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April 23, 2007


  On Saturday, April 28, 2007 over four-hundred Rebuilding Together Tulsa volunteers will join
 together to repair 14 homes of low-income homeowners in need as a part of Rebuilding Together
                                  Tulsa’s 10th Annual Work Day.

       (For Immediate Release -- Tulsa, Oklahoma) Since 1997, Rebuilding Together Tulsa, a local
non-profit organization, has rallied thousands of volunteers to perform repairs on 157 homes for low-
income homeowners. This year, on its 10th anniversary, Rebuilding Together Tulsa will rally over 400
volunteers to help repair 14 Tulsa neighborhood homes. Volunteers will begin work at the homes
selected for repairs on the morning of Saturday, April 28, 2007, and will finish by the end of the
day. An additional 56 repair projects will take place this year as part of the year-round program.

       “The tremendous generosity of donors and the work of over 400 dedicated and caring
volunteers will bring security and safety to the lives of fourteen low-income homeowners this year,”

said Deanna Boston, Rebuilding Together Tulsa Executive Director. For the 10th Annual Workday,
Bank of America has partnered with Rebuilding Together Tulsa as the Title Sponsor. Brad Burkhalter,
Bank of America Senior Vice President said, “Bank of America is thrilled once again to partner with
Rebuilding Together Tulsa to serve the Tulsa Community. Rebuilding Together Tulsa is a non-profit
organization which makes a real difference in the community by preserving and revitalizing homes and
neighborhoods for low income homeowners.”

       Rebuilding Together Tulsa, organized locally in 1997, relies on local volunteers and corporate
sponsors to help refurbish homes in area neighborhoods. Each year, the annual Work Day takes place
on the last Saturday in April. The Tulsa chapter is a part of the national organization that repairs homes
in 480 cities and towns across the nation. Funding for homes repaired in Tulsa is provided locally.

       Repairs that will be made include new roofs, wheelchair ramps, new windows, sturdy door
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locks, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, window repair, sheetrock replacement, electrical repair,
plumbing repair, interior and exterior painting and much more!

       Sponsors provide funding and volunteers to repair homes for Rebuilding Together Tulsa. Bank
of America is this year’s Workday Title Sponsor. Other 2007 leadership sponsors include: AARP,
Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, A-Best Roofing, Bama Foods Limited Partnerships, Bank of the
West, Bradco Supply Corporation, City of Tulsa, George Kaiser Family Foundation, Harp Electric,
JPMorgan Chase, Kendall-Whittier Neighborhood, Maxine and Jack Zarrow Foundation, Ralph and
Francis McGill Foundation, Remodelors’ Council of the Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa,
Sherwin Williams, State Farm, and Williams, David and Kay Wulf.

       Rebuilding Together Tulsa solicits house applications through social service agencies,
neighborhood associations and the general public. The homes are selected following a personal visit
by Rebuilding Together Tulsa committee members to determine need and extent of work.

       For more information on house sponsorships or locations for photographs or interviews, please
contact Deanna Boston at 742-6241 x 3 or 520-4962 cell.

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