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William W. Hinkley
Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste
Department of Environmental Protection
2600 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400
Phone: 850-245-8709
Fax: 850-245-8803

Current Position and Responsibilities

Chief, Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste, Florida Department of Environmental
Protection: Supervise a staff of 85 and an annual budget of $ 23 million, with
administrative, regulatory, policy and legislative responsibilities over:

      Hazardous Waste Regulation (RCRA Subtitle C): management of the federal
       hazardous waste regulatory Subtitle C program of the Resource Conservation
       and Recovery Act (RCRA), delegated by EPA, including rule making, permitting,
       compliance, enforcement, data management and grants administration

      Hazardous Waste Management: establishment of regulatory standards and
       management programs for “universal” hazardous wastes generated by
       households and small businesses, such as batteries, used oil, fluorescent tubes
       and electronic wastes

      Solid Waste Management (including RCRA Subtitle D): development of
       regulations and coordination of a statewide program for the management of
       municipal wastes (including administration of the EPA approved RCRA Subtitle D
       program for municipal solid waste landfills), and special wastes such as waste
       tires, yard waste and construction and demolition debris

      Waste Reduction: development and oversight of state recycling policy and
       guidelines; providing $6 million in grants to cities and counties for recycling and
       proper waste management; and overseeing a pollution prevention program which
       provides technical assistance to small businesses on pollution prevention


       B.A. History, University of Michigan, 1967
       Graduate Course Work in History, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1967-69
       B.S. Biology, Florida State University, 1974

Professional Strengths

     Technical Knowledge: Knowledge of principal air, water and waste
      environmental control technologies and practices; field work in, and knowledge
      of, most of the major ecological systems of Florida; visits to hundreds of solid and
      hazardous waste management facilities, industrial sites, power plants, mines and
      agricultural facilities, proficient in Microsoft Windows and Office software and
      digital photography

     Communication, Presentation and Writing Skills: Presentations to state and
      national technical conferences, city and county commissions, environmental
      groups, and public meetings; faculty at the Florida Chamber of Commerce
      Permitting Short Course, guest lecturer at university engineering and
      environmental science classes, principal author of the Solid Waste Management
      in Florida annual report and other agency publications (A CD of presentations
      available upon request)

     Legislative, Regulatory and Litigation Experience: Experience in drafting
      legislation and regulations at both the state and national levels; have testified
      before: U.S. Senate Committee on Public Works and the Environment; the
      environmental, community affairs, governmental operations and appropriations
      committees of the Florida House and Senate committees; the Florida
      Environmental Regulation Commission (ERC); and before numerous public
      hearings and local government commissions; participation in rule and permit
      litigation through depositions, administrative hearings, and court testimony

Work history

     1974-76: Special Project to Prevent the Eutrophication of Lake Okeechobee:
      Water quality and ecological studies in Lake Okeechobee and its principal

     1976-77: Division of State Planning: State Land Development Plan, Areas of
      Critical State Concern

     1977-80: Kissimmee River Restoration Council: Water quality, ecological and
      modeling studies on dechannelizing and restoring the Kissimmee River

     1980-83: Department of Environmental Regulation (DER), Division of Water
      Resources: State Water Use Plan, water quality studies in the Big Cypress,
      Everglades, Lake Okeechobee and Suwannee River basins

     1983-87: DER, Office of the Secretary, Office of Special Projects: Various
      projects including: Coal slurry pipeline study, Florida Acid Deposition Study,
      Outstanding Florida Water Designations, and federally proposed phosphate
      mining in the Osceola National Forest

      1987-91: DER, Administrator, Solid Waste Management Program: Lead staff in
       drafting 1988 Solid Waste Management Act and responsible for its subsequent
       implementation, with new programs addressing municipal solid waste, special
       wastes such as waste tires, and biomedical waste, recycling and a $35 million
       grants program for local governments

      1991-present: Chief, Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste: Duties and
       responsibilities as described above

Major Accomplishments

      Drafting and enactment the comprehensive 1988 Solid Waste Management Act
       and significant amendments to it in 1993, 1995, and 2002

      Development and of regulations governing combustor ash, waste tires, used oil,
       construction and demolition debris, compost and hazardous waste

      Adoption of composite liner, gas and leachate collection, ground water
       monitoring and other standards for landfills and approval of Florida’s RCRA
       Subtitle D program by EPA

      Growth of the Florida recycling program from less than 4% to the current level of
       28%, with nearly seven million tons recycled, and to 300 curbside recycling
       programs statewide offering curbside recycling to 8.5 million Floridians

      Lead Department role in evaluating controversial hazardous waste facilities—
       especially an incinerator in Polk County and a transfer station in Jacksonville

      Delegation by EPA of the Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments (HSWA)
       Corrective Action program, the last component of the federal RCRA program

      Targeted research through the state university researchers on: bioreactor landfill
       technology, disposal of problematic wastes such as cathode ray tubes and
       treated wood. and other applied areas; establishment of the Florida Organics
       Recycling Center of Excellence (FORCE)

      Recent new Initiatives in the areas of: self-certification compliance program for
       hazardous waste generators, development of Best Management Practices for
       gun ranges and auto salvage yards and cathode ray tubes, computers and other

      Lead Department staff role in seeking removal of chromated copper arsenate
       (CCA) from use in consumer treated wood and developing standards for
       management and disposal of discarded CCA treated wood

National Activities

      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: various workgroups and task forces with
       Region IV and the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER)

     U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Research Advisory Board (ERAB): Adjunct
      staff in national study of solar energy research

     National Governors Association: National solid waste task force and study

     National Recycling Coalition: Member of the EPA-funded Recycling Advisory
      Council (RAC)

     Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Administrators
      (ASWSWMO): Various multi-state workgroups

Recognition and Awards

     Florida Wildlife Federation: Conservationist of the Year (1980)

     Governmental Refuse and Disposal Assocation (GRCDA): Outstanding
      Contribution Award (1990)

     Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA): Outstanding Contribution
      Award (1992)

     Florida Organics Recycling Association: Certificate of Appreciation (1997)

     Keep Florida Beautiful, Inc. Special Recognition Award (1998)

     Department of Environmental Protection: Sustained Exemplary Performance

     Florida Senate: Medallion of Excellence, presented by Senator Ken Pruitt (2000)

     Recycle Florida Today (RFT): Tenth Anniversary Award (2001)

     Department of Environmental Protection: Employee of the Year (2001)

     Honorary Member of SWANA (2004)

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