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     Neither the Seller, nor any of the officers, directo
     principal executives, and any other persons cha
     activities relating to the sale of business opportuniti
     or administrative proceeding alleging the violation
     fraud, embezzlement, fraudulent conversion, re
     mljjppropriation of property or comparable allegations; b) been the 9-ubject of any bankruptcy,
                                                                                   general partner of
     reorldniz'ation or r"c6iudrship proceed'ing, or was an owner, a principal officer or a
     an entity which has been subject to such proceeding.


     Neither Seller nor any person identified in ltem 2
     fiscal years: (i) Filed in bankruptcy; (ii) been
     insolvency; or (iv) been a principal, director,
     management responsibilities of any other pers
     reorganized, during or within one (1) year after the


     Company is offering a business opportunity program designed to enable qualified entrepreneurs to
             'a Healthcire Recruiting and Medical Staffing business. The Health Career Agents
     Owner/Operator will locate and contact healthcare professionals interested in exploring new
     employment opportunities. Acting as an "Agent" for the healthcare professional, the Owner/Operator
     will investigate employment positions at hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and other healthcare
     facilities. dwner/operitors are shown how to negotiate recruiting or staffing fees with the healthcare
     facility and present tnei, candidate if the opening is appropriate. lf a healthcare facility permanently
     hires ihe Owner/Operator's candidate, the Owner/Operator is paid a flat fee by the healthcare facility,
     typically equal to 2Oo/o to 30% of the candidate's first year salary. lf a medical facility uses an
     Owner/Operator's employee in a temporary staffing arrangement, the Owner/Operator receives a
     portion oi tne net profit,- or gross hourly revenue, minus wages, burden and cost of money. The
     borpany licenses its systeir but does not license the name "Health Career Agents." Each
     Owner/Operator does business under its own name. The Agreement does not have a term and
     Owner/Operator is not required to submit for renewal. The Agreement will continue until terminated by
     either party.


     Health Gareer Agents Owner/Operators pay a one-time fee of $49,900 for training, support and
     resources received.

     Traininq   - Health Career Agents Owner/Operators receive access to more than one hundred hours of
     ont'rne t-raining curriculum anO are able to participate in additional conference calls, web conference
     sessions, and other live supplementary training events including two days of on-site training at any
     regional conference and the option of aitending a week of on-site training at company's training office'
     tralning includes thorough instruction on the Healthcare Recruiting and Medical Staffing operations
     proce.J, healthcare spec-ialty terminology, lnternet research techniques, use of healthcare recruiting,
     medical staffing, and'reseaich software applications and building a recruiting team. Online training
     specifically covirs the initial steps required to starting a Healthcare Recruiting and Medical Staffing
     business and conducting ongoing operational activity. Recruiting presentations with healthcare
     candidates, interviewing, faciliiy piesentations, negotiations, and lnternet research are covered in
     detail. The optional weei<' of on-iit" training is condutted at Company offices and involves execution of
     actual recruiiing calls alongside experiencld recruiters. Health Career Agents will train ten individuals
     on recruiting sales procesJfor the benefit of the Owner/Operator and one individual on how to conduct
     lnternet research. Owner/Operator receives access to a Mentor once initial training is completed for a
     period of up to ninety (90) days.

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