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					                     Resources On Anger And Anger Management
                       Available At Connecticut Clearinghouse

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Anger: Creating New Choices (VHS)
Summary: Ex-offenders and recovering men and women discuss the consequences of
destructive ways of dealing with anger. Part 1 explores the thoughts, beliefs and feelings, which
influence how people act out their anger. Part 2 helps viewers learn how to become aware of
physical and psychological changes in behavior and prevent the behavior from escalating
towards violence. Part 3 demonstrates alternative ways of coping with anger. Also available in
Spanish (dubbed)

Anger Management (VHS)
Summary: Describes anger, triggers, and good/bad anger management techniques

The Angry Couple: Conflict-Focused Treatment With Dr. Susan Heitler (VHS)
Summary: Dramatically recreates key moments in the six-month course of therapy with a
distressed married couple in their early 30's who are locked in a seemingly irreconcilable
conflict. Dr. Heitler demonstrates her highly original approach for helping couples quickly cut
through impasses that prolong their conflict and obscure the fundamental issues.

The Art Of Assertiveness: Practical Skills For Positive Communication (DVD)
Summary: Developed as a tool to learn new ways to communicate through understanding
different communication styles, identifying your own style, and utilizing techniques that can
positively impact relationships.

Beyond Anger: Connecting With Self And Others (VHS)
Summary: Featuring Earnie Larsen, this video consists of four sessions: Anger; Healing
Repressed Anger; Forgiveness; and Reconciliation. Best suited for inmates and parolees.

Building Blocks For Successful Parenting, Part 1: Handling Anger, Temper Tantrums And
Sibling Rivalry (VHS)
Summary: This video series helps parents with preschool children address the issues so
important in the early years. Parents will gain a better understanding and learn effective steps
and techniques in handling the experiences and situations that are the essence of this age
group. Each program will equip parents with the building blocks that support successful
parenting and successful kids.

                                                                         Last update: February 2010
Ending The Cycle Of Violence (DVD)
Summary: This series is based on the nationally recognized community-based prevention
programs developed by TKF, an educational foundation started in memory of Tariq Khamisa, a
20-year-old college student who was shot and killed by 14-year-old Tony Hicks in San Diego in
1995. Using examples from Tariq and Tony's story as well as the stories of other youth and
young role models, these programs communicate the contrasting realities of violence and non-
violence, revenge and forgiveness. Also contains animated sequences depicting some of the
latest research on brain chemistry and how choices can effect brain development with
commentary by juvenile forensic psychologist, Dr. Jeffrey Rowe.

Groark Learns To Control Anger (VHS)
Summary: When Groark the puppet loses his temper and gets into an argument with his friend,
he looks to a group of children for help in managing his anger. Groark learns how to recognize
when his anger is out of control and how to stop it

Kelly Bear Teaches Problem Solving And Anger Management (VHS)
Summary: This program helps children how to: understand anger; cope with angry peers; solve
problems; and deal with anger in positive ways

Living Sober, Part C: Managing Anger In Recovery (DVD & VHS)
Summary: Uses dramatizations of situations commonly encountered by individuals with alcohol
and drug problems to illustrate common challenges faced in recovery and the coping skills
necessary for living sober. Includes interviews with recovering alcoholics and drug addicts

Overcoming Anger: Healing From Within (VHS)
Summary: This video examines anger as a medical as well as social and emotional problem.
The final segment shows prisoners at Suffolk County House of Corrections in Boston learning
how to incorporate forgiveness into their lives

Parenting The Explosive Child (DVD)
Summary: Drs. Greene and Ablon help parents understand the specific cognitive skill deficits
that can impair a child's capacities for flexibility and frustration tolerance and provide step-by-
step guidance on their approach for teaching these skills.

PeaceTalks (VHS)
Summary: Volume 3, Managing your anger, discusses the friction of daily life and how to diffuse
potentially dangerous situations. It teaches how to recognize anger triggers and clarify emotions
through the anger management techniques of Stepping Back, Cooling Out, and Self-Control

Pulling Punches (DVD & VHS)
Summary: Part 1 explores anger and the connection between drug and alcohol use; how anger
can lead to relapse; anger in relation to trauma; and anger triggers. Part 2 presents eight
realistic strategies for controlling anger. Part 3 shows viewers how to reduce anger by
reconstructing faulty beliefs; healing the wounds of childhood; learning to express feelings;
employing assertive conflict resolution skills, forgiving oneself; and taking steps to reduce

Rational Emotive Therapy: Anger (VHS)
Summary: Helps viewer understand the source, consequences, and control of anger.

                                                                           Last update: February 2010
Real Kids: Handling Anger (VHS)
Summary: Features interviews with real children who have learned to deal with angry feelings in
safe, positive ways.

Sometimes I’m Bombaloo (VHS)
Summary: When Katie Honors feels angry and out of control, her mother helps her to be herself

Student Workshop: Handling Your Anger (VHS)
Summary: Helps viewers learn how to: identify their anger triggers and cues; understand the
consequences of their behavior; and express and manage their anger in a constructive manner

Violence And Conflict Resolution (DVD & VHS)
Summary: In this program, dramatic vignettes illustrate possible consequences of arguments
erupting into physical violence, traumatic results of vengeful actions, and the dangers of abusive
relationships. Classroom activities examine additional instances of violent behavior and lead to
improvisational role-plays and discussions of anger management and conflict resolution --
including appropriate violence intervention strategies.

When I Get Mad ... (VHS)
Summary: Realistic scenarios help children learn how to deal with anger constructively.
Techniques such as positive self-talk and "stop and think" or time-out, are demonstrated.

Why Are You So Angry (VHS)
Summary: Through a series of short vignettes, this video provides an overview of the causes of
anger, the effects on our health, happiness and our relationships. It suggests some basic
strategies for controlling anger


Anger Intelligence: An Introduction To Anger Therapy / Mitchell H. Messer
Call Number: 152.47 M58401

Anger Management For Everyone: Seven Proven Ways To Control Anger And Live A Happier
Life / R. Chip Tafrate And Howard Kassinove
Call Number: 152.47 T124

Anger Management: The Complete Treatment Guidebook For Practitioners / Howard
Kassinove, Raymond Chip Tafrate
Call Number: 152.47 K19

The Angry Heart: Overcoming Borderline And Addictive Disorders: An Interactive Self-Help
Guide / by Joseph Santoro, with exercises by Ronald Cohen
Call Number: 616.860621 S237

The Angry Teenager / Wm. Lee Carter
Call Number: 152.47 C3245

Beyond Anger: A Guide For Men: How To Free Yourself From The Grip Of Anger And Get More
Out Of Life / Thomas J. Harbin

                                                                        Last update: February 2010
Call Number: 152.47 H255

Clinical Manual Of Impulse-Control Disorders / edited by Eric Hollander, Dan J. Stein
Table Of Contents:
Call Number: 616.8584 C641

Cómo Controlar El Mal Genio: Una Guía Práctica Para Superar El Malhumor, Y Mucho Más /
Ron Potter-Efron
Call Number: 152.47 P866S

The Dance Of Anger: A Woman's Guide To Changing The Patterns Of Intimate Relationships /
Harriet Lerner
Call Number: 152.47 L616

Dealing With Anger / Sandy Livingstone
Call Number: 152.47 L788

Don't Rant & Rave On Wednesdays! The Children's Anger-Control Book / written by Adolph
Moser; illustrated by David Melton
Call Number: YOUTH 152.47 M899

Enojo / By Sarah Medina
Call Number: YOUTH 152.47 M491

Everything You Need To Know About Anger / Renora Licata
Call Number: YOUTH 152.47 L698

Facing The Fire: Experiencing And Expressing Anger Appropriately / John Lee with Bill Stott
Call Number: 152.47 L478

Going Off: A Guide For Black Women Who've Just About Had Enough / Faye Childs and
Noreen Palmer
Call Number: 152.47 C5372

Handbook Of Behavioral And Emotional Problems In Girls / edited by Debora J. Bell, Sharon L.
Foster, Eric J. Mash
Call Number: 618.9289 H236

Healing Anger: The Power Of Patience From A Buddhist Perspective / by the Dalai Lama
Call Number: 152.47 B916

The Heart Of Anger: [Practical Help For The Prevention And Cure Of Anger In Children] / by
Lou Priolo
Call Number: 152.47 P958

Helping Schoolchildren Cope With Anger: A Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention / Jim Larson,
John E. Lochman
Table Of Contents:
Call Number: 618.9289 L334

                                                                       Last update: February 2010
I Was So Mad / by Mercer Mayer
Call Number: YOUTH FICT M4643

Letting Go Of Anger: The 10 Most Common Anger Styles And What To Do About Them / Ron
Potter-Efron & Pat Potter-Efron
Call Number: 152.47 P8695

The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out: Fifty Things Your Family Can Say And Do To Express
Anger Constructively / Lynne Namka; illustrated by Nancy Sarama
Call Number: YOUTH FICT N17

Managing Anger: A Handbook Of Proven Techniques / Mitchell H. Messer
Call Number: 152.47 M584

Mean Margaret / Tor Seidler; pictures by Jon Agee
Call Number: YOUTH FICT S458

Overcoming Anger And Irritability: A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques /
William Davies
Call Number: 152.47 D2575

Playing With Anger: Teaching Coping Skills To African American Boys Through Athletics And
Culture / edited by Howard C. Stevenson, Jr.
Call Number: 305.235 P723

Cuando Sofía Se Enoja, Se Enoja De Veras / Molly Bang; translation by Carmen Rosa Navarro

Responding To Anger: A Workbook / Lorrainne Bilodeau
Call Number: 152.47 B5995

Social Aggression Among Girls / Marion K. Underwood
Table Of Contents:
Call Number: 302.5 U56

Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry / Bebe Moore Campbell; Illustrated By E.B. Lewis
Summary: A little girl copes with her mother's mental illness, with the help of her grandmother
and friends.
Audience: Ages 5 and up.
Call Number: YOUTH FICT C187

Sometimes I’m Bombaloo / by Rachel Vail; illustrated by Yumi Heo
Summary: Sometimes, Katie loses her temper. She uses her feet and her fists instead of words.
When Katie is mad, she's just not herself. Sometimes, she's Bombaloo. Being Bombaloo is
scary. But a little time-out and a lot of love calm Bombaloo down and help Katie feel like Katie
Call Number: YOUTH FICT V129

Taming The Dragon In Your Child: Solutions For Breaking The Cycle Of Family Anger / Meg
Eastman with Sydney Craft Rozen

                                                                        Last update: February 2010
Table Of Contents:
Call Number: 152.47 E13

Treating Childhood Behavioral And Emotional Problems: A Step-By-Step, Evidence-Based
Approach / Edited By Andrew R. Eisen
Table Of Contents:
Call Number: 618.9289 T784T

Todo Lo Que Necesitas Saber Sobre La Ira / Renora Licata; traducción al español, Mauricio
Velázquez de León
Call Number: YOUTH 152.47 L698S

Understanding Anger Disorders / Raymond Digiuseppe And Raymond Chip Tafrate
Table Of Contents:
Call Number: 152.47 D575

When Anger Hurts Your Kids: A Parent's Guide
Call Number: 152.47 W567

When I'm Feeling Angry / Written And Illustrated By Trace Moroney
Summary: The little rabbit knows how it feels to be angry and what to do to feel better. Thinking
questions at the back of the book help children review and connect to what they have read.
Call Number: YOUTH FICT M868

When Sophie Gets Angry--Really, Really Angry... / by Molly Bang
Call Number: YOUTH FICT B216

Women, Anger & Depression: Strategies For Self-Empowerment / Lois P. Frankel
Call Number: 616.8527 F829

The Words Hurt / written by Chris Loftis; illustrations by Catharine Gallagher
Call Number: YOUTH 616.8582 L829


104 Activities That Build: Self-Esteem, Teamwork, Communication, Anger Management, Self-
Discovery, Coping Skills / by Alanna Jones

Anger / Steven B. Zwickel

Anger Control Training / Emma Williams, Rebecca Barlow
Summary: ACT (Anger Control Training) program based on social learning, cognitive-
behavioral control methods of anger control.

The Anger Control Workbook / Matthew McKay & Peter Rogers

Anger Management: Comprehensive Curriculum Guide / Kathy Sutton and Cathleen Farrell

Anger Management For Substance Abuse And Mental Health Clients / Patrick M. Reilly, Michael
S. Shopshire

                                                                        Last update: February 2010
Anger Management For Youth: Stemming Aggression And Violence / Leona L. Eggert

Anger Strategies: Practice Tools For Professionals Treating Anger / Claudia Black

The Anger Workbook / Lorrainne Bilodeau

The Anger Workbook For Women: How To Keep Your Anger From Undermining Your Self-
Esteem, Your Emotional Balance, And Your Relationships / Laura J. Petracek

The Anger Workout Book For Teens / Jan Stewart

The Anger Works Kit: A Social Skills Curriculum To Help Children Release Anger In Safe Ways

Angry Animals [Game]

The Angry Self: A Comprehensive Approach To Anger Management / Miriam M. Gottlieb

Breaking The Chains Of Anger [Game]
Summary: Game designed as a technique to teach anger control skills and techniques.
Audience: Grades 5-8

Clear Thinking [Game]
Summary: This game builds thinking and problem solving skills for such issues as anger,
frustration, disappointment, and jealousy.
Audience: Grades 2-5

Conflict Busters [Game]
Summary: Players learn: to find solutions that are good for both sides; to recognize good and
bad ways of dealing with anger and conflicts; practical skills for agreeing on win-win solutions;
the benefits of cooperation as they work toward a common goal; the importance of seeing the
other person’s point of view.

Feelings Fair [Game]
Summary: Players learn to recognize feelings in themselves and others; to express feelings in a
mature way; how to “read” emotionally charged situations; strategies for handling negative
feelings, such as jealousy and anger.

From Rage To Reason [Game]
Summary: Game designed as a technique to teach important skills for anger management and
the prevention of violence.
Audience: Grades 8 through adult

Furious Fred [Game]
Summary: Students learn: specific skills for staying calm in tense situations; specific skills for
taking action that will help themselves instead of trying to hurt others; how to be assertive
without being aggressive; how to get along better with others in general; to recognize situations
that trigger anger; to feel better about themselves in conflict situations.
Audience: Ages 6-10

Healing Wounds With Words: A Guide To Conflict Resolution Through Storytelling / Linda

                                                                         Last update: February 2010

Healthy Thinking/Feeling/Doing From The Inside Out; A Middle School Curriculum And Guide
For The Prevention Of Violence, Abuse & Other Problem Behaviors / Jack Pransky and
Lori Carpenos

The Kids’ Guide To Working Out Conflicts: How To Keep Cool, Stay Safe, And Get Along /
Naomi Drew
Table Of Contents:

Managing Anger / Helen O'Neill

Managing Conflict: A Curriculum For Adolescents / Developed By Noreen Duffy Copeland

Our Mediation Notebook / David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson

Overcoming Situational And General Anger: A Protocol For The Treatment Of Anger Based On
Relaxation, Cognitive Restructuring, And Coping Skills Training. Therapist Protocol &
Client Manual / Jerry L. Deffenbacher and Matthew McKay

Power Source: Taking Charge Of Your Life / by Bethany Casarjian and Robin Casarjian

Programa Para Manejar El Enojo En Clientes Con Problemas De Abuso De Sustancias Y
Trastornos De Salud Mental

Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum, Grades Pre-K-5
Summary: Designed to reduce impulsive-aggressive behavior in children by teaching
skills in empathy and anger management.

Smart And Angry [Game]
Summary: Designed to teach players to look objectively at anger-provoking situations and react
to them in a thoughtful and assertive manner.
Audience: Grades 2-5

Teaching Students To Be Peacemakers / David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson

Tough Kids, Cool Counseling: User-Friendly Approaches With Challenging Youth / John
Sommers-Flanagan, Rita Sommers-Flanagan
Table Of Contents:

Using Stories To Prevent Violence And Promote Cooperation / Linda Fredericks
When Parents Ask For Help: Everyday Issues Through An Asset-Building Lens: Handouts For
Parents Raising Adolescents / Renie Howard

                                                                     Last update: February 2010

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