want to
 stand out and differentiate yourself, but when it comes to your business model investors and
 bankers want:
        • Simple
        • Sustainable
        • Safe

 Financials – How much money are you going to make and how will you manage your cash flow
 to ensure that you stay in business?

 Management Team – Do you have experience, energy and enthusiasm? Show it here.

 Request – Ask the reader to read the rest of your business plan, call you, set up a time to meet,
 or maybe even invest in your company.

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