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Chapter 7
    Committed to delivering excellent value and consistent, reliable service,
        DREAM BIG. It can happen here in a culture dedicated to people – Headline in
       the career section on
    a culture dedicated to people, a focus on personal accountability, customer
       service, individual empowerment and entrepreneurialism


        We offer great training programs and encourage internal growth and development
         of our talent.
        Our e-learning tool, the Online Personal Approach to Learning (OPAL) portal has
         offerings in PC skills, product knowledge, and personal and professional
         development. We are committed to identifying and growing leaders from within
         through our yearly Leadership Talent Reviews.

Hbc Associates are offered:

        Competitive Salaries and Comprehensive Benefits, including Wellness programs
        Associate Discounts on Merchandise and Services
        Associate Buying Club with discounts on over 120 products and services, from
         car insurance to event tickets
        Associate recognition through Team Hbc Awards Program
        Scholarship and Educational Reimbursement Programs

Gold-Medal Company

        We are a one of Canada 's best-known retailers, with award-winning marketing,
         exciting events and contests enhancing our high profile.
        Our eight-year partnership with Canada 's Olympic and Paralympic movement
         has created exciting opportunities for Hbc Associates and showcases our company
         around the world.
        The energy and spirit of the Games have become part of our corporate culture as
         the Official Outfitter to the Canadian Olympic Teams and as we work to fulfill
         our $20 million, seven-year commitment to support Canada's amateur athletes.
        Hbc is also a leading corporate citizen; giving back to the communities we serve.
         Our Hbc Foundation invested over $10.5 million in 2005, working with national
         and local organizations to build healthy families, create strong communities and
         inspire Canadians.
      We are a socially responsible corporation, buying ethically manufactured products
       and recognized for our leadership in energy conservation and environmental

A career with unlimited possibilities starts here.

Hbc's Future Executive Program is for you if you aspire to be a true leader.
If it excites you to develop yourself and your business skills such as strategic and
innovative thinking, taking ownership and delivering results by inspiring others, then this
program is for you.

Whether you're accepted into the Store Operations, Merchandising or Finance stream, the
program is designed to prepare you by first placing you where the action is, on the front
lines in our stores. We believe leaders show their true potential dealing with associates
and customers. It gives you an opportunity to respond to problems, opportunities and
challenges. It is on the front lines, working with a store team and with our customers, that
our high level business strategy gets executed.

Hbc's Future Executive Program is only the beginning of your exciting future. At Hbc,
we offer you more than 5000 potential careers in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial culture
dedicated to people and filled with inspirational leadership.

We have the tools to help you grow to your full potential including educational
reimbursements, e-learning programs, in-class workshops and customized learning. So
dream big, because Hbc gives you unlimited possibilities.

Summer Internships

The Hbc Internship Program helps Hbc identify and nurture future talent by providing
development opportunities for students who are heading into their final year of post-
secondary education. It is an ideal program if you are interested in exploring a career in
retail with Canada's favourite retailer.

This 15-week paid program matches interns to job placements in the business, and
provides a coach who gives you performance and technical feedback. You will also have
a mentor to support your career development and to ensure that your experience is
progressing appropriately. The Program is complemented by classroom training days to
give you more exposure to senior leadership, networking opportunities and to help you
with your own leadership development - as well as giving you an inside look at the
unlimited possibilities within other parts of the Hbc business.
Career Paths

At Hbc, we offer our associates careers with unlimited possibilities for growth and
personal development. Your career at Hbc can take many paths within and across
different functional areas of the business including merchandising, store operations,
finance, human resources and more. “Career Pathing” helps you understand the wide
range of career options at Hbc.

Regular talent review and succession meetings are held to provide you with insight into
your career aspirations, capability and motivation for moving on, and taking on more
complex leadership roles within the unlimted possibilities at Hbc.

This area of the web site helps you understand what your opportunities are at different
stages of your life at Hbc and helps you map out your career by pointing out what
training, development and experience you need to get where you want to be.

Success stories on web page
3) The beliefs that seem to overlap is that the company tries to recruit many young people
who may be interested in a career with HBC. The company starts the workers at the
bottom and moves them to higher levels. Therefore the major belief is the success you
may have just by sticking with HBC. The say that the company believes in innovative
thinking and communication. They want to make people better everyday and educate
them for their own personal gain, which effectively makes better employees.

Social Responsibility

Every day, we make choices. Some of those choices have an impact on our families and
communities; some may reach around the world. At Hbc, our goal is to foster and
enhance sustainable business practices throughout our organization, particularly in the
areas of the environment, associate wellness, community investment and ethical sourcing.

Hbc Foundation
The Hbc Foundation is a leading charitable
organization dedicated to improving the lives of
Canadians through programs that reflect our distinct
Canadian values. Each year, by working closely with
local and national organizations across the country, we
will invest more than $10 million towards three key

      Building healthy families
      Creating strong communities
      Inspiring Canadians

Building Healthy Families
Hospitals and health care services are at the heart of
every Canadian community. The Hbc Foundation
supports local hospitals, oncology centres, hospices,
and organizations such as Look Good Feel Better,
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Quebec Breast Cancer Association, just to
name a few. Hbc and its associates are also very proud of the difference they are making
in the lives of those with cystic fibrosis. Since partnering with the Canadian Cystic
Fibrosis Foundation in 1985, the Hbc Foundation has donated more than $25 million to
help find a cure or control for cystic fibrosis, the most common, fatal, genetic disease
affecting young Canadians.
Creating Strong Communities
We believe that Canada’s ongoing success must be built on the foundation of healthy,
vibrant communities. That’s why the Hbc Foundation donates to programs working to
ensure the well-being of Canadians, such as the Canadian Red Cross Disaster Relief
efforts. As well, each Bay, Zellers and Home Outfitters store is partnered with a woman’s
shelter in its community. The Hbc Foundation also works closely with the Canadian
Women’s Foundation to support over 200 violence prevention projects from coast to

Inspiring Canadians

The key to Canada’s future lies in connecting with, and inspiring, all Canadians. This is
why the Hbc Foundation supports programs that encourage future generations to achieve
great things, to get involved in their local community, and to learn the value of our
Canadian heritage. From programs like Historica Fairs, that teaches kids to explore our
history in a dynamic, hands-on learning environment, to organizations like
Commonwealth Games Canada, that supports and promotes our Canadian athletes, Hbc is
committed to help empower Canadians to take an active role in building our country.

Funding Criteria
Hbc reaches out to thousands of organizations across Canada each year, helping to make
a difference in the lives of millions of Canadians. From small, local charities to national
bodies, our associates and vendors continuously look for ways to give back.

Our commitment is fulfilled through three core principles:

   1. Contributing to national and community-based organizations across Canada;
   2. Focusing donations on three key areas, building healthy families, creating strong
      communities and inspiring Canadians.
   3. Working with vendors, associates and customers to make a difference

Hbc welcomes requests for donations that fit within the areas of health, wellness and
education; however, we receive thousands of requests each year. For this reason, the
following criteria are excluding from receiving support from the Hbc Foundation.


      Groups not registered by Revenue Canada as registered charitable organizations
      Individual pursuits (individuals looking for money for personal pursuits)
      Third party organizations (i.e. local schools looking to raise funds for a charity)
      Advocacy groups of a particular religious, social, political or economic point of
      Private schools
      Travel for individuals or groups
      Groups organized outside of Canada

Please allow six to eight weeks for a reply to all requests for in-kind donations and
financial support.

Additional Support:

Hbc Rewards Community Program
Whether you’re a shelter, school or hospital, a cultural organization, a sport team, or any
other community group, the Hbc Rewards Community Program empowers your members
to take an active role in their community by effortlessly raising funds for their cause.
Earning points is as easy as shopping for everyday items at the Hbc family of stores,, and at Hbc Rewards partner locations…and redeeming for great free
rewards! Visit to learn how your organization can
register, collect points, and redeem for great rewards.

Hbc History Foundation
In 1994, Hbc donated the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives to the Manitoba Archives
and the Hudson’s Bay Company Museum Collection to the Manitoba Museum. The two
collections were valued at approximately $68 million.

With the tax savings realized by the donations, the Company established the Hbc History
Foundation (HbcHF) to provide operating funds for the continued maintenance of these
two collections as well as to support other projects related to Hbc history. Please refer to
the HbcHF Mandate for further information.

In January 2007, HbcHF launched a new program, operated in conjunction with Canada’s
National History Society, to assist applicants seeking small grants to help with their local
history initiatives. The Hbc Local History Grant Program is available to projects on any

Hbc Local History Grant Program
The Hbc Local History Grant Program was established in 2007 in order to provide
applicants, regardless of focus, with a source of project-based funding. It is administered
by the Hbc History Foundation with the assistance of Canada’s National History Society.
Theres a whole social responsibility report.
         Chapter 8

         Key Points and Implications:

         • In the retail department store industry, the major qualities on which competitors
         differentiate themselves from each other are brand image, product quality and product
         • HBC has a competitive advantage over many competitors due to the breadth of products
         that it offers in a wide variety of stores.
         • HBC’s main rival is Sears, which has a similar competitive position.
         • HBC can carve out a new market position by providing an even broader breadth of
         products, lowering prices, or move to offer high-end quality products and enhance brand
         • There is the threat that companies in the other groups may change their product
         strategies to enter the group to compete with HBC.
         • When rival Eaton’s closed, HBC failed to move into the space it left behind, and instead
         moved closer to Sears, which some speculate may have been the cause of their lack of
         success recently
This is where HBC is currently positioning themselves. However with the take over of Lord
and Taylor, The bay will better able to position themselves.
Chapter 10
Top level management has been completely changed, Now owned by an American
owner, Richard Baker, first ever in HBC career. No longer a publicly traded company. Its
no longer a leading Canadian company, its now seen as a leading North American
“The executive reorganization enables the Hudson Bay Trading Company and its
subsidiaries to generate sizeable economies of scale through improved purchasing, shared
services, and more efficient utilization of information technology including internet
retailing. In addition the subsidiaries will be able to benchmark and share best practices
across the various organizations.”

About Hudson’s Bay Company:

Hbc is a division of Hudson's Bay Trading Company and Canada's largest diversified
general merchandise retailer, operating The Bay, a major department store, Zellers, a
mass merchandise format, Home Outfitters, a kitchen, bed and bath specialty store, and
value-priced Fields stores. With more than 600 retail outlets and over 60,000 associates
in Canada, Hbc provides Canadians with stylish, quality merchandise at great value,
through retail banners focused on exceptional customer service.

About Hudson’s Bay Trading Company:

HBTC is a leading North American retailer with four divisions: Lord & Taylor, an
upscale specialty retailer with 47 stores in nine states; Fortunoff, a 23 retail store chain
specializing in fine jewelry and home furnishings in the New York tri-state area; Creative
Design Studios, the fashion design and manufacturing division that creates branded
collections for customers throughout North America and internationally, and the
Hudson's Bay Company.

In 2008, after Zucker's death, the company was sold to NRDC Equity Partners, the
private equity firm of Purchase, New York-based National Realty & Development
Corporation. In the United States, NRDC Equity Partners previously acquired Lord &
Taylor, the oldest department store chain in the U.S., as well as the upscale jewelry and
home furnishings retailer Fortunoff. The Canadian and U.S. holdings are parts of a
newly-formed limited partnership, Hudson's Bay Trading Company, L.P., as of the fall of

Finally: the Bay is really changing
Considering its ripe old age of 338, the Hudson's Bay Company is looking remarkably
sprightly these days. When U.S. private equity firm NRDC Equity Partners snapped up
the dowdy retailer last month, it vowed to "recreate" the retail landscape-and they're off
to a quick start. This week the company appointed Bonnie Brooks, a respected Canadian
executive with experience at Holt Renfrew and a luxury Hong Kong retailer, to head
HBC's Bay division. Mark Foote, who spent two decades at Canadian Tire and Loblaw
Cos., has been named head of Zellers. And prior to that, Jeffrey Sherman, the former
president of Polo Ralph Lauren, was named CEO of HBC. "They're on a roll," says
Hermann Kircher, a retail consultant in Toronto. "There will be notable changes within
the next 12 months."

We've heard this before, of course. When U.S. financier Jerry Zucker bought HBC in
2006, many thought he'd quickly trim the business. But HBC plodded along until
Zucker's death from cancer in April. Things seem different now. lurcher sees HBC selling
its Home Outfitters and Fields chains. The company also plans to build larger Zellers
stores and may split the smaller stores into a separate company. That could make Zellers
more appealing to U.S. retailer Target.

More big changes will come to the Bay, too. NRDC, which owns Lord & Taylor in the
U.S., will bring the high-end chain to Canada by replacing prime Bay locations, or
creating hybrids of the two chains. Lord & Taylor will be positioned a notch below
Holt Renfrew, while the Bay will move upmarket. Some Bay stores will likely close
outright, says Vancouver retail strategist David Ian Gray.

"It's been hard for the people who invested in HBC to let go," Gray says. "The new guys
are going to bring more of an aggressive approach to what reinvention might look like."

Look back at the strategic group maps and read that hbc and lord and taylor are
now becoming hybrids. The restructuring here will position themselves a notch
below Holt Renfrew. This should make them a bit more upscale to match the price
stragey they want. As of now, the bay is in an awkward fit of being out performed
by walmart, with their low price/ high product breadth and holt renfrews high price
low product breadth.

Zellers is also going through restructuring. With the Mark Foote in place, formerly
“mproved store format to Canadian Tire and tried to revive Loblaw Cos. Ltd. through
ongoing turmoil has been tapped to work his general merchandise wizardry upon
Foote, who was a key strategist behind the successful upgrade to newer, bigger Canadian
Tire stores as head of retail at the company, will begin the job in mid-August. The news
comes weeks after the takeover of Hudson's Bay Co. by NRDC Equity Partners, the
U.S.-based owners of the Lord & Taylor department store chain and jeweller Fortunoff.

"He knows this market, and Zellers clearly needs some help," said retail consultant
Richard Talbot, president of Talbot Consultants International. "It would be tough to
parachute in someone from the U.S. on this. They have tried that before and it has not

Under the stewardship of U.S. magnate Jerry Zucker, who died in April, HBC poured
money into Zellers with a project known as `red and white' - the principal colours also
used by successful Wal-Mart rival Target in the U.S. He converted half of Zellers'
stores to a larger prototype, cleaned up back office systems, remedied its inventory woes
and retrained staff.
But missing from the strategy was the critical style-on-a-budget element deployed by
Target, who has spent years luring high-end clothing and home goods designers into its
fold to do limited private lines of value-priced goods.

Talbot believes HBC should bring in a few seasoned     Target executives and "do a
cookie cut" of the U.S. chain.

"I think that has been the problem (thus far) - you can't do a halfway execution. Target
is the only successful format that competes head-to-head with Wal-Mart and the only
way you could copy that would be to follow the format in its entirety."

Jeffrey Sherman, the former head of Bloomingdale's who recently became chief
executive of HBC, noted Foote's "DNA is coded with tremendous Canadian retail
experience," he said. "That depth of knowledge will be an asset to HBC as we move
forward with our plan to drive top line growth at Zellers and re-energize the brand."

NRDC principal Richard Baker said recently that he planned to hire chief executives to
run the Bay and Zellers as separate units with unique strategies.

Foote said he plans to focus at Zellers on improving branded apparel and service and
continue rolling out new prototype stores.

With the amount of change that has been occurring in HBC in the past few months,
it is certainly safe to say that HBC is undergoing a revolutionary change. It is tough
to determine the success of the ongoing change because it is still in the early stages
and these changes may not be so immediate.

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