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					                        ALDERBURY PARISH COUNCIL
              Minutes of the meeting held in the Roman Catholic Chapel, Whaddon, on
                         Thursday 5th February 2009 at 7.30pm.
Present: Councillors:
Mrs E. Hartford (EH)          Mr J. Hubbard (JH)            Mrs. D. Biggs (DB) (Chairman)
Mr A. Vining (AV)             Mr P Barnfield (PB)           Mrs J Copley (JC)

One member of the public.
Apologies: Mr P. Jenks, Mr R. Clark, Mrs L Allen, Mrs F Vining, Mr E Hodges, Mr B Moss -
County Councillor and Mr R Britton, Mr R. Clewer, Mr L Randall - District Councillors

Public questions and statements:
A resident asked why the adoption of Southway had been put on the PC’s agenda. DB explained
that Councillor Britton had asked for this to be put on the agenda for the PC’s support. This item is
to be deferred until Councillor Britton can attend the meeting. Clerk to action.
Declarations of Interest: EH declared an interest in Item No. 2452 - Junction Road and JC
declared an interest in Item 2448 – Alderbury Football Club and New Business – PCC’s request for
Minutes of the Last Meeting: The Minutes of the meeting held on 13th January, 2009, having been
circulated, were taken as read, agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
2492 (2469)    The following payments were approved:
 Chq No. Paid to:                         For :                                          Amount
   703     C Hill                         Clerk’s Salary – (Jan 09)                       £530.13
   704     Post Office Ltd                NI and Tax Jan 09 for Clerk                      £42.19
   705     B. Caley                       Litter picking – Jan 09                          £20.00
   706     A. McRobb                      Litter picking – Jan 09                          £22.50
   707     Park Leisure Ltd               Skate Park - Refurbishment                    £8,998.75
Next cheque number will be 708.
The following payment was received:
 From :                                                                                   Amount
 –Alderbury Bowls - Rent                                                                   £40.00
2493 (2470) – Budget 08/09 –updated budget presented to the PC showing the payments for
February. Clerk to update Council at next meeting.

Matters arising:
2494 (2472) - Children's Play Area – Clerk to try arrange for the rope bridge to be fixed. Clerk has
consulted play equipment specialist and he is going to give a quote to replace the bridge. Clerk to
2495 (2473) – Cricket Pavilion - The clerk is drafting a new contract letter to be signed by all
parties to continue the lease under the current terms for another 10 years. Clerk to action.
2496 (2474) – Alderbury Football Club – Due to illness the Clerk has not re-submitted the planning
application this month. The planning application for change of use of the bottom field backing onto
Clarendon Road will be re-submitted in the coming month.
2497 (2475) – Little Ridge Wall – DB and AV have checked the wall and it is still too high,
especially as it has not been topped off yet. Clerk to contact enforcement and make them aware.
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The PC also asked the clerk to ask what is happening to the air conditioning units that do not have
planning permission. Clerk to action.
2498 (2476) - Skate Park –the Skate Park equipment has now been repaired and reinstated. The
Clerk has asked that Park Leisure put in writing that the slight gap on one of the Skate ramps is
safe. The Clerk will only send the payment off once she has received this written confirmation.
This item can now be taken off the agenda. Clerk to action.
2499 (2477) – Footpaths across river – DB has spoken to the footpath warden who has spoken to
the environmental agency. They would be unable to support this project as the river and path is on a
flood plain. He also stated that there has never been a bridge across the river from Home Farm to
the Britford side. DB will speak to Mr Whalley at Longford Estates and will review archives to see
if there was a bridge there in the past. DB will continue to work on this and report back.
2500 (2478) – Junction Road Scalpings – PB is still trying to find someone to do the work. This
item will be taken off the agenda for the time being. PB and Clerk to action.
2501 (2479) Bus Shelters – the Bus Shelter at the bottom of Lights Lane has now been turned
round. The Clerk will carry on chasing Clarence re wooden bus shelters. Clerk to action.
2502 (2481) – Old Road Dog Fouling – The Policing team has put notices in the Fountain and so
this item will be taken off the agenda. Clerk to action.
2503 (2482) – Village Design Statement – DB confirmed that the team are getting closer to
finishing the questionnaire and are hoping to publish it soon. DB to action.
2504 (2483) – Housing Needs Survey – The PC considered the report by Carol Southall. Whilst a
need for affordable housing was identified in the report, the PC feels that the Village Design
Statement needs to be completed before they can look at the impact of this report. It was agreed
that the Clerk would write to Carol Southall and explain that the PC would consider the report once
the VDS was completed. This item will be taken off the agenda. Clerk to action.
2505 (2485) – Use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) – The PC confirmed the
changes to the E-mail policy and it was agreed that this would be re-circulated to all the
Councillors. The final version is to be adopted next month. Clerk to action.
2506 (2489) – Adoption of Southway – This item was deferred until Councillor Britton can attend.
Clerk to put on the next agenda.
2507 (2491) – Derelict Bungalow on Rectory Road – Clerk informed the PC that the police had no
jurisdiction to intervene on behalf of the PC. It is possible to check on the owner with the land
registry for a fee of £3, it was agreed to do this. The Clerk was also asked to check with PC
Clissold if the DVLA can be approached as there is a car in the overgrown drive. Clerk to action.
New Business:
2508 (2291) – Parochial Church Council request for funding – JC asked on behalf of the PCC that
the PC re-look at the request for funding on the church car park. The PC agreed to consider this but
asked that the PCC provide information on how much they are requesting and what financial
assistance they have managed to get. All the information should be sent to the Clerk who will put
this item on the agenda for the next meeting. JC and Clerk to action.
2509 - Update on Planning Seminar - DB explained what had happened at the planning seminar. It
was agreed that the two presentations would be sent out via e-mail to the councillors. DB also
spoke about the new Area Boards and Community Area Partnerships. DB had photocopied a leaflet
to be given to all councillors to help explain the situation and members of the public can find this
information on the Wiltshire County Council website or by telephoning the council.

PLANNING – The following applications have been approved by SDC:

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S/2008/1876 Full Application – Raising of roof to facilitate first floor at Pigeon Hill, Rectory
            Road, Alderbury
S/2008/2002 Full planning reconstruction of fire damaged house at 13 Windwhistle Way,
            Alderbury. Councillors and clerk were unaware of this application prior to
            today. Clerk to find out why we had not been informed.

VILLAGE HALL – LA sent a report through the clerk as she could not attend. At the meeting on
22nd January it was agreed that they would put the work to the car park to one side. The lease for
the Social Club still had not been signed but it was hoping that this would happen soon. LA spoke
to a member of the social club who asked that the railings outside the Social Club be fixed but
asked that the Clerk needed to note that the posts were set in concrete bases and this would not be
an easy job. The hall is free on Tuesday nights if anyone is interested. The Trustees of AVH have
asked the PC to clarify its position regarding any future maintenance work and what percentage of
costs are they able to contribute. The PC need to know which maintenance work, they were
referring to and how they interpret the lease. Clerk to action.
Correspondence :
The following had been received:
2510 – Best Kept Village Competition – 2009 – the PC agreed to re-enter this year. It is hoped
that everyone in the village will help us do well this year. The Clerk is to fill out the relevant
2511 – WALC – News letter – The clerk asked to attend a course on Accounting Issues. This will
be put on the agenda next month to agree payment. DB asked the Clerk to contact Laverstock for
information on their Youth Council initiative. Clerk to Action.
2512 – Wiltshire Council Roadshows –the clerk is to make a poster of all the Roadshows in
Salisbury to put on the notice boards. Clerk to action.
2513 – Avon Drive – Chain fence looking very tatty. Clerk to action.

2514 – Salt Bins - It was confirmed that there were only 3 salt bins in the village eg Folly Lane,
Oakwood Grove and School Lane. One councillor asked if any more could be put in the village –
eg. Silver Street, Old Road and Clarendon Road. It was also asked when do the salt bins get filled
again and by whom. Clerk to action

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 4th March 2009 at 7.30 p.m.

Next minute number 2515

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