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									Address of property we are applying

Date we are requesting to move in to the
                                                                                         ****Office Use Only****
                             Please Return to: 1330 Van Beurden Dr. #101                Applicant has seen inside
                                         Los Osos, CA 93402                             Applicant Has Paid Application Fee

                                        Phone: (805) 528-1133                           Background Check/ Credit Check Complete

                                       Toll Free: (800) 540-0229                        Applicant Approved

                  Application Fee Agreement and Guidelines
Applications must be completely filled out with both pages signed. We reserve the right to refuse to
process any application that has not been completed. One application must be filled out for each adult
over 18 years old. There is a $25 application fee for each adult. If a cosigner will be helping you apply
for a rental, there will be an additional $10 application fee.

                                         Renter’s Insurance
If you are approved, you may be required to carry renter’s insurance. This can be obtained at a reasonable
cost (around $125 - $200 per year). Please inquire if the property you are applying for requires insurance
because proof of insurance must be provided to the property management company before tenant will be
allowed to take possession of the property. Van Beurden Insurance carries renter’s insurance and can be
contacted at (805) 528-1484.

                                         Application Process
We will process your application as rapidly as possible. Delays can occur because of problems including,
but not limited to: obtaining past tenant history from previous landlords, failure of employers to call us
back, incomplete applications, etc. Information that we cannot verify may result in a denied application.

                                               Pet Policy
If the property you are applying for accepts pets, you must know that due to insurance restrictions, we will
not rent to tenants with pit bulls, rottweilers or any pet that we feel is dangerous; our insurance company
is very specific in this area. There is also an additional $500.00 refundable pet deposit on per pet.

                                  Criminal & Background Check
By signing or initialing below and each of the following pages, you are authorizing Bay Osos Property
Management to check your credit history, rental references, employment status, criminal and/or
background history and any other information deemed necessary by Bay Osos Property Management to
determine qualifications.

Printed Name

Signature                                                           Date

                                  RENTAL APPLICATION

Full Name:_______________________________________________ Cell Phone:___________ ______
                   Last                  First               Middle Initial
Phone Number: _____________Work Phone: _____________ Email Address: _____________________
S.S#: _____________ Birth Date: ____/_____/_____ Drivers License#: ___            _______ D.L. State:_____

1) Current Address: ______________________________City: ___________________Zip: ____ ____
Since: ____/_____/_____Reason for Leaving: _________________________________________   ___
Rent Amount: _____________ Current Landlord: _____________________Phone: ______         __

2) Previous Address: _____________________________City: ____________________Zip: __________
Since:____/_____/_____Reason for Leaving: _______________________________________________
Rent Amount:_____________ Current Landlord: _____________________Phone: _________________

3) Previous Address: _____________________________City: ___________________Zip: ___________
Since: ____/_____/_____Reason for Leaving: _______________________________________    _____
Rent Amount: _____________ Current Landlord: _____________________Phone__________________

Incase of Emergency Notify: Name_______________________________ Phone ___________________
                                Relationship to applicant: ____________________________________________
Have you ever: 1. Been Evicted: yes no; 2. Been sued by a landlord: yes no; 3. Filed Bankruptcy: yes no;
4. Been convicted, pleaded guilty, or no contest to a felony: yesno; If yes to any of these, please explain:
1) Applicant’s Employer:________________________________________ How Long?______ to______
Job Title: ____________________________Gross Pay per month: _________ Full time Part time (circle one)
Supervisor: ______________Work Address: ______________________Phone Number: _____________

2) Previous Employer:__________________________________________ How Long? ______ to _____
Job Title:____________________________ Gross Pay per month:__________ Full time Part time (circle one)
Supervisor: ______________Work Address: ______________________Phone Number: _____________

Other income Per month: ______________Source:_______________________________ Self Spouse
Other income Per month: ______________Source:_______________________________ Self Spouse

1) Bank:____________________________ Account Number:_________________ checking savings
2) Bank:____________________________ Account Number:_________________ checking savings
3) Bank:____________________________ Account Number:_________________ checking savings
                                                                                             Applicant Initials
1) Make: _______________ Model: _____________Year: _______ License#: ____________ State:____
2) Make: _______________ Model: _____________Year: _______ License#: ____________ State:____
3) Other Vehicles/Boats: ______________________Year: _______ License#: ____________ State:____

Do you own any of the following? (1-4*) 1. Water filled furniture: yes no; 2. Fish tank/aquarium: yes no,
If yes what size: _____gallons. 3. Any Birds: yes no, if yes specify type: ______; 4. Any other type of pet: yes
no, if yes, explain: __________________________________________. *You may be required to provide
additional Insurance and deposit.

Pet#1                                                            Pet #2
Breed: ___________________ Age: ____Lbs:____                     Breed: ___________________ Age: ____Lbs:____
Has pet ever injured anyone? yes no                            Has pet ever injured anyone? yes no

(For the purpose of identification only, please list names and either ages or dates of birth of other persons intending to
occupying unit.)
________________________________________                           ________________________________________
________________________________________                           ________________________________________
________________________________________                           ________________________________________
I understand that I have the right to dispute the accuracy of any information provided to the Owner/Agent
by a screening service or credit reporting agency. I am aware that an incomplete application may cause
delays or result in denial of tenancy. I certify that the above information is correct and complete and
hereby authorize you to make any inquiries you feel necessary to evaluate my tenancy and credit standing
(including but not limited to: credit checks, criminal background checks, etc.). I understand that prior to
moving in we must provide proof of Renter’s Insurance or sign a waiver accepting full responsibility for
any losses that might occur.

Applicant                                                               Date
Phone numbers:
Home:                                       Cell:                                         Work:

       All applicants over the age of 18 must fill out separate applications.
       If your application is approved, the Security Deposit will be required within 24 hrs to hold the rental, unit is
        considered available until funds are received.
       The Security Deposit and First Rent Due are required to be paid in the form of “guaranteed funds” (a cashier’s
        check or money order). Future rents may be paid with one personal check.

Bay Osos Property Management will not discriminate because of race, creed, color, national origin,
marital status, sex, age, source of income, or other form of discrimination prohibited by law. We do,
however, have an obligation to accept only those applicants who are able to pay the rent, are considerate
to the rights of their neighbors, and are willing to care for their residence.

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