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Home Repair Grants for Elderly - PDF


Home Repair Grants for Elderly document sample

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									                                      Home Repair Assistance Resources *
                                                                                                                       provided by the
                                                                                          Community Planning & Development Department
                                                                                                     445 W. Michigan Avenue, Suite 101
                                                                                                                 Kalamazoo, MI 49007
                                                                                                                   Phone 269.337.8044
                                                                                                                     Fax 269.337.8429
Provider                                     Location                  Phone #      Services
                                                                                    Anyone in need of housing repair assistance can dial
2-1-1 Hotline                              Gryphon Place                 2-1-1
                                                                                    2-1-1 in order to access area-wide referrals.
                                                                                    Ramps for eligible persons with disabilities in the core
Disability Resource Center           517 E. Crosstown Parkway          345-1516
                                                                                    neighborhoods of the City.
                                                                                    Summer home repair program for elderly, disabled,
Douglass Community
                                      1000 W. Paterson Street          343-6185     low/moderate income residents of the Northside and lower-
                                                                                    Eastside neighborhoods.

                                                                                    Grants available to income-qualified Edison homeowners for
Edison Neighborhood
                                      816 Washington Avenue            382-0916     help with exterior home improvements as cited by the City of
                                                                                    Kalamazoo. Tool check-out available for residents.

                                                                                    Volunteers available to perform minor home repair projects
                                          c/o New Genesis              343-7023
Faith Builders                                                                      and emergency repairs for single-parent, senior, disabled, or
                                         1340 Cobb Avenue                x213
                                                                                    low/moderate income homeowners.

                                                                                    Limited home repair funding to avert a housing emergency or
Housing Resources, Inc.                 345 N. Burdick Street          382-0287     a compromise to long-term housing stability. Assistance
                                                                                    based on severity of need; income restrictions may apply.

Kalamazoo County -
                                     Community Action Bureau
Department of Health &                                                 373-5066     Energy Conservation measures for low income households;
                                        3299 Gull Road
Community Services                                                                  may include furnace, hot water heater, and roof repair.

Kalamazoo Neighborhood                                                              Low interest home repair loans for income-qualified
                                     802 S. Westnedge Avenue           385-2916
Housing Services, Inc.                                                              individuals/families. Roof & furnace replacement program.

                                                                                    New and used, good quality building materials and supplies,
Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for
                                          1810 Lake Street             381-5523     furniture, and appliances for home repairs and improvements
Humanity ReStore
                                                                                    at discount prices.
                                                                                    A "last resort" ministry. Callers must have exhausted all
Love, INC.                                       NA                    353-6798     other community resources before Love, INC. can provide
                                                                                    home repair assistance.
                                                                                    State of Michigan tax credit of 25% of eligible expenses for
Michigan Historic Preservation      City of Kalamazoo: Community                    interior and exterior repair of buildings in local historic
Tax Credit                       Planning & Development Department                  districts: portions of Vine, Stuart and West Main Hill
Northside Association for
                                         612 N. Park Street            344-5594     Weatherization for homes in the Northside neighborhood.
Community Development
                                                                       344-6119     Financial aid for air conditioner repair based on documented
Salvation Army                         1700 S. Burdick Street
                                                                         x212       medical need. Utility shut-off prevention.
                                                                                    Minor rehab, repairs and barrier free adaptations for income
Senior Services, Inc.                    918 Jasper Street                          eligible seniors in the core neighborhoods of the City.
                                                                                    "Tuesday Toolmen" volunteers.

Shepherd's Center of Greater                                                        "Handy Hands" program - Volunteers available to perform
                                       1833 S. Burdick Street          383-1122
Kalamazoo                                                                           minor home repair projects for senior homeowners.

  * The organizations listed above may or may not be able to provide home repair assistance to specific property owners based on eligibility
                                             requirements associated with specific programs.

                                                                                                                        Revised March 2009 JLH

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