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									          Southeast Raleigh High School Band Boosters
                        Meeting Minutes
                          June 1, 2010


The meeting was called to order by Kim Campbell, President at 6:10pm.
New band parents, Dana & Cecile Dawkins and Darleen, were welcomed
along with everyone present.

The minutes of the May 2010 meeting were approved as sent and posted.

Treasurer Report

See the report attached to these minutes in the Secretary’s book.

I. Old Business

BBQ - Keischa reported that 1300 - 1400 plates were sold and we made
      $120.00 on drinks. Final profits will be given at the next meeting.

Pay Pal - No report

Awards Night - Velina reported everything went very smoothly with the
               exception of the AC which was not working.

A/B Schedule Meeting - Kim reported that the meeting with Mr. Butler went
well although the schedules for next year will not change. He will be
looking for commonalities within the fine arts classes and attempt to open
A/B to all fine arts students. They also talked about having band classes
with Freshman & Sophomores together and Juniors & Seniors together. He
plans to talk to Mr. Scott in more depth.

II. Reports of Committees

Walnut Creek - Malik reported that we need many more volunteers to work
the events. Sat. June 5, 2010 is the Brooks & Dunn farewell tour we need at
least 3 more people for that date. Parking will be at Southeast. Please let
Malik know if you are interested in working any events to help pay off your
students fair share account.

          Southeast Raleigh High School Band Boosters
                        Meeting Minutes
                          June 1, 2010
New Chairman Needed - New Chairman are needed for First Aid,
                      Chaperones and a co-Chair for Walnut Creek.

III. New Business

Downtown Amphitheater - Kim reported that we need workers for the
                        Friday and Sunday shows. The following is
                        information for working. 4 Man stand
                                       Draft Beer from a local brewery
                                        Some food - Pretzels etc.
                       Tips training from Walnut Creek will carry over.
                       Free parking, you may bring your own food.
                       Contact Serena Favorite or Kim to work an event.

Band Bash - Mr. Scott said invitations must go out now, both e-mail and
paper ones. Band Bash will be Saturday September 25, 2010. This year we
will have a duel competition High Stepping & Corp Style therefore we need
2 Chairman. Keischa Lovelace will serve as one and we are still in need of
someone else to step up and help organize Band Bash.
    Super holiday tours and a few other companies and organizations may
come in and set up informational booths or hold a workshop.

We will be holding a Board of Directors Meeting and an Executive Board
meeting in the next 2 weeks keep an eye out for dates and times.

IV. Observations and Future Expectations

~ News channel 14 had a news clip on our Band.
~ Summer Music lessons - we need teaching volunteers, 8am - 12pm.
    8-9 are for new students Basic music reading and theory review.
    9-12 is for intermediate level and group playing.
~ DCI - We will order tickets next week. Place your order ASAP.

~ Big Trip June, 2011 - Get your passport now cost is going up.
  NY City (Wicked), Canada (Blue Man Group), Baseball game,
  Tour Philadelphia on return. These are possible places, not set as of yet.
  Cost will be about $705.00 per person so start working events.
          Southeast Raleigh High School Band Boosters
                        Meeting Minutes
                          June 1, 2010
~ We have a bigger Color Guard this year (25) mostly Sophomores.
~ We must reach out to the new band members and Parents to create
   Student Accounts for them so they can be credited for Fair Share and
   fundraising efforts.
~ We are working on getting a calendar out and publishing a directory.
~ Looking forward to a great Band Bash
~ Walnut Creek/ Downtown/ RBC Please sign up to work these events, we
  need to keep what we have for the future of the Band.
~ Some instruments need to be repaired
~ Uniforms - We will maintain our current uniforms this year.
~ Band Bag - We will have a new band bag for all our students.
               Containing (Theme shirt, Hat, gloves).
~ DCI - Drum Corp International is like the NFL of Band Competitions.
        You can go to dci.org for more information. Attending is a great
~ Band Camp - July 19 - 23. 12pm – 8:30pm each day. Friday night the
                will perform for the parents and there will be a band booster
                meeting following the performance.
Remember to bring your child’s Medical forms when they come on
Monday July 19,2010 to Band Camp (No Forms = No Participation).

V. Questions & Comments

What is fair share? Fair share is the amount of money that each student’s
family is responsible for contributing each year for the operating of the band.
Each year it costs about $80,000.00 to operate the band and participate in
competitions. The band boosters have set up many fund raising
opportunities for every students’ family to help pay off the fair share without
having to spend their own money.

We discussed the possibility of having corporate sponsorships on the
Bulldog Truck and or building a large Dog House for the front lawn of the
school to display corporate sponsors. This could be a huge money maker for
the Band and a way to reduce fair share costs.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:45pm. Next meeting July 23,2010 at 6:00pm.


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