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									                                        Trevor Tyre - Mission Camp Macon 2010 Intern
                                                                 4311 Lakewood Drive
                                                                   Marianna, FL 32448

                                                                        February 2, 2011

My name is Trevor Tyre and I was born and raised in the small town of Marianna,
Florida. I grew up with two great role models as parents, who guided me and brought
me up in a great church setting. I have gone to the same church (Trinity Baptist Church)
my entire life and have a great church family there. I graduated from Marianna High
School in 2004.

I grew up loving sports and my parents were always very supportive in everything I
attempted to do in athletics and academics. After high school baseball, I went to Chipola
College and played for a year. Then I moved on to Troy University, where I played for
the Trojans for 3 years. God blessed me to have a great career in baseball and to make
many great memories with family and friends. I have also been blessed with a great
academic career as well. I graduated in the summer of 2008 with my Bachelors degree
in Marketing, and my college years will come to a close later this spring as I graduate
with my Masters in Business Administration.

I have been involved with Mission Camp Macon since its beginning back in 2004. I have
been privileged to see its growth over each year and the true difference that it has
made in the lives of these kids in Macon. I eagerly anticipate this upcoming summer
because I believe the Lord has great plans for MCM to further its growth and ability to
touch young lives.

I ask that you please be in prayer for LFR, myself, the staff, and most of all the kids that
will be involved with MCM this summer. If you have any questions, ideas, donations, or
concerns about Mission Camp Macon 2010 I would be more than happy to talk about

Trevor Tyre

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