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									Chapel of the Cross                      Vestry Meeting                  March 22, 2006

Members Present: Thomas Cavett, Pete Clark, Pat Evans, Dick Lawrence, Leslie LeDoux, Ruby Medlin,
Kenny O’Neal, Suzie Pooley, Liz Risher, Reggie Sims, Ralph Stillions
Members Absent:
Clergy Present: Alston Johnson
Others Present: Nat Duncan
Vestry Clerk: Susie Regan

              Topic / Action Taken                                     Follow Up
Scripture Prayer: Led by Alston. A reading from
John 6:4-15


Approval of January Minutes – A motion was
made by Pat Evans that the minutes be approved as
submitted. Leslie LeDoux seconded the motion and
the motion PASSED
Approval of June Financials – The financial report
was given by Steve Downs. At the end of two
months, Feb. 06, we are $18,091.78 behind budget.
We are following the same pattern as last year with
the pledges being behind. Our total income for Jan
and Feb was $87,658.22. Our total expenses were
$92,148.39. We had other income of $149.94,
leaving us with a net loss of $4,340,23.
We will begin publishing our financial report in the
newsletter. We will use a bar graph, which Steve
Downs has said that he can do. A motion was made
by Ruby Medlin to accept the financial report as
submitted. The motion was seconded by Thomas
and the motion PASSED.
New Business:

Nat Duncan-
Nat Duncan was present at the meeting and
announced that he would be parting ways from the
Chapel of the Cross. Since going back to school he
has not been able to devote as much time to the
Chapel. He will remain with us for a few more
months. Nat’s studies will allow him to continue
and move forward with his youth ministry. Alston
will send a letter to the Chapel members and other
people in the Dioceses. Nat will write a letter that
will go out to the congregation. Alston and the
vestry members expressed their heartfelt thanks and
appreciation for all that Nat has done while at the
Chapel. Alston would like to plan a going away
party for Nat.
New Men’s and Women’s Groups:
Leslie LeDoux reported that there are two new
groups, which have formed. It is not required that
they have vestry approval, and Leslie was presenting
this as information for the vestry. The first is a
men’s group, and as of yet they do not have a name.
It will be a spiritual group for reflection and
discussion, and undertake approved projects. Don
Bates is charge of this group. The second group is a
women’s, The Daughters of the King. This is an
order for women for prayer and service. They will
be selecting a project that is suited to the Chapel.
Lou Ann Cavett is leading this group. Information
will be going out to the congregation concerning
both groups. The Daughters of the King will meet
this Sunday in the parish hall.

Selection of Council Delegates
Alston would like a process in place for the selection
of delegates. We need to begin the process for the
selection for the Council meeting Feb. 2nd through
the 4th, 2007, in Vicksburg. Alston suggested that the
vestry submit names (after contacting the applicant
for their consent) and putting it to a vote. Reggie
suggested that two wardens, from the vestry, go with
the election of the third delegate. The vestry agreed
to consider our options and discuss this again at a
future meeting. Alston would like to see a youth
selected as one of the delegates.
Golf Tournament
Ruby Medlin asked the vestry for their approval to
allow the PGA tour to use our facilities again for
childcare. The PGA provides its own security,
insurance policy, and workers. We only provide the
facility. They made a very generous donation of
$1,500.00 last year. Suzie Pooley made a motion
that we allow the PGA to use our facilities for
childcare in 2006. Liz Risher seconded the motion
and the motion PASSED.

Committee Reports:
Leslie DeDoux, Christian Service Commission.
Ruby Medlin, Christian Growth Commission.
Both reported that all committee’s are doing well.

As of last Sunday there were 21 signed up for
confirmation (No adults). Alston is sending a letter
to everyone who will be 15 this calendar year. He
asks that they attend three, three-hour sessions for
confirmation preparation. Suzie Pooley will check
into a dinner being cooked for the inquirers or

Debt retiring committee
Reggie Sims announced that he is going to form a
debt retiring committee. The meeting to form this
committee will be the later part of next week.

Wardens' Reflections on Ministry –
Reggie Simms reported that we are moving into the
process of Alston calling an associate. Alston has
identified someone he is interested in. Alston has
indicated that he wants to call a seasoned more
senior associate, with an emphasis on children’s
ministry. He would work closely with the
Catechesis group. This would free Alston to spend
more time with the EYC and look for a replacement
for Natt.
Information on up-coming events
Information on the parish weekend passed around.
Dates: Friday, April 7th through Sunday, April 9th.
Alston is working on arrangements for the Palm
Sunday service for the attendees.

April 1st is the scheduled workday for cleanup for
Easter. Please email Suzie Pooley with suggestions.
They will begin a 9:00AM.

New vestry member conference is March 31st
through April 1st at Gray Center.
Dismissal Blessing -

Dates to Remember:
PARISH WEEKEND -Friday April 7th through Sunday, April 9th

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