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									                    Fairfield High School
          Technology Professional Development Plan
The Fairfield High School Technology Professional Development Plan strives to support
teachers to develop instructional strategies integrated with content information they can
access using technology. Through professional development teachers will be given
permission and time to explore and experiment with new learning and instructional
methods and we will provide ongoing professional development.
     Teachers will be surveyed through their mailboxes to discover their current
       technology needs and develop training sessions for professional development
     Develop a consistent, standardized practice for submitting helpdesk requests at
       Fairfield High. Currently staff use a variety of methods to get equipment repaired
       on campus, including notifying the library, signing a repair log in the Student
       Management office, grabbing the I.T. technician as he/she walks through the
       halls, etc. The staff will be trained on the proper procedure to follow, based on
       the FSUSD Educational Technology Committee guidelines
     Throughout the year notify staff of technology training opportunities, web
       resources for teachers, and funding opportunities
     Work with the staff to increase the number of teachers who have completed the
       CTAP-2 survey, and that the surveys have been updated as required
     Upon review of the teacher surveys, design professional development classes and
       schedule them as 2 ½ hour classes after school
     In partnership with the Multimedia II class at Fairfield High School, maintain and
       update the Fairfield High School website at
     Deliver a workshop on Acceptable Use and Fair Use Guidelines, hopefully during
       a staff meeting or after school for professional buy back credit
     Check the inventory of technology equipment for the campus and update as
     Find the site licenses for all software on campus and make sure that the
       administration has a list of all software programs and license information
     Work with the district Instructional Technology office to increase the level of
       priority for repair of technical equipment in the classroom so that teachers can
       teach and students can learn.

It is important for staff development within the classroom to evolve from simply using
tech equipment for teacher tools to engaging students in higher level thinking skills. If
time permits, professional development activities for teachers at Fairfield High School
will be aimed at encouraging and supporting teachers to develop technology engaged
lessons using the various computers and programs available to them via the network.

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