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                                 828 635-8033

       WEB SITE ADDRESS: www.co.alexander.nc.us

    BIRTHDAY (+1 furlough)
     GOOD FRIDAY (+1furlough)
    MEMORIAL DAY (+1 furlough)
     INDEPENDENCE DAY (+1 furlough
    LABOR DAY (+1 furlough)
     CHRISTMAS (2 DAYS)            3
Years of Service         Hours Per Month         EMS
Less than 2               7.83 hrs             11.5 hrs.
2 to 5                     9.17 hrs            13.5 hrs.
5 to 10                   11.17 hrs            15.5 hrs.
10 to 15                  13.17 hrs            17.5 hrs.
15 to 20                  15.17 hrs            19.5 hrs.
20 +                      17.17 hrs            21.5 hrs.

   Must use compensatory time first
   Dec. 31st hrs. above 240 convert to sick time
   Hired on or before 15th? Earn AL for month
               SICK LEAVE

One (1) day per calendar month
(EMS=11 hrs. Per calendar month)

Must use compensatory time first

Accumulation is unlimited

Can be used toward retirement

 Claiming sick leave under false pretences to
obtain a day off with pay shall subject the
employee to disciplinary action

Three consecutive days absent w/no call in =
voluntary resignation                           5
Unused sick leave earned from another North Carolina
 State or Local Governmental Agency and/or entity will be
 accepted and transferred to the County as followed:
    Complete 6-month probationary period

    Provide letter from prior employer

       Leaving Alexander County Employment?
    Sick leave balances are not paid out at time of

    Returning to Alexander County Employment?
     If returning within 3 years of the date of
    separation, sick leave can be reinstated                6
Available for hardship cases due to catastrophic injury
or illness of the employee or immediate family member
One year of employment

Positive rating on the most recent performance
May not exceed 160 hours

Must be approved by the County Manager
Must be “repaid” and may not use annual leave until
the advancement is repaid
Annual leave, sick time, and compensatory time
must be exhausted

Employed with Alexander County at least
twelve months
Worked at least 1,250 hours in the previous
12 month period
Eligible 12 – 26 workweeks, paid or unpaid, as
Rolling “12-month period” to measure
backward from the date an employee uses any
FMLA leave
Annual Leave/Sick Leave will run concurrent
with FMLA
 For birth of a son or daughter, and to care for the
  newborn child.
 For placement with the employee of a son or daughter
  for adoption or foster care.
 To care for employee’s spouse, child, or parent (not
  including in-laws) who has a serious health condition.
 For a serious health condition that makes the
  employee unable to perform his/her job
 A serious health condition is defined as: an illness,
  injury, impairment or physical or mental condition
  that involves inpatient care or continuing treatment
  by a health provider.                                   9
 Because of any qualifying exigency arising out of the
  fact that the employee’s spouse, son, daughter, or
  parent is a covered military member on active duty
  (or has been notified of an impending call or order to
  active duty) in support of a contingency operation.

 To care for a covered servicemember with a serious
  injury or illness if the employee is the spouse, son,
  daughter, parent or next of kin of the
            (continuation page)
Generally, a chronic or long-term health
condition, which results in a period of
incapacity or treatment for more than 3
consecutive full calendar days, would be
considered a serious health condition
Birth of a child may use paid sick leave for
the period based on medical certification and
should use all paid vacation for the remainder
of the 12 week period
If a husband and wife both work for the
County, husband and wife together may only
take a total of 12 weeks under FMLA for the
birth of a child                            11
 Employee is required to provide 30 days advance
  notification and no later than 15 days from the date
  of the employee’s request to qualify for FMLA
 For the employee’s own health condition, medical
  certification should state that the employee is unable
  to perform the essential functions of his/her position
  and the length of time projected to be out of work
 Seriously ill family member, certification must include
  a statement that the patient requires assistance and
  employee’s presence would be beneficial or desirable
 Return to work at the end of the time frame stated
  in the medical certification
 Contact Department Head or H.R if FMLA is needed
• Health coverage will be maintained during FMLA Leave for
  employee only

• Failure to return to work for reasons other than a continued
  serious health condition will require the employee to reimburse
  the County for health insurance premiums

• Other benefit premiums are the responsibility of the employee
  (dep. medical/dental, Colonial, Life, etc.)

• Annual and sick leave benefits continue to accrue at the same
  rate as when employee is actively at work.

• Will be returned to same position or a position entailing
  equivalent skill, effort, responsibility and authority while under

• Seniority or seniority based benefits protected
May be granted leave of absence without pay up to
six (6) months
Shall be used for personal disability after both sick
leave and annual leave have been exhausted, sickness
or disability of immediate family members, continuing
education, or for other reasons deemed justified by
the County Manager
Employee is obligated to return to duty within or at
the end of time determined appropriate by the
County Manager
Vacation and sick leave credits will not be accrued
                     (continuation page)
•   May continue health and dental coverage and other
    benefits at the employee’s expense
•   Have the option to cancel benefits while on leave
•   See Kim Stine to process paperwork for qualification
•   Employee will be returned to the position they left
    when the leave began or to an equivalent position with
    the same benefits, pay, and other terms and
    conditions of employment as before the leave
•   Failure to report for duty upon expiration will be
    considered a resignation
•   Must provide medical certification for unrestricted
    duty if applicable
       The purpose of this policy is to allow employees to donate sick
   leave/annual leave to the Shared Leave Pool to benefit other employees
   who are unable to work due to a prolonged catastrophic illness or injury

Guidelines for donating employee:

  Must have one (1) year of employment prior to July 1st

• Minimum donation = Four (4) hours

• Maximum donation = 96 hours

• Donations above 4 hrs. must be approved by department head
  and donor must maintain an ending balance of 240 hrs. for
  personal use

• Donated time is irrevocable
Guidelines for receiving employee:

  All avenues of earnings must be exhausted

  Used for catastrophic illness or injury only

  Unused portion of donated sick leave will be returned to the
  Shared Leave Pool

  Must have doctor’s note

  Maximum days available = 90

  Evaluation of two (2) year sick leave history

  Must be a member of Shared Leave Pool

   ***If pool is low or without hours, notice will be posted in all   17
Allowed ten (10) workdays of partial compensation.
Possibly qualify for total of 20 work days

If salary is less than the salary that would have
been earned during this time period as an active
employee, the employee shall receive partial
compensation equal to the difference in the base
salary earned pay that would have been earned
during this same period as County employee

Leave credits and other benefits continue to accrue

Job rights defined in the Vietnam Veterans Readjustment
Assistance Act and the Uniformed Services Employment and
            Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA)           18
• Jury duty or as a court witness for federal or state government,
  or subdivision shall receive leave with pay only for the period of
• Employee is entitled to regular compensation, plus fees received
  for jury or witness duty
• While on Court Leave, benefits and leave shall accrue as if on
  regular duty
• Employee must return to work immediately after being excused
  from duty
• Employee must provide documentation with timesheet
• Employee must return after court duty or will result in voluntary

 On January 1st of each year – Dec. 31st, Full-time
  employees are credited with 8 hours paid leave
  time to attend school activities. Employees may
                   take leave to:
 Meet with teacher or administrator of school or child
care program

Attend any functions (excluding athletic functions)
sponsored by school or child care program concerning
employees’ children, step children, or foster child

Volunteer work approved by teacher, school or
program administrator                                  20
     Child Involvement Leave
       (continuation page)
Employees may take said leave under the following

Leave time will be taken at a mutually agreed upon
time between immediate supervisor and the employee
Employees will provide a request at least 48 hours
before the leave is taken, unless exempted by the
department head
Employees will provide evidence they attended a
school event if requested by department head
Leave will be documented on time sheets
Leave not taken in the year will be forfeited        21
 Effective date starts first of the month following a 30-day waiting period.

                   Plan Year = July 1st through June 30th

Physician Office Services             In-network               Out-of-network
Primary Care Provider              $25 co-payment            70% after deductible
Specialist                         $50 co-payment            70% after deductible
Preventive Care
Primary Care Provider              $25 co-payment               Not Available*
Specialist                         $50 co-payment               Not Available*
*Pap Smears, Mammograms, and PSAs are covered Out-of-network.
Short-term Rehabilitative Therapies (Maximums apply to Home, Office and Outpatient
Physical/Occupational: 30 visits per Benefit Period
Speech Therapy: 30 visits per Benefit Period
Primary Care Provider               $25 co-payment           70% after deductible
Specialist                          $50 co-payment           70% after deductible

        HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS (continuation page)

Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Room
Urgent Care Centers               $ 50 co-payment                          $ 50 co-payment
Emergency Room Visit              $150 co-payment                          $150 co-payment

(Inpatient Hospital benefits apply if admitted. If held for observation out patient benefits
apply. See “Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Services”.)

Ambulatory Surgical Center                 80% after deductible            70% after deductible

Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Services
Hospital and Hospital Based Services 80% after deductible                  70% after deductible
Outpatient Clinic Services            80% after deductible                 70% after deductible
Professional Services                 80% after deductible                 70% after deductible
Hospital and Professional
Outpatient Labs and Mammograms
with surgery or other services.       80% after deductible                 70% after deductible
Outpatient Labs and Mammograms
without surgery or other services.         100%                            70% after deductible
EEG’s and EKG’s
CT scans, MRI’s, MRA’s, and PET
 scans in any location, including
Physician’s office.                   80% after deductible                 70% after deductible
           HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS (continuation page)

Other Services
Skilled Nursing Facility                         80% after deductible    70% after deductible
(60 days per Benefit Period)
Home Health Care, Ambulance, Durable
Medical Equipment and Hospice                    80% after deductible    70% after deductible
Maternity Delivery includes Prenatal and Post-delivery care
Hospital Services (Delivery)                      80% after deductible   70% after deductible
Professional Services (Delivery)                  80% after deductible   70% after deductible
Hospital Services                                 80% after deductible   70% after deductible
Professional Services                             80% after deductible   70% after deductible
Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction Services
Up to $5,000 per Lifetime
Primary Care Provider                             $25 co-payment         70% after deductible
Specialist                                        $50 co-payment         70% after deductible
Hospital Services                                 80% after deductible   70% after deductible
Inpatient Outpatient Professional Services        80% after deductible   70% after deductible
Vision Care
Comprehensive Eye Exam                            $25 co-payment         Benefit Not Available


Blue Options SM Benefits Highlights (PPO)

Lifetime Maximum, Deductibles
& Coinsurance Maximums            In-network        Out-of-network

(The following deductibles and Coinsurance Maximums only apply to
   the services on the previous page):

Lifetime Benefit Maximum            Unlimited           Unlimited

Individual (per Benefit Period)    $3,500                 $7,000
Family     (per Benefit Period)    $7,000                $14,000

   HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS (continuation page)

Coinsurance Maximum
Individual (per Benefit Period)                  $2,000            $4,000
Family ( per Benefit Period)                     $4,000            $8,000

Prescription Drugs
Up to 30 day supply. 31-60 day supply is two co-payments and 61-90 day supply
Is three co-payments. Infertility Drugs up to $5,000 Lifetime Maximum.
MAC B Pricing, Brand Penalty
Tier 1 (Generic)                      $10 co-payment       Co-payment + charge
                                                            over In-network
                                                            allowed amount
Tier 2 (Preferred Brand)              $40 co-payment       Co-payment + charge
                                                             over In-network
                                                             allowed amount
Tier 3 (Brand)                        $55 co-payment       Co-payment +charge
                                                             over In-network
                                                             allowed amount
Tier 4 (Specialty Drugs)                                  75% of the cost of medications


Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
                                   Certified                    Not-Certified
*Inpatient/Outpatient Certification is required.
Mental Health Services
(30 visits per Benefit Period)           $50 co-payment    70% coinsurance
(30 Days per Benefit Period              80% Coinsurance    70% coinsurance
Substance Abuse Services
Office Visit                             $50 co-payment     70% coinsurance
Inpatient/Outpatient                     80% Coinsurance    70% coinsurance
Benefit Period Maximum                                 $8,000
Lifetime Maximum                                      $16,000


 Employee Only: $0 (per pay period)

 Employee/Spouse: $113.24 (per pay period)

 Employee/1Child: $30.81 (per pay period)

 Employee/Family: $257.94 (per pay period)

   Health Reimbursement Arrangement

• County pays $3,000.00 of deductible

• Show BCBS and HRA card for costs beyond co-pay

• Submit claim for reimbursement after EOB received
  from insurance company to Benefit Solutions
 Complete Health Screening and follow up visit onsite with Family
  Medicine or complete Health Screening with your doctor by June 30, 2010.

     Family Medicine Perform Screening:
        •   Convenient for employee
        •   No co-pay
        •   Completely confidential
        •   No sick time used
        •   Must attend on-site follow-up session for results
     Personal Doctor Perform Screening:
        •   Inconvenient for employee
        •   Employee pays co-pay
        •   Completely confidential
        •   Must use sick time
        •   Must obtain a form from HR to take with you to the Doctor stating screening was
            completed by June 2009
     What screenings will be required:
        •   Lipid panel, glucose
        •   PSA blood test for males
        •   Blood pressure check
        •   Height & weight check
        •   Body fat percentage
     (Continuation Page)

Complete BCBS Health Risk
 Assessment Survey online
 during the month of
 September 2009
What Happens If I Choose Not
 To Complete The Wellness

• Beginning 1st payroll in July 2010,
  begin deducting $25.00 per pay
  period for a portion of employee’s
         Plan Year = January 1st through December 31st

Effective date starts first of the month following a 30-day waiting
Guardian Dental Services
Diagnostic & Preventive Care                          100%
Basic Restorative Care                      80% after Dental
Major Restorative Care                      50% after Dental
Individual Dental Deductible (per Benefit Period)      $50
Family Dental Deductible (per Benefit Period)          $150
Combined Benefit Period Maximum                      $1,000
(Includes Diagnostic and Preventive, Basic and Major Restorative
Orthodontic Care                                     50%
Lifetime Orthodontic Maximum                        $1,000

Maximum Rollover

Rollover Threshold            $500
Rollover Amount               $250
Rollover In-network Amount    $350
Rollover Account Limit       $1000
DENTAL INSURANCE (continuation page)

Employee only: $0 (per pay period)
Employee/Spouse: $13.09 (per pay period)
Employee/Child(ren): $21.04 (per pay
Family: $34.15 (per pay period)

If at any time during your Plan Year, any of the following events
occur, you can change your Health Insurance, Dental
Insurance and other pre-taxed benefits coverage for the
remainder of the year with pre-tax rights

Marriage                      You or your spouse changes from pt/ft

Divorce or legal separation   You or spouse take unpaid leave of absence

Death of a spouse/dependent   Spouse becomes employed/unemployed

Dependent loses eligibility Other changes as permitted by IRS & State
*Make change within 30-days of the event or wait until open enrollment*
Effective first of the month following a 30-day waiting period

Employee Coverage = $12,500 ($0 per pay

Optional Employee Coverage = $10,000 -
 $50,000 (prices vary)

Family Option = $5,000 ($0.58 per pay

   *Late enrollees or those wishing to increase life
   insurance amount must complete application and be
                 *Can enroll anytime                 37
Counseling service is available to all County
employees and eligible dependants to assist in
the treatment of any problems affecting work
May be used for personal non-work related
Services are provided in a private and
confidential setting
County provides coverage for the first five visits

Cash Points ATM
  Telephone and Internet Access
     Access Card
        Visa Check Card
        Payroll Deductions
        Wire Transfer
     Funds Transfer
  Direct Deposit
Automated Account Draft

    Effective first day of month following 60-day waiting period

  Payment = $100 per week up to maximum 26 weeks
  Must pay premiums while on disability leave
   Enroll within 1st 30-days or during open enrollment
   Cannot drop until open enrollment

Waiting Period During Disability:
   Due to Accident……………………………..No Waiting
   Due to Sickness………………………… 8 Week Days
   Maximum Benefit Period……………………26 Weeks

      ***See policy for exclusions, limitations, and
They will contact you within 1st 30 days
 of employment

  Disability Policies
  Cancer Policies
  ICU Policies
  Flex Plan

    Automatically enrolled when working 1,000 hrs. per year

    Employee Contribution = 6%

        Eligibility for retirement:

                           Unreduced Benefits
•   Age 65 and 5 years of service
•   Age 60 and25 years of service
•   Any Age and 30 years of service
•   Sworn Law Enforcement Officers age 55 and 5 years of service

                            Reduced Benefits
•   Age 50 and 20 years of service
•   Age 60 and 5 years of service
•   Sworn Law Enforcement Officers age 50 and 15 years of service

If you die while still in active service
(receiving paid salary) after one year as a
contributing member, your beneficiary will
receive a single lump sum payment.
Highest 12 months’ salary                         $
In a row during the 24
Months before you die.                    Your Beneficiary
(Minimum: $25,000
Maximum: $50,000)                                $
Benefit is also paid if you die within 180 days of the last day
you were paid salary.
RETIREMENT BENEFITS (continuation page)

  May be eligible for disability retirement

  May be eligible to restore your “refund of contributions” to
  gain service lost

  Part-time service may be purchased after 5 years full-time

  Contributions may be transferred between LGRS and TSERS,
  but must be member of system transferring to

One month of credit allowed for every 20 days of sick time

                 If you Leave the
                  System Before
Less than 5 Years =              ONLY

   5 Years or More =          Contributions
                               AND Interest
Employees can choose to leave their contributions in
the System and keep all the creditable service that they
have earned to that date.                              45
   Both Deferred Comp & NC401(k) are tax-
deferred supplemental retirement plans that
allow County Local Government employees to
contribute a portion of their salary to a
retirement account. Your contributions to
the Plans are pre-tax payroll deductions
which reduces your current taxable income
  County contributes 5% to 401(K) for Sworn
Law Enforcement Officers
•Participate in the following
 programs and your name is
 entered each time into the
 drawing for door prizes at
 Wellness Fair.
Available for employee and family

No Joining Fee

Full time Employee Only - $0 per pay period
Full time Family - $6.92 per pay period
Permanent Part time Employee Only - $4.62 per pay
Permanent Part time Family - $11.62 per pay period

           15% DISCOUNT
•   All Services
•   Present ID Badge or Blue Cross Card
•   Massages
•   Bio-Clense Footbath
•   Bioenergetic Assessment
•   Infrared Sauna
• Attend a session at 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm
  on designated day.
• Some you are able to view online at
• Various topics
• Lunch is usually provided.
        MARATHON OR 10k

• Walk or Run

• Hiddenite Half Marathon

• 10k
• Weight Watchers

• LA Weight-loss

• Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less

• Nutri-System

• Alexander County Biggest Loser
               MOVIE TICKETS
               Carmike Cinemas
                        Hickory, NC
  ADULT TICKET $7.00               Savings of $1.50
            The tickets are not good for 3-D movies.
Please see Kim Stine in Human Resources to purchase tickets.
                 Check or Cash accepted.
                             ONLINE TICKETS
                          SPECIAL RATES
                   GOOD ANY DAY TICKETS
ADULT (AGES 3 over 48” tall – Age 61) (Savings of $11.00)    $33.99
JUNIOR (AGES 3 & UP UNDER 48” TALL)                          $20.99
SENIOR (AGES 62+)                                            $20.99
               Log on to WWW.CAROWINDS.COM
                       Click on TICKETS
                Click on CORPORATE PARTNER
             Enter Code (Contact HR to obtain code)
       Order your tickets using your Debit or Credit Card.
                 Receive confirmation by email.
                  Print your e-tickets at home!
       If you do not have computer access, please see Kim
           Stine in Human Resources to order tickets.
                   EMERALD POINTE
                     WATER PARK

                Special Rates
Adult $25.00             Savings of $6.99
Junior (under 45”)$17.00 Savings of $3.99
Children Age 2 & under              FREE
  Please see Kim Stine in Human Resources to
  purchase tickets. Cash or checks accepted.

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