Second Grade Fact and Opinion Worksheets

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					Education 4005

  Subject Matter
           Scenerio: John
• John is a second year teacher who has
  just been given his teaching assignment
  for next September. He is a French major
  with a minor in physics and has done
  methods courses in each. Next year his
  teaching assignment includes courses in
  each of these areas plus one section of
  Canadian Geography.
           Scenario: Marie
• Marie is a teacher with over twenty years
  experience. She is firm and confident both
  in the classroom and the staffroom; she
  freely offers advice, especially to the
  younger, inexperienced staff members. If
  one is ever in need of an opinion, ask
            Exchange # 1
John: How am I supposed to teach
 geography when I haven’t even done an
 undergraduate course in it? As a matter of
 fact I haven’t even studied it since grade
Marie: Oh, stop whining. You’ve got plenty
 of time to read the textbook, and if you’ve
 read it, you can teach it. No sweat!
             Exchange #2
John: I know I have plenty of time to READ
 the text, but I’m not sure how I will retain
 the specifics of the whole course
 throughout the year. I have the same
 number of preps as I had last year with my
 regular courses.
Marie: Look, simply stay one class ahead.
 You can read faster than they can.
              Exchange #3
John: What am I going to do about resources? I
  don’t have anything to use outside the text.
  Annette has been teaching this for years and
  she has resource material on every section.
Marie: See if she will give you some worksheets
  and book the computer lab for once a week for
  them to look-up vocabulary words. (You have to
  keep them busy so they won’t have time to surf
  for porn or steal the mouse balls.)
               Exchange #4
John: Maybe I can learn the specific material for
  the course, but I don’t know anything about the
  “big picture” of geography. What if students ask
  me questions about things not in the text?
Marie: Wing it. Bluff your way through it. You’re
  smarter than they are. Never let them know that
  you ‘don’t know’ or they will question
  everything you try to teach them. Baffle them
  with bulls…… well, you know.

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