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									                                           HBA Greater Philadelphia
                                Call for Speakers /Speaker Recommendations

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter is seeking recommendations and
referrals for the 2010-2011 Program and Event calendar.

We want to put together a series of programs focused on enhancing and/or developing our competencies as
successful professional women; a series containing engaging, enlightening -- and maybe even ‘edgy’ --
programs which challenge us and which provide a comfortable environment to expand our personal

Specific areas we would like to address during the year include:
    Career                          setting goals, identifying pathways, staying on track, making moves
    Networking/Self Promotion expanding your network, increasing visibility, personal branding;
                                    tools, techniques, emotional intelligence
    Skills Development              increasing political savvy, managing up, presentation/communication
                                    skills, functional/technical topics
    Personal Leadership             self awareness, adaptability, self management, learning capacity,
    Leading Others                  building/leading teams, forging relationships,
                                    developing/communicating with others
    Leading Organizations           problem solving, decision making, taking risks, setting vision/strategy

    Managing                        company, culture, position, new technology; new management,
    Change/Transitions              new teams
    Work-life balance               values and priorities, health and wellness, nurturing relationships,
                                    community and spirituality

Our programs are offered in several different formats.
   1. Live in-person meetings. Generally evening events which are interactive lecture/workshop style
   2. Webinars
   3. Dine-arounds – light learning , heavy networking format

Criteria for speaker and program selection will include:
    1. Demand for subject matter;
    2. Practical application for attendees and therefore their employers;
    3. Uniqueness of offering;
    4. Strength of learning objectives, value to HBA members.

If you are, you know or you can recommend a speaker or a program we should pursue for our members please
review and complete the attached information sheet and return it to our chapter mailbox
[] by Oct 31.
                                              HBA Greater Philadelphia
                                   Call for Speakers /Speaker Recommendations

To be considered as a speaker, or to recommend a speaker, please complete the following outline. Email it to by Nov 15. Our chapter Programming Committee will be reviewing submissions and
selecting events for 2010-11. Presenters will be notified by Dec 15th.

Your name & HBA GP member status

Email address & Phone number

Speaker’s name

How best to contact speaker (phone #,
email address etc.)
Approx. Date (s) of Availability            In which months would the speaker be able to offer this program?

Proposed Program Title                      Be sure it is enlightening, engaging, edgy(?)!

Major Competency area focused on or
addressed by way of this program
Abstract (limited to 200 characters)      Provide synopsis of presentation. This is your chance to “sell” your
                                          presentation to the selection committee. Please be specific. What
                                          is interesting, unique about this program? What does it offer the
                                          attendees? Why have your recommended it?
Presentation Description (Up to 100 words Please provide a brief description of the proposed program – think
to succinctly describe the event)         short selling sentence or two.

Learning Objectives: List 3 or more
outcomes / knowledge attendee will
gain by participating
Presentation Most Appropriate for           __ Evening Meeting (1.5. hrs)
which meeting format (check all that        __ Webinar (45 mins)
apply)                                      __ Dine Around (30 – 45 mins, more informal)
Speaker Bio                                 Provide or attach.

Special meeting requirements & AV
equipment? If yes, please specify.

The HBA is a great place for networking and informal promotion of your business; however, our main goal in
presenting speakers is to educate, inform, and enhance the lives of the businesswomen attending our meetings.
As such, the focus of the presentation should be to nurture and support professional and/or personal growth. .

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