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									   Competition Among Living
               •Explore how living things
Vocabulary:    compete for things they need.

•competition   •Explain why competition
               occurs in ecosystems.
•niche         Explain how populations avoid
                     How Much Room Do
                      Organisms Need?
             • Competition for space affects how plants
               grow. Competition occurs when one
               organism works against another to get
               what it needs to live. Organisms may
               compete for space, water, food, or
               some other need.

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                     Desert plants
                     compete for water.
                     A cactus soaks up
                     all the moisture in
                     a single area. No
                     other plants can
                     grow in this area.

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             Rabbits compete for food. If there are too
             many rabbits, all of the grass will be eaten.
             Some of the rabbits won’t survive.

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             Hawks, owls,
             and snakes
             all compete
             to catch
             mice for

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             Different ecosystems support different numbers
             of organisms. The chart below compares the
             numbers of different types of birds in a rain
             forest with those in a temperate forest.
                              Comparing Forests
                                   Different Types of             Different Types of
                                          Trees                          Birds
              Temperate Forest             50-60                         50

                Rain Forest               500-600                        250

             Temperate forests are the most common type of
             forest in the U.S. Rain forests support many more
             types of trees and birds than temperate forests.

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             The same pattern is true for other
             living things. Why are there so
             many more types of organisms in
             the rain forest? Rain forests are
             much wetter and warmer than
             temperate forests. More plants can
             grow in this environment. More
             plants means more animals, too.

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             Can Competition Be Avoided?

              Competition is a struggle for
              survival. In order to survive, some
              organisms find ways to avoid
              competing. Many types of
              organisms share the same

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             Each type of organism has its own
             niche. A niche is the job or role an
             organism has in an ecosystem. An
             organism’s niche includes what an
             organism does, what it eats, and
             how it interacts with other

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             For example, there are many types of pigeons in
             the forests of New Guinea. Each type has a
             different niche. This helps the pigeons avoid
             competition. The Victoria crowned pigeon has a
             niche that includes eating fruits, berries, and large
             seeds. The pigeon nests in trees and searches for
             food on the ground of the forest.

                                                                    The forests of New
                                                                    Guinea are home to
                                                                    Victoria crowned

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                      Why It Matters

             As a living thing, you have a niche in
               your ecosystem. Your niche
               includes the roles you have at
               home and at school. How is your
               niche different from the niches of
               other people and animals in the

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